519> th hysteria of missing dents in th non-state of bean

27 Feb 2017 | D.C. to D.F.> district to districto, ∀merika to Mexico .. tho guess actually we flew outta Dulles, so not technically transmigrating from non-state to non-state. On th plane red Story of My Teeth by Valeria Luiselli, a book we pick'd up recently in Venice (California). Weve dug other stuff of hers inkluding th 1 about flâneuring + relingos .. perro eso = fiction .. of sorts .. intresting th way she pieced together th book. .. she got a grant from Jumex th mega-juice company in Mexico, who i guess also = keen to support th arts .. she wrote th book in chunks, sharing them w/ th Jumex factory workers—a tradition stemming back from Cuba where in cigar factories they'd tell stories to th workers to pass th time .. then it b-came sort of interactive, where Luiselli wd listen in on reading groups who wd discuss th passage that day + based on their feedback wd let that direct th next days installment (wich got printed as a series of chapbooks), so sort of a communile effort .... que lastima she dint actually go down to th factory in Mexico (outskirts of D.F. actually) to interact w/ th workers in person bud didso over video conference ± MP3s she wd send of her reading from NYC where she lives .. + th end of th day (aft'r eggnowledging them in th out-tro) she put her name on th cover wich always baffles us—this need for authors to claim authorship .. kinda like th story within th book—if u buy Marilyn Monroes teeth + have them install'd in yo mouth + then sposing u die (in a fire, say) + they identify u by yo teeth, doth this make ye Marilyn Monroe? tal vez in a histerical schema ..

28 Feb> .. ends up Mexico City no longer = a district—last year they offishly changed their name to Mexico City in an effort to move twards statehood .. taxis + municipal properties (+ th password to axess u, dear Inurnet) brandid as such: CDMX .. dont have th same ring as D.F. .. staring out o'er th Zocalo ahora .. algun tipo de agro-cultural cooperativo set up in big ugly tents, parece que siempre tienen lagun tipo de evento/ demon-stratión en curso+ mega police-presence in riot gear como siempre recordamos esso desde cuando vinimos aquí hace pocos años + stayin again @ el mismo Gran Hotel (jusso happend they put us up here) .. + same hotel we used to stay when our mudder wd bring us a key como niños .. got huevos rancheros + made a paseo, fo th mos part thru el centro .. got back to hotel + herd our better-½'s voz echoing thru th lobby so followd th sound til we saw her in a salón speaking to a crowd w/ cameras + reporters + interpreters b-hind a glass shield piping spanish translation into ear pieces of those that needed it ± vice-versa when Mexican folks spoke .... went back out wandering round district streets to git food, endid up gitting pozole @ ese lugar con todos los puestos de comida al lado de plaza Garibaldi.... awed by th sprawl .. D.F.-err-CDMX a bit daunting in her homogeneity, no distinck hoods como nueva York .. todo spread out extending INT infinite grid .. ¿imagín, ese, el equivalente del Maphattan Project en CDMX (traversing cada calle) wd take years if not a lifetime .. lagunas cosas k vimos a lo largo del camino ..






















en route to Cuernavaca

> pitchers dont captcha knot jus th vast x-pants bud th jaydid unevenest of D-street-o Federal do to todos los terremotos + generalmente sinking cuz she got constructed on an aintshit lake/ layr upon layr/ 1 sillyinvazation sobre an udder/ bldgs leaning every witch weigh/ gaping cracks in sidewalks pushing up portions of street like 1 day el moondough will just swallow CDMX back up/ had a 2° lunch @ azul historico then push'd onword to Cuernavaca/ insane traffic took n eternidad ..

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