5cense 559> Buckskin Cocaine + Sisyphus Stones: begins again the renunciation against colonization @ the base of George Washington Bridge

20 Nov 2017 | en route to NYC> bean tinking alot bout landgauge lately, th english 1 in pertickler, wich probly dont come as no surprise to the scant few hoo bother to read dis.... perhaps pard of the reason we often digrease into unintelligible obscurety. Weave blamed iht befor on methud acting, like how in the past few yrs weve let the vox of Rem+Rom take ova dis ere journel in perparing 4 A Raft Manifest. In questshunning our reluckdance to return to normality, we's bean a wondering if our reasons for purpoisely butcherin' the inglish landgauge run deeper, god to due w/ n inturnal conflick, a rebellion 'gainst waht we perseive asa virus infecting us? Not dat we ourselfs halve bean colonized by inglish (we possess no utter mudder tongue uddervvise), bud hits a language dat has bean u'sed to colonize the rest of el moondough. A language folks round the whirld is xpected to kno if dey wants to git a head + enguage on a globel lvl, rite? Ting is, we dont want to engage nun. Si... quizas podemos scribir en español, perro spañhole tombien es un lengua usado para colonizar, las ∀merikas en pertickler. Jaja, tan curioso que «colonizar» es como el verbo para Cristoforo Colon, nombre del rio (en glish) donde nuestro Raft Manifest toma lugar. Habia un tiempo quando pudimos pensar y SOñAR en spanhole, pero ya no... aunque en el ultimo año hemos pasado lagoon tempo en Mexico y tombien Buenos Aires, lo regresa un po co. 4-say italiano... non è stato usato per colonizzare nessuno, tranne l'Etiopia per alcuni anni. In ogni modo, ci vediamo... we wont cumpeatly 4-sake in glish (just yet) + digresse father INT.o blivion, ancora no, jus givin' u fare warning dat we mite soon switch to an udder tongue if knot invent a pigeon jargon of hour one... + its not just tongues we staging an INT.urnal rebellion a genst, we also renounce dis countree ∀merika, 'tis of thee, not me... + wile we @ it, th NY Times, hell th hole Inurnet... may-b even ∀ll of mankind, beecomb cumpleat missing thrope... a renunciation weave threatend or hinted @ b4, if not set in moshun... we're jus gitting to a stage wear we's reddy for toetill severance from il mondo come lo conosciamo, basta, dis train of thawt egged on here + now by the Amtrack to NYC, lite flickerin' thru the late fall trees como Gysin's dream mashine. We god Inurnet piped in, but hit sucks + sides, we dont want to relie on lookin shit up ± 2 use google trainslate, google for shore we need 4-sake. Such crutches = hippocrisis. We sit in the quiet car yet still ppl cant shut up + mo + mo we jus cant tollerate the sound of inglish drives us bonkers. We's on hour way to reunite w/ our bedder-½, who last we saw was @ JFK... part of the problema w/ renouncing in glish is dat hits the tongue we share w/ our bedder-½, swapping tales + spit, the onelie 1 we communeacake w/ on a regalur baysis, the soul 1 we care a bout in dis hear moondough, so for our renounciation to be com.pleat sheed need to parlay Italiano insieme con me

Sisyphus Stones under the GWB

22 Nov | NYC> Dicono che è il tuo compleanno, yah. È anche il mio complete anno. Riverlotion #51 round the sun. 3 x 17. Spent the last few dayz shacked up in Washington Heights, 168th st. Not taking no pitchers (an utter part of our renunciation purhaps)... sides we allready covered dis hood in our Maphattan Project, bud yesterday we came a cross a new devilopment along the river under the GWB—the Sisyphus Stones... evedently aftr last we left NYC in 2015 sum Albanian dude named Ulysses of ∀ll nomes startid stackin' rocks along the rever @ low tide. Seamed serendicilous cuz as we resently pointed out, Sisyphus is rumored to be Ulysses's true dad + in the book we's writing next (as anon I'm us) we're calling Chaulky = Ulysses + dare father = Sisyphus. Da book on hold cuz we compiled a cassette + hour anticipating our next move witch might uproot us, sum folks kin ride like dat, bud we need to be sumwhat groundid b4 we kin wrap our head round a big project.

Ulysses (hunched ova 4th from rite) stackin' a Sisyphus stone as we speak

On the train back now finished reading Buckskin Cocaine by Erika T. Wurth... a disenchanted + P.O.'d Indian (Apache/Chickasaw/Cherokee) who channels her angst into raw valley girl (the Millenial version of) prose... tho seems mo than ½ the time thru the p.o.v. of men, in the film industry... «buckskin» Indians despirate to sell dare souls to Hollywood onelie to fail ± git fucked ova + realize nada is ever ∀ll dat, same ol fameliar story but magnified moreso when u god 2 play the Nativ ∀merikin carte, cashed in 4 streed cred @ th bitter xpense of yo pride... if day do land a roll inevitably hits the stereotypical «buckskin» role vs. Cowboys or suckin' up to Kevin Costner, a topic Thomas King d-voted a good pard of in his Inconvenient Indian. The 1st story tho—Barry Four Voices—don't got to do nun w/ holy wood... knot shure wear hits acoming form but dang, wanta read more of dat... + the 2nd piece—Candy Francois—about a drugged up model in NYC despirate to fuck her weigh to the top (the flip side of the story 2 ∀ll dis stuff in the news... the allure of fame + fourchin dat makes folks swap pride + vertchews for vulnerability, sad)... dat need to suck up to ppl u despise dat leads to farther self-loathing + in-fighting w/ those closest to u rather than the tru enemigo. Lookin fwd to mo from Wurth, specially if she kin outgrow her YA genre tendencies.

27 Nov | Baltimore> Trained back up to Baltimore. Perused the new Bateau 7.1 + also Fluxus Island by Franticham, the power cupple behind Red Fox Press.

... so weve bean alluding to sum 4th-coming changes in hour moondough + well, guess hits safe to reveal th sea crit sints our bedder-½ gave notiss to the powers dat bee... Roma! Torniamo! No mo shlepping back + 4th b-twine DC + Baldimore. No mo Trump. Dares light @ the end of il tunnel, woo hooo, hip hip who rang! Tutto più tollerabile. Non che il riposizionamento da solo cambi tutto, ma è un'opportunità per resettare, reinventare, pulire la lavagna...alla terra santa di Remo + Romolo, caput mundi.

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