5cense 599> Launching Sƒ XiV in the ƒ-hole they was born 15 yrs ago, in ink-remnants of i = 0 to ∞

Sept 27, 2018 | Rome > JFK > After getting back from Bologna, we spent a day in Rome + now we're back on the road, in the air. We got the Sleepingƒish XIV cassettes yesterday in the nick of time, so we can send them out to folks in Amerika w/o spending an arm + leg + dealing w/ the incompetence of Poste Italiane.


Now we're on the plane, reading All Back Full by Robert Lopez. Back before we—or rather our patron Cal—got re-obssessed w/ music + putting out tapes he published books by the likes of Robert Lopez, or BroLo as he calls him. BroLo was even asst editor on an issue or 2 of Sleepingfish, when it was a lit mag. Reckon Cal probly wants us to write like BroLo or them writers he published, grammatickly correct + Lishian, using lyrickle lingo where words sound sonically sound when spoken aloud. + must say, from what we've red of Cal (the instrumental ½ of Sound ƒuries + the 1 who writes the liarics) he's already moved on to lyrical language... not so much dat da words rhyme + shit, but more dat they inploy consecution—wherein each sillybull feeds sonically into the next + u don't give a crap what it all means onelie how she sounds. Aint no reason we need to keep writing like a 12-yr old uneducated urchin xcept ol' habits die hard. Weren't even our habit anyway but 1 dat Cal (still channeling Huck Finnegan) imparted on us when he tasked us to ghostwrite SSEY vol II for hym, which we're getting back to after a spell of helping Cal to write lyrics + roam rioni. Sound ƒuries are done writing 12 songs (+ more they aint gunna use) for their album (2 demos of which are on the Sleepingƒish XIVmixtape), tentatively titled «i = 0 to ∞». We showed a mocked up cover before, but now we's thinking along these lines:

... from a pic they took last yr in Namibia. But even that they aint so shore they gunna use. Ore the album name. But they's perty sure about the tracks + the music, all they need to do is final vocals + stuff like drumfills, wich they've been listening/pilfering John Bonham isolated drum trax—coolest thing about Inurnet is u can find stuff like dat. + yah that's the same ƒ-holed ƒ used both in the Sleepingƒish + Sound ƒuries logos, coincidentally same initials as the city by the bay where Cal came of age. Same ƒon their red guitar. Sound ƒuries might be working sum on the trax on the road (they brought a mic, if they can find a quiet hotel to hole up in) but in this stateside downtime we, Anon I'm us, are turning our attn back to SSEY vol II. Part of the delay was music-related, but we also needed to ketch up sum on transcribing Telemachus' journels from the time period when SSEY vol II takes place. We got as far as the border of Bolivia, June 1991, which aint nearly cot up, but plenty good we can work on the next chapter. We printed up our notes/outline + also the chapters we've done to this pt to edit them + make sure they flow into eachother since this prosses has bin so disjointed.

Sept 30 | BKLYN> bin here a few dayz, holed up in a hotel whose in-trance was an active crime scene the 1° morning we woke up to get bagels + the lobby smells like curried b.o., in that area where you get sneakers + human hair extensions. Just hanging out eating sushi or anything non-Italian, seeing friends, etc. tho no BroLo, tho our plane back leaves from here in a week or 2 or 3 so we'll be back, fool.










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