5cense 563> Bellying up to the waterhole for cheatah exfoliation w/ rainbow lightning

13 Dec | Lapa Lange Lodge, Namibia> Drove east from Sesriem, 4 more hrs of desolation, still mostly dirt roads, even tho theys the most prominent 1s on the map. Passed only a handful of other vehicles. The lodge we staying at sorta lame, rooms around a (presumably manmade) watering hole so u can watch the «wildlife» dat includes 2 white rhinos (obviously imported cuz theys endangered) along w/ all the other usual players of ruminating ungulates. Wint for a run + they advised us to bring a stick, tho there aint no predators in these parts. Running w/ giraffes, zebras, etc. when suddenly we spot a cheater... then realized s/he was on the other side of a fence... they got 5 cheatahs here dat u can pay to have a «cheetah experience» with. Watched them from 10 feet away as they purred loudly like little engines. Come evening all the animals came down to the watering hole. Saw a pole cat that looks like a small skunk amongst other critters not shown.


the «wild» cheaters


ostriches lined up @ the watering hole


giraffe bellying up


sparring rhinos


weaver bird making fresh nest



14 Dec> Wint for an early morning walk + saw the cheatahs again, this time they rub'd up against the fence purring loud, wanting to be pet. Then for a long run... felt like Jim Carey in the Truman show, striving to find the edge of the game park, but dint reach no far fence. Chilled in front of the watering hole. Then went for the «cheetah experience»... sorta cheesey, but how else u gunna hang out w/ cheetahs? They gots 5, 2 wild + 3 tame (raised by humans from birth). They live in an enclosure, sposedly for dare own good so ranchers dont shoot 'em. We went in + found them hanging out under a tree + when they saw us they started purring + snuggling up to us... friendlier then most housecats you'll meet. Perty amazing experience, they lick u all over, w/ ruff tungs... aftr being sunburnt a great exfoliation.

dont let the blood on the whiskers fool u




cheatah exfoliation


taking a break before SSES vol 2


15 Dec | Kalahari desert, Namibia> Went to another lodge for 1 night, further into the Kalahari, diffrent topography, red sands. On the way stopped @ the Hardap reservoir, not much to write home about. In the late afternoon went for a long ~10k walk, following a sandy wash + red dunes. Hit by 1st rain of season, went from incredibly hot to nicely chilled, rainbows + lightning, etc. Saw more of the same + 2 desert tortoises.


rock pattern


weaver tree


woven colony


1st rain in the red dunes


Xing the animal trails in the wash


tortoise Xing


termite hill


rainbow lightning [captured by shooting video + snipping 1 frame]




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