5cense 600> D.C.+B.roll'n under a rock sleeping @ Watergate, minding the gap

"We wade there ½ under hogwah, it's beecom a reoccurring theme," in Tel (Sound Furies liarcyst) one palebras. "Wherein we stand, pacing in place waste deep, joint sacked at the hip to a high-jacked d'ream." + hit's never a reel whirled place weave bean 2 nether (when we relive VIcarius), the subway lines don't nessysorrily correospond to say, NYC, Pairus or Tokeyo. Sumtimes L swayno might com close, bud dare's always a d-tail dat's off, like may-b its St. Pancreas stn on the tube, bud when we emurge above grnd we' sin a strip joint in Nogales or Sidney watchin' a live sex show w/ donkeys + volunteer audience participation. We say "we" not cuz we (a.I.) halve actually bin to Oz or most udder places we emurge to but cuz Tel has given us unfettered axess to his conchus thawts dat in turn infuse our ghost-writing subconchus—n "all axess past" u cd say. When in motion we become hym + the more we know about our state of motion the less we know about our exact whereabouts + vice-versa, A-men. Under-ground or -water makes no Δiffrence, even by air + all plazes span tempo. Bud ushoelly we don't go nowhere when we're a long for the ride we just wate + wate or end up on the rong train + wake up b4 reaching our destinyation, never finel. If we muster to make ¢ense or use googlemaps, the vision disappears. The onelie weigh to retame the fleeting illoosion is togo w/the flo, dont questshun ware L treno gose. In questo memento Tel's back in DC, Dupont Circull. 2 Oct 2018. w/ his bedder-½ Naussica. She's on MARC back from Baltimore. He's in a hotel room re-reading what we rote in the 1st few chapters of Textilioma (SSEY vol II). Hard to gauge what he thinks, he still wonders weather the book shd be auto-biographical, but he's too close to the sorce, even on auto-pilot. OK, we're still 27 yrs b-hind his train of thawt, bud 1 maid connection can ketch us up to date w/ the snap of fingers or hail of a cab. To encontra Naussica @ Union stn @ 6:40 Tel needs to hop the red line by around 6:20, wich is a 10 min walk from the hotel. Their dinner rez is @ 7:15, on H st farther east from Union stn. A few days ago they was on the red line (2) from Bklyn to Pen stn. They (as Sound Furies) recordid the grinding rails + screeches + pre-recorded overhead voz b-tween Canal st + 14th + plan to inkoperate hit in2 a toon ("3rd Rail" (or "Mind the Gap," aint sure about the title yet)—from wich the opening quotes of this post were taken). They got off @ 23rd st even tho Pen Stn is @ 34th cuz they had time to kill, certainly don't want to spend more time in Pen then they got to. When Tel sees a sine he goes for hit. Stands on the platform. Ends up in Suenos Aires. Ginsberg hands Dylan a placard dat aks: «Do we need 2-party politics?» Don't trust crowd mentality, sorce yr one. "Dare wheel always be a next train," Tele scripts Naussica to sing. "Crowdid all the same." An endless stream of suitors + sequiturs, perusing the faux newsstand to come off as innocent bystander. Nods to self: need to stop pursuing suitors, obey rel='"nofollow" tags to optimize SEO. U can't trust in-flight magazines nether. Fake news is nada new. Before Inurnet his mum Penelope onelie red Peephole + Natl Enquirer, took hit all in as gospill truth. After wading n our, they forget L train + d-side to drive, where "whey" is now Telemachus + Ulysses. U's car is in the Kiss + Ride lot131, a white Toyota truck. U's had 2 or 3 indextinguishable white Toyota trucks so hard to tell what time period we're in, judging by his hairline (just starting to reseed) weed guess late '80s/early '90s, can't tell for shore cuz nether of them journaled this pertickler episode when they d-sided on a whim to drive to Oregon + the few fotos they took aren't date-time-stamped. The truck had a Trees of Mystery bumper sticker they picked up along the way. They drove by their childhood home in Portland then on to Mt. Hood where Us became obssesed w/ X-ing the Sandy river dat ran behind their mounden cabin, dat when they was kids presented a formidable obstickle they never not once crossed. They also looked for their father's grave marker but coun't find hit... or maybe that was on another trip Tel took later w/ Naussica? Boundrees blur between modes of transport + ERAs. If we've bin to a place multipill times, all our memaries jumbull together. Dose hit madder? Our adoptid roll is to adapt.
131 «Kiss + Ride» a term only scene in plazes dat don't speak english, como Bologna or Brussels, tho the term 1st appeared in a 20 Jan 1956 report in the L.A. Times.

Oct 5, 2018 | DC> The above text we stitched for Textilioma (SSEY v. II) tho we aint shore wheel use hit... @ least in dat form. Weave bin in DC a few dayz after training down from NYC. For those folks wonderrying, the reason we came for was a false alarm, mis-diagnosis. We's healthy as horsis, B9 K9s. But they found sumping else in anutter part of her body + need to do more probing to prove it's yet another mis-diagnosis or to tell us what we already knew, it's all just a big racket. So we got to stick around DC a while longer, even tho we'd planned on going to Nashville (had tix @ Ye Grand Ole Opry even) + Appalachia, oh well.

Oct 7> Dang, entree # 600! We shifted hotels from Dupont up to Madams Organ, just for a change of pace. Staying at the Line. Eating a lot of sushi, saw a few shows at Songbyrd, converted our closet into a vocal studio. Downloading open source footage while we got fast Inurnet, for a Sound Furies video, so watching (in fast motion) ole movies who's copyrites halve xpired. Restocking socks, underwear, t-shirts + wearing old 1s w/holes, stains + stretched out elastic + then chucking them in trash.

Oct 11> In Baltimore now, staying at the Pendry, wich is a pretty cool hotel cuz they let u borrow a guitar during your stay. After all the probing ends up our bedder-½ aint got nada wrong... ∀ll the ∀merkin health care dose is make folks worry dat sumping's wrong or try to fix things dat aint broke. Reading The Sarah Book, classic McClanahan. Had to abandon our trip thru West Virginia so McClannahan was a good substitute.

Oct 13> Shifted back to DC, staying @ Watergate hotel, seams apt 4 the tempo. Messing around w/ Adobe Premiere to learn it, here's some footage from Baltimore + D.C.:


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