5cense 598> Hoofing + gobbling in the 4-shadows of a clock-faced baloney sandswitch

Sept 22, 2018 | Rome > Bologna> On ill traino to Baloney, sort uva scoutin' giro guess u cd say as wheel be traslocando là next febbraio. We've been to Bologna b4, but dat was back when we tried to write w/o naming things or using pronouns + took burry photos of hardly recognizeable things. Before we left we grabbed Pedro Páramo by Juan Rulfo from our to-read pile, but when we opened it on the train we had déjà vu, realizing lo habíamos leído antes, not that long ago actually. But we read it in Spanish then, so was intresting to leer in glish. Buen libro to reread de todos modos, ya que es corto y dulce.

non è buon posto per stare in un terremoto

Sept 25 | Bologna> For the most part we just walked all around the town w/ an eye to where'd we wanna park ourselve come next winter. The historic centro is cool, sure, but don't think we'd want to live there... Bologna aint got nearly as menny turisti as Roma, but still they ∃xist, specially in the centre... @ this pt tutto partys in el moondough is ruined by selfie-taking idiots. Our bedder-½ will be teaching @ SAIS, wich is near the U of Bologna, the oldest university in el moondough. That's on the east side of town. See, Bologna is round + there's 12 gates to enter the city walls by, so u can think of it spatio-geographically like a clock. The U dist is between 2:00 + 3:00 in this scheme. SAIS is @ 3:10. There's a park (giardini margherita) good for running just outside the walls @ 5:00, wich is where we'll likely hone in on in our quest for a new home. B-sides walking/running around, we mowed a lot of cibo, had mortadella (Baloney's claim to fame) + lasagna (green) @ 015 (★★★½), @ Caminetto d’Oro (★★★) chowed down passatelli, a lesser-known Bolognese pasta made from breadcrumbs + white truffles + parm grated on top we wasn't so crazy about. Tucked into sum tortellini in brodo (another claim to fame) @ La Taverna Di Roberto (★★★★½). @ Vicolo Colombina (★★★), had ragu bolognese (the other trademark dish). Had quite possibly the perfect pizza pie @ Pizzeria da Beppe (★★★★★). Then last nite had tagliatelle ai carciofi at Trattoria Leonida 1938 (★★½). Yep, 6 meals in 3 days. But we walked about a ½-marathon each day so made up for it.

all porticos lead to the phallus






Erica Il Cane studio











streetcar to nowhere






only canal left in their ghetto



Lambourghini tractor w/ mudflap lady on grill




















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