Rewinding the Sleepingfish XIV mixtape


6 Jan 2019 | Rome> As we posted our innog-aural playlist hear to The Daily Noose yesterday we reelized the Sleepingfish mixtape we put out a few months ago was the true maiden mix, the 1 that bridged the gap from litterasure to music in Calamari Archive's current metamorphosis. We made the mixtape last year cuz it occurred to us that a lot of the authors we'd published also had similar musical inclinations. Calamari authors not inklooted on the tape that also make or made music: Nat Baldwin, Blake Butler, Robert Lopez, Miranda Mellis, Gary Lutz + Peter Markus... that we know of, may-b there's more. Perhaps another compilation is in order?

Since we put Sleepingfish XIV out as a true mixtape (on cassette) + only uploaded each side (in entirety) to Bandcamp, it makes it hard to share on SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes, etc... at least the individual tracks. Not that we shd anyway as the rites remain w/ the musicians + sum of the trax were already officially released. + a true mixtape shd be listened to on cassette anyway, in the intended order, just like a proper album (perhaps the subject of another post). Hear's side A of Sleepingfish XIV on Bandcamp, followed by a track by track exposé.

1. Venus Bogardus (feat. David Ohle)—"Motorman" (2007)
Sumtime after we re-published the cult-classic Motorman by David Ohle, a UK band contacted us saying they made an album based on the book.... has any 1 else done that?! Songs, sure, but an entire album? We interviewed them at length on the old 5¢ense blog + then they moved to New Mexico not too far from where our bedder-½'s folks lived at the time so we hung out on occasion + saw them play once or twice. Oh + did we mention James is a writer in his own right + has since started a press (Stalking Horse)? Hear's the video to the "Motorman" track:

2. Tempers—"Manners" (2011, previously unreleased)
We met Tempers cuz Jasmine is like a soul-sister to Chiara Barzini, whose book we published in 2012. Jasmine is also a visual artist, we featured a few of her collages in Sleepingfish. + then when we published Ark Codex ± 0, Tempers performed at the launch party in NYC + we've seen them play on other return trips. They have a new album out + are touring Europe this winter. This from the new 1:

3. Sound Furies—"The Daily Noose" (2018)
The track this hear blogged is named after! We talked about it plenty in the last post. This was an early mix of the song, a bit diffrent than the version on un, here's the newer album version

4. Poem Rocket—"God Damn Alien Sundial" (1999)
Poem Rocket, god damn! 1 of the bands astonishing to us they never got their due. We met Michael Peters at sum vizpo thing in Miami over a decade ago + published his Vasst bin book + then he was like oh btw i'm in a band. Check out sum of their other stuff, if u can still find it, especially Psychogeography (2000). This is from Felix Culpa (1995):

5. Man of Fragments—"I Am Czechoslovakian"
We don't know much about this person except that we published them once or twice under various pseudonyms in Sleepingfish + apparently they have a kid destined to be a singer.

6. unknown artist—"Boojum Tree" (1989)
Another shameless plug, unknown artist is ½ of Sound Furies + the compiler of this hear blog, at least in another life. This is from a tape we originally recorded on 4-track in the late '80s that last year we re-issued, restoking our intrest in the cassette medium on which we cut our teeth.

7. Gummylung Dungtongue—"Even Litter Can Catch an Updrift" (2018)
This is 1 of the few submissions we included that have no previous lit connections to Calamari or Sleepingfish.

8. d.biddle—"Rabbit and the Moon" (2008)
d.biddle is another 1 of these mind-blowing bands we can't believe never hit the big time. The frontman, Duncan Barlow also played in a # of seminal hardcore bands back in the day, but in recent history has transitioned to literature, starting Astrophil Press + writing a # of books. We've published him once or twice in Sleepingfish. Here's d.biddle performing another song ("Poor Mouth") off The Rabbit and the Moon:


Jan 7> Flipping tape over to SIDE B > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

9. Julie Reverb—"No Moon" (2015)
When we published her debut No Moon a few yrs ago, the musician-turned-writer Julie Reverb made this haunting song/video for the occasion:

10. ghostscapes—"Red Short Flag" ( 2018, previously unreleased)
duncan barlow's new project (or may-b we wasn't sposed to reveal this?) where seems he's traded in his guitars for keyboards. Looking fwd to more.

11. Funny Games—"The Colour Purple" (2017)
Another blind submission that we don't know much else about, but we dug the raw '80s sound to it. Not sure if they named themselves after the movie or song by B.R.M.C + likewise when you google the song title u get lots of pics of Whoopi Goldberg.

12. Poem Rocket—"Horst Langer" (2000)
Another classic off Psychogeography. Can't find a video for it, so here's 1 from Infinite Retry on Parallel Time Out (1998):

13. Venus Bogardus—"The G-Boys" (2007)
+ another song off Motorman, also featuring David Ohle reciting from the book at the beginning. Here's a track named for another Ohle book, The Age of Sinatra:

14. unknown artist—"Stranger to Myself" (1988, from The Ethereal Aether cassette)
We still feel like a stranger to myself.

15. Sound Furies—"No Famous Last Words" (2018)
We changed the name of this song to "no parole" (1st track on side n of un) + re-recorded/mixed a few things for the album un. Starting to work on a video for it as we speak. Here's the updated version:

+ the interstitial “transmissions” b-tween songs were provided by L. Brown, gluing it all together into a cohesive tape.

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