Lookin' back + b'yond the wall to the graveyard in quarters for The Daily Noose


31 Dec 2018 | Rome> Dear Inurnet, figgered w/the advent of el año nwavo may as well rebrand this blogject as "The Daily Noose," so-named for the final song of the Sound ƒuries' un album we announced in our last post... knot that we plan on ranting here on a daily basis, knot even sure we can muster weekly. This will probly continue to be more or less our personal journihilistic ramblings, fueled by whatever it is we is working on ore inspired by in the moment, witch more + more as of late seems to be music + less + less literasure... in fact we only read 17 books last yr, ~½ as many as in yrs past. Likewise we're travelling less, only wint to 1 new country in 2018, even then just a city (Vienna) + 2 new cities down under—Melbourne + Canberra + maybe sum plazes in Italy we ain't been before. Maybe it's high time to git a dog or sumthing, as Daughter says, tho for diffrent reasons.

... guess this is turning out to be hour end-of-year recap to ring in the New Year—a year dat we already said was mostly about making our un album + roaming rioni like hopeless Rome-antics. We stayed "home" for the holydaze, the 1st time in a while, if not ever. A staycation in our attic "launching" our album, whatever dat means. Mustering to at least get our album "out there". A lot of folk advise us to promote it on social media, etc. but not sure we can stomick dat b-yond just grabbing the urls before sum1 else does. But we did sine up for SoundCloud + have been perusing hypemachine to see what music blogs are out there as honestly we're out of it, all we really do is listen to KEXP + check-in w/ The Quietus every once in a while.

We feel this past week, the last of 2018, is also about putting Rome behind us. Wheel be here for another month or 2, but we gotta start wrapping our head around Bologna. It's like when u break up w/ sum 1 but then halve to keep living w/ them... not that we got any experience in the matter, never spent a hole night alone on our own couch, or in no dog house. In the waning days of our RomeRioni project we felt we wasn't doing much walking, witch was 1 of the main drivers of the exorcise—an excuse to go for long walks. Wasn't like w/our Maphattan project, putting in almost marathon days. So in this past week w/the wether being nice + the streets sorta empty we figgered weed rome b'yond the walls, long (20+ km) walks w/less of an agenda except to move the feet. For those unfamiliar w/Roman urban planning, the central part (within the Aurelian wall) is zoned in rioni, of which we covered stada per strada, finishing the last 1 last week. But b'yond the wall it's divided up into "quarters" (d'spite the name, there are far more than 4):


+ even more than what's shown above, there's actually 35. The official map looks more like this:



We god no intention of doing all the quarters, most of the suburban outskirts of Rome ain't even walkable. But for the sake of exorcise we (both Sound Furies, since the bedder-½ had the time off) took a few long giros this week, mustering to revisist or discover what highlights we cd b'yond the wall, in more or less counter-clockwise order starting at 12 o'clock N:

where the Rs change to Q-named streets


Flaminio market (Q.1)




in Q.XV across the river


monument to Muscleleany in front of stadium where Roma plays



Olympic Stadio (circa 2012)


Ponte Milvio (xing back into Q.I)


inside Maxxi (in 2010 when 1st we moved here)


parco della Musica desined by Renzo



Parioli quartiere (in 2015)


gallery in Parioli (in 2015)


beneath Villa Borghese (in Q.III—Pinciano, in 2015)


"Quartiere" Coppedè (not really a quarter, actually in Q.XVII Trieste)


Quartiere Coppedè (in 2013)


Prati (the quartiere #XXII, outside the rione)(in 2015)


nasone getting up into Monteverde (Q.XII)


Giantculo (in 2009 when we took a bunch of rubbeings)


statchew we never notissed before in Doria Pamphilj park


Doria Pamphilj park (in 2010)


Monteverde (when we air b'n'b'ed for a few weeks in 2015)


looking down from Monteverde


Portuenese(Q.XXI, in 2013)


Portuense (in 2015 when we stayed at another air b'n'b)


further afield down to EUR, Q.XXXII (also in 2015)


Montemartini Museum (circa 2012)


gazometro in Ostiense (in 2017)


Ostiense (Q.X, in 2015)


Appia Antica (Q.IX)(in 2010)


awkworduck park (Q.XXV, in 2015)(click for hire rez)


another awkworduck in Pigneto (Q.VII—Prenestino)




San Lorenzo (Q.VI—Tiburtina)


tomb shop (Q.VI)


Basilica San Lorenzo fuori de le mura




villa Torlonia (Q.V)


Cimitero Monumentale Verano (Q.VI)


Verano cemetary





1 Jan 2019> Nappy Hue Year, dear Inurnet. Or Tonto auguring, as dem Italians say. Ieri we walked the n-tire Aurelian wall, but wreckon weave posted plenty 'nuff photos this issue so wheel save dat for the next installment. Death on the Installment Plan, as Céline said. Perty much what we mean by Daily Noose... every day slowly kills u, as the bedder-½ says (the ½ in the daily grind of a day job). We ain't bin riflecting mush personally on all this, why we bother, what it is we is getting out of all this Roming, 'specially in light of our new Daily Noose moniker, the hole point of a journal, rite? Write to stave off death. Weave said before dat Rome seems a good place to die + perhaps weave said before it ain't such a great plaze to live nether, dat maybe Rome would be a cool place... if u can take the Romans out of it (sumping a Roman toll us). But it's also the tourists that can drive 1 bonkers, to sewerside. 1 kin understand why Romans are such assholes, having to deal w/ all these selfie-takers in such a dystfunctional city in ruins. Doesn't help that we live in the heart of it—right off piazza Venezia.... if it weren't for these rioni roamings we might be inklined to never leave this palatial attico... the best thing about this past yr must say, we got sweet digs. When we left Rome on our 1st tour in 2012 perhaps we had a few lingering reservations, unfinished business... perhaps we wasn't quite reddy to quit caput mundi. Well, now we feel pronto, got her all out of our system. But we ain't leaving just yet, still got another mess or 2...

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