5cense 601> Calico'd Campo Marzio a far cry from My Own Private Idaho

Oct 21, 2018 | Rome> After a ~3 week hiatus in Bologna then NY/DC, Sound Furies are back home recording + roaming rioni... the # of this post = IV, Campo Marzio:

... the northern rione capped by piazza Popolo + flank'd on the east by villa Borghese:

As usual there weren't no systematic way to traverse cada strada, we basickly wint down the 5 diegonyl spokes shooting off from p.zza Popolo, zig-zagging what alleys we cd in b-tween, but there was sum sorta footrace dat made things difficult cuz they blocked off sum of the streets. Marzio's a rione we normally avoid cuz we aint intrested so much in shopping + the fashion victims it attracts, tho lately we've worked a villa Borghese run into our rotation, which takes in via Corso, Popolo + Spanish Steps, but we only do it early on Sunday morning, inny other time there's just way too many ppl.

We didn't get much of a chants to riflect on it since we jetted off to the states the day we returned, but bean in Bologna a few weeks ago reminded us just how fucking unpleasant it is to walk in Rome, not just cuz of the buttloads of tourists, but most of the time there aint a sidewalk + u have the ever-pervasive stream of honking cars + motorini that come screaming by, quiet unnerving not to menshun dangerous. Bologna will be a nice change fer sure, w/ it's porticoed sidewalks + actual bike lanes... but we got 3-4 more months in the eturnal cheetah so we's gonna make the most of it, we think of these rioni roamings as nostalgic last hoorahs, cuz otherwise we got no desire to leave our palatial attico, which is what we'll miss most about Rome, our home. Anyways, back to Campo Marzio (impressions in no pertikler order)...



trinity mount atop spanish steps




lots of wheat bundles hanging, probly for sum sorta harvest/oktoberfest thing


Popolo on a rainy day in 2013


Film-wise a lot of shoots got shot in Campo Marzio, Spanish Steps in perticler appears in menny—from The Talented Mr. Ripley (1999) to Roman Holiday (1953). That scene in An American in Rome (1954) where Nando walks naked on the rooftops is in the vicinty:

+ that scene in Suburra (2015) where Filippo takes a piss off his balcony before realizing the chick he just had rough sex with O.D'd overlooks p. Popolo:

+ there's that classic scene in My Own Private Idaho (1991) where a narcoleptic River Phoenix passes out in Portland (our hometown) + wakes up in Popolo surrounded by Roman street hustlers w/ no clue how he got there.

Phoenix waking up in Rome

Lit-wise Gogol lived in Campo Marzio for a spell, as did Hans Christian Andersen + of course Keats.

letter in Keats house (from 2010)


creepy statchew


that restraunt where u can eat shitty food surrounded by cool statchews


outside Ara Pacis in 2010


inside Ara Pacis (in 2009)

They've bin renovating the mausoleum of Augustus (across the street from Ara Pacis) ever since we kin remember, but it's still not open to the public, evidently it will be in 2019.





gotta admit, them fatshits (900) sure had a good desine sense




Antonio Canova's house


Canova's puppets





another nasone




cannon liebury/arkhives




1 of 100s of busts in villa Borghese


evidently saran-wrapping them is how to keep grafitti at bay


We finished too early too to get lunch, but aint much anyway in Campo Marzio that aint overpriced ± touristy, usually we venture there only for sushi (@ Hamasei). Later in the evening (after Sound Furies laid down vox for 3 trax + ate pesto pasta w/ porcini (tis the season)) we was treated to an insane hail storm w/ chick-pea sized hail. What climate change?


Fernet on hail ice (even better then the whiskey on glacier ice we had a few yrs ago in Patagonia)


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