5cense 567> molting our skin to the quarry, in sum

24 Dec | Cape Town airport> Drove west from Hermanus, stopping at Betty's Bay to see them penguins. Pushed on along the seanic route along the coast, taking our time as our flight werent til late... wint to Stellenbosch, nice quaint college town in the wine country. Passed a massive township on way to airport, 1 of the more slummy ever we've seen. Spent our anniversary at the airport, waiting for a plane that left at 00:30 on Xmas.

Betty's Bay penguin colony



molting penguins


guano galore


25 Dec | Amsterdam to DC> Read The Quarry by Damon Galgut on the plane from Cape Town to Amsterdam + then now Amsterdam to DC. Xmas day... seems we always fly on Xmas. Guess we dug The Quarry, a bit reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy, but in rural South Africa, so timely after our trip.


sumwhere over north Africa

December 27 | DC> Been back in DC a few days, but hit the ground running, setting things in motion for our move back to Rome. Shock to our system, almost 100° temperature differential. To summarize our South Africa/Namibia trip, here's the route we took:

... 4450 km, not counting side trips (our odometer clocked more than 5000). 2 flats. Lots of animals, not menny ppl, just how we like hit. Endless barren + desolate landxcapes. Now in the waning dayz of 2017... dint do much travelling this year till these past 2 months, December in South Afrikkaa + Namibia + November in Rome, Buenos Aires + London. Other than dat, Mexico x2: Cuernavaca + Guanajuato + the West coast x2: California + Nevada. Back + 4th to Baltimore + NYC a few times. Red sum 40+ books. Finished riding 1 book, published onely 1 other... the archive slowin' down + now dat we defecting back to Rome probly even more so, specially as we onely publish anonymous/pseudonymous works now. Put out our 1st cassette, wich actually we xpecting UPS to deliver any minit now. Not mush else to say... hystorically probly 1 of the most dipressing yrs ever for ∀merika... glad we getting the hell outta here...

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