Pronto to rexhume Textilioma + the pro'SSES" of listing sidewaze in Δ-shifted non-state (dat inkloots U, cari!)


Dear Inurnet,

Nausicaa's off to N.Y.C. [riplaze Nau w/ Je for razones wheel git 2 (baysickly cuz Telemachus married her (King Alcinous' dotter) yo)]. Walked her down to P.zza Venezia in our running close urly questo mattina like weave done so menny times b4 (she always flies away on sunday mournings) onelie questo volta we'll be apart for 3 weeks which purhaps cd be a record? LP, no, E Può ESSere. Onelie time we member her bean gone dis long was when we lived on W 74th st (near Central Park West) + she wint to West Africa for 3 weeks. Twere the dog daze of Augusto, as we remember, round the time we was working on Marsupial, the last liebro we rote under our ℝeel nombre, man. Got the brunt of her dun in those 3 weeks, back when we was a working stiff but gave us flexibility to "work from home" haha. Hoping to do lo stesso here in re: 2 SSEY vol II. For those coming from The Daily Noose of—hola! U r now in a hardbound book dat wheel probly be publiched come 2020 or so. 2020... crazy rite? Dat + bean bound b-tween paper pages. Will the '20s be roaring ancora? We're gitting a head of ours elf. Premonition of nostalgia what is. Rite now hit's 3rd of March, 2019. Rome. K S un" ides" innyway? Et in medio mense. Metà del mess. Metal of the moth yo, re:volve to evolution. Ore evolve to molt, not so revolting, eh? Et tu, Brute? Biginning of d-kline of westurn sillilvzation as we know hit + i feel fined. In the ℝeel moondough a Rom, preparing to shift back to D.C. from altered non-state of A.C. Penduloom swings. Part of the prosses is knowing fool well ahead dat we got to "work" sin hour mothership iMac whilst they's shipping our belongings overseas, specifickly we lavaring on SSEY v.II. Toto moondough on bored. Palabra por pallbearer. Words for bedder or worse, thru thick + thin. Epic tail? Worth spilling out. Quid hoc sit. Perparing to no longer be in ital., ma per continue to scribe dentrow an udder open-ended level: «

Oye. Popeye, member me? Now dat we've come clean as ≠ a.I. we kin git personull, spero non troppo vicino per cumfort. How a journull' sposed to B, yo. Off the cuff, d-railed, from the hip. To ours elf. Hay un razone por K curtain patturns ripeat. Por K sono in mi DNA, non S.P.Q.R. L DNA de Derek White. I can't help myself. Even spose we muster to rite an udder weigh to make moola or b-come popalure excribimos cozy @ sea. Nunca nos pusimos cómodos en italiano, communque. Eran reglas extranjeras we can't git used to. No pt. in past tense. Punt. No fewchair nether. Toto S here + now. Spañ hole on the udder hand, banked into our DNA, from impressionable edad, howeve the adage goes. Kin ever we speak jus tin sighingtific nombres? Latin? Esperanto? Desperados, Tonto erano. Sol 4 FX, fool. Scrictamente por protean echoes E-N not SW... yet, gitting dare piano piano, poli poli. We got hit in our testa dat when we code in HTML hit's for publick food, no privatesea, or police-sea 4. Whereas when we rite in Word or InDesign we are making "art" + don't need to make ¢ents, we figger. Hay un razon to ripeat or knot. To formulate a roll, drums police. Sum Indonesian junk's gong round, bad karma ran ova hour dog, ma. Not a cheap trick, can't teach nu 1s. We're riding the rug of Dreamweaver (also Adobe), bud this magic carpet's meant for SSEY, v.II. Wear where oui? B4 we got d-railed by Sound Furies we was on about ch 15, or... era 16? Did we air out our TOC yet?

We're @ the x-act pt where Telemachus returns (ecco io, ciao! No slave yo). Ch 15 a'courting to our homie Homer. Joyce dint bother w/ dat # + 4 Us (in "SSEY') a slight shift hapens sew 15 = 15 in our book, bud it's not the 3rd ch in 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY' but the 4th. Make ¢ents? Got change for a 1? The Odyssey is named for the trip Odysseus (our Ulysses in Joyce's Βιβλίο). But Telemachus took a trip of his one to go search for his padre + this happens in ch 15... ore @ least he returns from hit. Dat's where we @ yo. Part of the holed up is dat in order to write this capitolo we feel a need to transcribe our journels from the odyssey we took in the wake of our brother, Ulysses's, wake. What's the plural of Ulysses? The union generule + his sons + sons of sons,... how to reef 'er? Like how in Finnegans Wake he don't use no aposttrophy. Ulyssesses? A long line of 'em. We carry the torch now, dat's what we doing a key hoy 2 day. Finishing the relay race for hour airmano to let lie. In the prosses of tilling hisstory of our trip to go looking for what Ulysses was looking 4 4 hour lieboro we feel inklined to 1st transcibe our ℝeel moondough journels from our peronal liebury, of our journey. N Odysseyian gurney. Generation 2 generation. Take a blood sample from delta, Δ. Rate of change. Last we left off last november we wint from C level to 15,000 ft, from Chile to Bolivia, June 1991. Our journel endid on the shores of the highest navigable lake in L moondough, as we crossed the frontier INT.o Peru. On the floating i-land. Dat's what we doing ahora mismo, in prep to continue. Maybe by next post we can finish Peru (no not d-Lish's) + inkloot akey on The Daily Noose, verbatim. Pallbearer for Candelabra. Liberate chi. C, we think bedder to inkloot prosses reveiled by rereading them + drinking high C Kool-Aid. Whoa-indoozing. We dint know @ the time, stuck in the momint. Nod 2 menshun naïve. Not @ the nave, no hay capitan. A frayed knot wethered to tack whatever course the wind takes us. Man, rereading them @ least is transitdental, carries u back, measured by Δ = 27.5 ys ago. 1x up on a time. 9900 dayz in The Daily Noose skeme of things... + we onelie on post 626 yo. Rereading hit tho putts us moss in ill memento of here + now. Key adesso. No desk soap, not writ for posit nodes. Sumping about the motes in the slant of light coming thru the skylight of our attico in Palazzo Colonna. B4 we know hit dis/ dat era = done + said. An udder mess + never we stooped to smell gli fiori or camp out. Aha, dose returning "home" = this prosses of buying 1? We shd putt it on a D-CAL, i/o. Y? Cuz to Ulysses the home he honed in on was Lost Angeles. Or Menlo Park.... no not the sate where Eddie's son invented the light bulb + phoneygraph, bot nessysorry to run The Daily Noose day 2 day + now Telemachus returning to D.C... we're off to see the wizard. Nausicaa è già lì, tho last nite we literally had scarecrow ova for taco dinner + then not D.C. yet, rather NYC for a week (to teach @ Colonvia), then to Columbia's district to "close" the deal on Swann's way, amongst other things, u dig? She'll come back end of Marzo jus before the movers come. So yah B-sides preparing for the moove, closing out all accounts (electricity + what knot) + C'ing gli amici per l'ultima volta, we's performing a C-sexion to artyfishally inseminate (or @ least kickstart) Textilioma ("SSEY' v.II), killing 2 beards w/ 1 stoned. Preparing to do hit when little due we now we haciendo ya, ha. Yah? The shift is on. Due we need inkloot hour left-field findings in the ℝeel moondough to probe hit? I SSEY not! Factor in prossesinging tempo + then [... # crunching w/luz loopey digits like chuck noblet...] inkloot URL for bloody d-tales dat know dare writefool plaze in the now (stay tooned):

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