5cense 592> We are Sound Furies roming Sallustiano

Aug 30, 2018 | Rome> On the same day we romed Trevi, we cheated + also romed the a-joining XVII rione, Sallustiano. Originully we was fixing to do about 1 rione a month, so the 22 rioni wd last us 2 yrs, but now ends up we're only staying 1 year in Rome not 2 so we need to pick up the pace yo! We're staying in Italy, just shifting a few hours north to the town Amerikins call Baloney. Why we quitting caput mundi so soon? We'll git to dat in due time. For now, here's Sallustiano:

+ if u blow her up


Aint much to say about Sallustiano... it's named for sum gardens dat don't hardly exist no more + there's loads of fancy palazzos in varyus states of niglect, where rich folk lived before the dam Viso-goths ramsacked the awkworduck + day ran out of hogwah so everybody split, abandoning the rione to DK. They found sum cool artifax there but most of them was taken to other rioni. Eventually they turned the water back on + sum folk returned. It's current claim to fame is dat it houses the supreme Tyrant HQ ... after his highness G relocated from NY. Maybe dat's what the bldg is in the logo?

inside Tyrant HQ


roming streets of Sallustiano



there's also a bunch of ministrees in Sallustiano + official looking plazes where ppl do bizness + stuff



spose this monument to Moses is noteworthy


peaking into sum nun's garden


every so often u see relics of old ruins engulfed by newer bldgs



Roman flatiron



what's left of the namesake gardens a few stories below street level






British embassy


porta Pia


in the ruins of porta Salaria

+ dat's all she wrote. We dint even sample the Q-zine of Sallustiano, tho we did stop for a coffee + pistacchio cornetto at sum cafe + on a previus outing we ate at sum place around the coroner from Tyrant HQ.

Aint a hole lot goin' on udderwise, we's just enjoying the cooler wether + our palatial attico while we's still here in Rome. Spose we shd also menshun dat when we say "we" now we mean Sound Furies—the project name by witch we make music under (made up of the arist formerly known as unknown artist + his bedder-½ on vox cuz he cant sing for shit), witch seams to be how we spend most of our time lately. We ain't produced much textual or visual publications these dayz, tho we's fixing on putting out the Sleepingfish 14 mixtape soon, wich will debut 2 Sound Furies trax! We're issuing it on cassette, but if u don't got a tapedeck + u red this far into this post then hit us up + we'll send u a DL code so u can download the digital version from bandcamp. Ditto the unheard tapes, if we dint say so already... any 5cense readers wanting the digital toons contack dat Cal dude @ Calamari + we'll let u download them gratis, in the spirit of most everything else we do, free to anyone hoo cares about stuff beyond what they herd about on the regular "social" part of Inurnet.The Sleepingfish mixtape shd be available soon, in the meantime tho, we'll embed the 2 Sound Furies trax here for yore listening pleasure... mind u, these are raw demos, unknown artist hasn't touched a musickle instrawment for almost 20 yrs + his bedder-½ aint never sung before, so perhaps we shd of rehearsed before turning on the mic.

"No Famous Last Words" (the lyrics we posted already here, tho we've since changed + cut a lot of it):

"The Daily Noose" (lyrics we recently posted here, also changed a bit since):

+ here's a mockup of a cover for the 1° Sound Furies album, that hopefully we'll finish before end of the yr:

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