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11 Nov 2018 | Rome> Roamed rione XVIII oggi, Castro Petrorio:

In st. x st. d-tale:

...if u come strait out of Termini thru piazza 500 u land yo self in Castro Pretorio, wich inkludes p.zza Repubblicca, perhaps considered the heart of Rome but don't really feel like it in our opiñion. Sides, we startid @ 4 founts in our roaming, even wint to the natl museo wich we'd never bin b4 + saw the Diocletian baths + also to palazzo Massimo, wich we hadn't been to b4 nether... this roming gives us good xcuse to do such turistic things! For our representative meal we ate @ Inka Chickin, a Peruano pollo ala brasa joint dat rocked.

piazza repubblica


p.zza 500 + Castro Pretorio as seen from bathroom of Palazzo Massimo


p.zza 500 (pic taken in 2012, on way to Florence)


San Bernardo alle terme


inside above

The great fizzycyst Enrico Fermi was born in rione XVIII, on via Gaeta 19 + the apartment that Umberto D (1952) struggles to not get himself + his dog Flike evicted from was in Castro Pretorio, on via San Martino delle Battaglia, 14.

where Enrico Fermi was born


Umberto D + Flike's house (no cinema nor streetcars now)


the less-than-spectacular Rome Opera house



p.zza Repubblica


headstones (natl museum)


Terme di Diocleziano






museo gatto


inner sanctum







back on the lovely streets of Rome




goat lover in Museo Massimo






African contortionist

13 Nov | Rome> Ieri day our bedder-½ Sound Furie vox play'd hookie + finished voculs for our 4thcoming album, un + we roamed an uddder rione, # XVI, Ludovisi:

Strada per strada brake down:

Ludovisi is bad-ass for having a dragon in their coat of arms, tho it looks like a 3-yr old drew it. Via Veneto is it's claim to fame, the street made famous by Fellini, tho doesn't seem nothing now like how it was in the glamourous hey-day of paparazzi. The U.S. embassy is also in Ludovisi... we stopped to see if they cd add more pgs to our bedder-½'s passport cuz she is out (even after extending it before) but they don't do that no more. The capuchin crypts is also in Ludovisi, but it's a stupid tourist trap now + we've been there a few times before, b4 they started making folks pay to go in. We ate @ Pesceria Barberini witch was perty dam good.

Via Veneto in La Dolce Vita

If u is like us wondering why Fellini's take on via Veneto in La Dolce Vita (1960) or Le notti di Cabiria (1957) don't really look like how it is in realtà, well dat's cuz he reconstructid his controlled version of via Veneto in Cinecittà:

"Via Veneto" set @ Cinecittà

The real via Veneto is more how Sorrentino potrays it in his ode to Fellini, La Grande Belleza (2013), w/ AC'd enclosed sidewalk restraunts dat onely rich shieks + shyknees tourists go to.

Jeb strolling down via Veneto


Porta Pinciana


Porta Pinciana in Bicycle Thieves (1948)—where Ricci gets his bike nicked while he's up on the ladder his 1st day on the job


another section of the wall turned into apartments


Lutheran church


near Porta Salaria (beyond which is Salustiano rione)


Capuchin Crypts (in 2010 + also 2009)


Ludovisian nasone

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