511> Dylan, brothers Grimm + adapted folk differentiation by lo-lite chants operations: th pump dont work cuz vandals took th handles

> to continue th thread, dear Inurnet, leaving off in Stockholm, where we dint go to no noble ceremony .. in sted we flâneured th streets + waterfronts + saw ∫um old warship (Vasa) that sunk in 1628 only a few hundred meters into her maiden voyage .. well-preserved cuz of th cold low-salinity of th water .. not just th ship but menny artifacts she cuntain'd, a sorta time capsule stop gap

perpetual sunrise/sunset (Stockholm winter)


perpetual waterfront









Nordic museum
















fresh snow

> th remainder of this p-graph gits transcribed from scribbled notes we rode in our sleep on Grand Hotel stationary, influenzed by watchin' th Noble prize ceremoney on Swedish TV, we jotted notes to self like «fuck formalties» but ½ of wah we rode dont make a lick of ¢ense even to us riding her, for eggsample we rode «upside down on this stuckhome raft cant see wah we riding ~ ∀ll a blur, cant makes heds or tales, let alone folk or ferry tails» meanin' we rode aft'r f'act in d'ark ~ ½ a sleep, bellyfull of reindeer meat, coont reride th dadatrain we rode, dear Inurnet .. + yah, we no, hippocritickle of us to gripe about th ceremonial spectacle of pageantry when here we stay'd @ th Grand Hotel, flyin round el moondough livin' large but may-b a nessysorry phase, like Buddha, ear lobes stretched out still saggin' cuz of ∀ll th past jewelry he wore as a prince, sinbullizing a conchus renunciation of th material moondough .. godda walk in dem shoes to understand .. «1° ½ of yo life» we rode «b4 to witness 1°-hand, no thy anemoney, in lite of th fascist onslaught thinkin socialism = th only weigh to maintain stet pace» in theory of corse like democrazy ne'er gose as pland not Putin nor Castro's brand of socialism a truetopia where every 1 = = but @ th same time b-leaf us in individualization, com ants need us to specieliez [∀ll SIC]

19 Dec 2016> in Baltimore now cuz our bedder-½ had back-to-back days here so got a cheap hotel downtown inner harbore, looking out @ old bank bldgs .... th udder thing we wanted to dadastream moss about last post before we hit cumpile + run = th meaning of folk + individual authorship .. in lite of Dylan, but also cuz weave bin readin th new redux version of th Folk + Fairy Tales of Brothers Grimm, th complete 1° edition of tales restored to their uncensored state. Quite intresting th ∆ifference, th originul tales = pertty dark + violint in sum cases + o'er th yrs got sanitized + dumb'ed down for children .. dont have pertickler eggsamples cuz we dint bring th book w/ us (heavy + thick) .. read stories here + there when @ home, on th stationary bike or taking a break from whatever else (riding A Raft Manifest + nearing completion w/ Nat Baldwin's The Red Barn) .. wile they got named for th brothers Grimm, they true folk tales in that hoo knows hoo 1° made up th stories .. th Brother's Grimm just cullected + edited them .... similarly, Dylan considered himself a folk singer, that he dint nessysorrily create his songs. «The songs are there» he once said. «They exist all by themselves just waiting for someone to write them down. I just put them down on paper. If I didn't do it, somebody else would.» Sometimes he herd a «folk song» he liked + then adapted her, like Blowin' in the Wind = an adaptation of No More Auction Block for Me .. + speaking of Jean Ritchie (who we blogged about a few posts ago) Masters of War = a blatant adaptation of her Nottamun Town .. she sued him + won even tho he changed th lyrics + made th song much bedder (as well as w/ Blowin' in the Wind) ..

... but I see through your eyes
And I see through your brain
Like I see through the water
That runs down my drain

.. Dylan never denied we ∀ll stand on th sholders of giants .. he never ℝeelie took credit for these songs (+ hasnt officially accepted his Nobel prize yet .. he still needs to suck up + go to Stockholm + give his speech if he wants th million kronas) .... we also blog'd about differentiaion 2 posts ago, in lite of reading Delueze's Difference + Repetition .. differentiation = a vital part of folk song development, thru repetition + adaptation they usually git bedder .. but unfortunately in this day + age of copyright + greedy self-consumed ppl wanting to claim credit for fame + fortune this noshun of folk music + tales dont ∃xist no more .... in Dylan's speech (that he rode for a proxy ambassador to read), Dylan said he found it harder to perform in front of 50 than 50,000 ... «50,000 people have a singular persona, not so with 50. Each person has an individual, separate identity, a world unto themselves. They can perceive things more clearly. Your honesty and how it relates to the depth of your talent is tried.» By th same token, weed rather have 50 ppl truly git (in an understanding sense) our books than 50,000 buy her + stick her on a shelf .... th other thing that struck us watching th Nobel ceremony, when they interviewed th receipients aft'r + aks'd how s/he felt to receive th award from th king + w/ ∀ll th hoopla, almost ∀ll likened th xperience to a fairy tale .. + seam'd that weigh, just this decadent pageantry that no 1 kin possibly appreciate in th moment as tru ℝeality (xcept Dylan, wherever he watched from).

 510 <( )> 512 > ℝeelcapitchulating ∀ hypernormalized + journihlistic means to m ∃nd

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