529> Saturday's child free-riding to d-feet th porpoise

[7 june 2017 | DC> int June now .. finel push of A Raft Manifest .. feel waits a'liftin w/ every pg we ride. Finish'd edits to 12 main sexions, now workin on th 23-pg epilog/post-script (still not conchus how shell end) + then wheel halve togo back + rework th intro/prolog accordionlee . . may-b 1 finel read-thru for glaring earhorrors. Udderwise, nod much Ls to say pinche bway. Reveling in disengaged hermitude. Mind reelin' from Alex Honnold's free-solo of free-rider a few daze ago. Truely a'stoneshing feet, dont think most folk kin even fathumb, inklooting ourslef + we spent a decade climing. otherwordly combo of both mentol + physickle strength, stamina + skill. + just last week we watch'd Valley Uprising, wich ends w/ Honnold free-soloing Halfdome wich seem'd th pinnacle of climing watching that (nod to menshun his freesolo of Sendero Luminoso) .. bud dam, u cant top free-soloing El Cap. A dogumentary intresting not jus fo th climing bud how Yosemite valley + ∀merikin cultshore in generule has changed o'er th years, oh makes us yearn for th 60s--80s ..

Alex Honnold coping a rest on his free-solo of halfdome

Going to Vegas + then L.A. laster this summer + we gots 2-3 weeks in v-tween figgered we mite do th John Muir trail ± ∫umping ... til we look'd into her mar .. they got ∫um bullshit lottery sistem now + ∀ll sorts of red tape 2 git permits, god to plan munths in advants + jump thru ∀ll sorts of hoops only to cuntend w/ hordes of ppl, sort of d-feets th porpoise. Nowhere left in this moondough not ruin'd by humuns as we keep a'sayng. N-spired mar + mar these days to go nowhere + jus watch movies + read books + listen to music. Red 2 books by Duncan Barlow, Of Flesh and Fur (2016, a Cupboard Pamphlet) + The City, Awake (2017, Stalking Horse—a press started by James Reich, who we intervued here a long time ago).

Of Flesh and Fur in partickler peak'd our intrest sints in volves coyotes + a creepy sorta feral child (cloned from th lone-wolf narrator), well told. Bin spending as much time as possible out on th porch pitchered abuv, b4 dem muskeetoes git unbarable .. th 1 thing nice about DC (vs. NYC)--such outdor space. Grilling + eating outside, hanging out watching/listening to th birds, saw a racoon even cruise by along th fence above. Lods of squirls of corse + a rat lives under our naybor but lucky she leaves us alone. Last nite th fireflies show'd up. By 4 a.m. th blackbirds + gray catbirds wake us up, so we git up to ride. Surrounded by parks for running or walking, lotta birds, squirl, dear + turtle. Seen 2 fox + 1 coyote (in Arlingtin cementary of ∀ll places) .. speaking of cayote (Barlow's spirit animal). It aint true naychair, bud best to leaf true naychair a'lone .. leaf 'er for select few to dogument + th rest of us kin watch sed dogumentaries on a treadmill ± spin bike. In ∀ll these dipressing goings on we feel most sorry + sad fur animals, we dont giv a rats ass about humuns, we brot ∀ll this upon oursleves. Jus hope we dont wipe ∀ll life forms from this moondough as we wipe oursleves out. Wheel end this w/ liarics from Tim Buckley:

Sometimes I think about Saturday's child
And all about the times when we were running wild

I've been a-searchin' for the dolphins in the sea
Ah, but sometimes I wonder, do you ever think of me

 528 <( )> 530 > pudding distance b-tween us + what el moondough is fast becoming

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