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19 Nov 2018 | Rome> Gitting 'er dun, onelie the 6 liddle centre rioni remain to rome. Last sabbath we tackled the gun-shapped sliver shooting east, # III, Colonna:

Delineation of it's limits, in st. x st. d-tale:

...we always figgered Colonna rione was named for our landlord, but the name of rione III comes from the column dat Marcus Aurelius stands on. The spiraling fallus used to be in the rione's insignia (see above map) but now they just use the Adidas stripes, wich slant in the rong direxion from the column (oops). Most of Colonna rione gits taken up by govt offices + high-end shopping, inklooting the only real "mall" in Rome, named after that American in Rome guy, Sordi. Spose it's also famous for dat gelato shop (Giolitti), we just aint big fans + there's sum church (not pitchered) w/ a Madonna's well that if u drink hogwah from u git everlasting life or cured of whatever.

namesake column w/ Marcus Aurelius perched on top

If you've seen Suburra, the movie, that big protest scene tward the end was filmed behind the column + Fillipo (the same guy pissing off the balcony looking over piazza Popolo) pounds on the door of the far bldg cuz he's freaking out that the PM is gunna resign + he'll lose his immunity, or whatever.

Galeria Sordi



+ the above is Hadrian's temple, wich also used to house the Rome stock exchange (or maybe still does?), which Antonioni featured prominently in his L'Eclisse (1962):


Monica Vitti standing outside the exchange


Tazza d'Oro w/ the roof of the Pantheon in the far background



our nearest p.o. where we pay bills... despite the sign, don't think they send telegraphs no more!


courtyard of San Silvestro in Capite


the head of St. John the Baptist on display in S. Silvestro in Capite... yes, u herd us rite. Not a good photo but you can see his teeth all rotting out + shit.


testi (not teste) on display in S. Silvestro in Capite



arching textures


We stopped in at the Gagosian to check out an exhibit of Sarah Sze.

Sarah Sze installation at the Gagosian

+ then we ate sushi at Hamasei. Colonna is also the rione where Luigi Serafini lives, on Via Sant'Andrea delle Frate, which we already documented in great detail in 2012, around the time we we was working on our own codex, in part inspired by Serafini.

drinking from the Bufalo nasone across the street from Serafini's house in 2012

Back in 2012 we also translated pard of the accompanying "decodex" pamphlet that came w/ the Codex Seraphinianus (at least in Italy), witch remains 1 of the most popalure pgs on this here site. We said then dat sum day we'd translate the rest of it + well spose that day may as well be now, a good a time as inny if there's ever gonna be 1. Back in 2012 we thought it a good exorcise (in Italian) to go thru line x line + x-late but nowadays we don't got the payshints, call us lay-z, specially when 1 can scan + OCR the pages + run her thru google translate, wich we did, tho the resulting text wood still need sum massaging to be decipherable in plane inglish. As we said then tho, the "decodex" ain't so much a Rosetta stoner decoder as a series of articles about Serafini + his codex witch we're sure exist already on Inurnet + likely much more has bin written since. Mostly its just high-fluting types (inklooting Douglas Hofstadter, in glish) showing off what they know all ready, making cumparisons... nun of them a'temp to decipher Serafini's inventid landgauge, tho speculation abounds. Or may-b sumbody has, but the thing is, who cares? Seems bedder not knowing. Certainly not hard to guess by context. If we was gunna spend time w/ Serafini's codex we'd rather just space out in wonderment not thinking nun about what it all means.







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