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10 Dec 2018 |Vienna> Took some weird airline here, called something like "bodylotion". They don't even got a website or anything. I think it's like the Uber of airplanes, u basically say u want to go somwhere + sombody w/ an airplane agrees to take u + no it weren't by choice we chose dem, onelie cuz our bedder-½'s work booked her on dat flight. We almost didn't make the plane cuz our bedder-½ dint have a boarding pass (they email it to the person that does the booking) + this lottamotion airline dint have no desk at the airport, no presence at all, they pay Ryan Air to field questions + the agent wasn't happy about it + didn't know shit. So this airline was even more lo budge than Ryan Air... maybe this Uber-budget airline model is typickle nowadays, but seems sketchy to us, + downrite inhumane. We got a seat (tho nowhere near our bedder-½) + arrived in 1-piece except they plunged us into complete darkness for 10 minutes before landing, maybe to save enurgy? They had flight attendants, but they wore regalure street clothes, hoodies + lo-rise jeans w/ butt-crack showing. Maybe they was trying to save moola on uniforms as well. Anyway, now we're in Vienna, a city we've never been, never really been to anywhere in Austria actually, just drove thru a small piece of it once on the way to Slovenia.

On the plane read the 1st ½ of Woodcutters by Thomas Bernhard, 1 of the few books of his left we haven't red. We didnt plan it this way (b-sides knowing he's Austrian) but it's all about the high-society of Vienna, basically about him regretting an invitation to an artsy dinner party he's sulking at.... or it starts out dat way but there's a nagging repressed undertone u think maybe at work. His tone is hilarious tho, a cynical misanthrope like us (same age even, 52) that silently judges all his old petit burguoizee friends + basically all of Austrian society (himself included) from his wingback chair.

We're staying on the equivalent of Roosevelt Island to NYC, not just in how sterile + desolate it is, but geographically similar in that it is also on a long island, in the Danube. It's the tallest building in Vienna I guess, the 1° nite we went up + had dinner on the 57° floor w/ a view of the city below, but all we really saw was a buncha idiots coming up to take selfies in front of the window to show they was there but never bothering to look at the view.

12 Dec> Walked around mostly, 1 day by ourselves w/o a map + our phone didnt work so dint know what was what but mo intresting dat way. The next day wint out w/ our bedder-½ to most of the main sites, tho the Leopold was closed. The weather totally sucks, raining tho it's hovering near freezing + windy. May as well snow. Thankfully the Underground is ultra-efficient, just hopped on + off to warm up. 1 night we ate @ ef16 which must say was dam good even if we aint crazy about northern lattitude foods. Another night @ sum place called Sixta, after drinks/snacks at Ulrich + Erich.


street coroner


along the Danube











Burg theatre


Belvedere gardens



inside the Belvedere


Klimt at Belvedere

As w/ anywhere else in the moondough these days, there was hordes of Shyknees tourists por todos partes, u gotta push yr way thru to see anything, like the above Klimt, of wich there was a # of in the Belvedere, as well as a bunch of Egon Schiele. Even the national liebury had a Q to get in + they charge u w/ seems ridiculous. We also went to the Esperanto museum wich was cool + no 1 was there. Unu el ĉi tiuj tagoj ni devos instrui nin mem Esperanto.

Egon Sciele's take on sunflowers


Esperanto propaganda poster


globe (in Globe museum, wich they combined w/ Esperanto museum)


keybored in St Stephens


natl liebury



stairs St Stephens

We wanted to go in the crypts in St Stephens but they told us the wrong times + we got tired of waiting + we see bedder corpses in Italy probly.

13 Dec> Finished Woodcutters on the plane, ending was a bit of a letdown, no arc 2 it really. I mean, why' they act out like they did? Why was they all so vain + pretentious? Why was the narrator such an asshole + if he hated the party so much, why didn't he jus duck out early? Still cool to read tho cuz Bernhard menshuns a lot of the places we went 2 in + around Vienna.

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