I see a purple door (on the Country House horse) + want to paint it red (for Frank Sobotka)


4 May 2019> 5 more days til our stuff arrives to port of Bodymore, where Frank Sobotka will spend 5 days "prossesing" it before they release it to us... hope our container don't get mixed up w/ a can full of dead prostitutes. We put together our new gas grill (sold the ol' charcoal 1 the previous dwellers left) + had our 1st BBQ yesterday, outside on our new patio furniture that Jeff + Akbar put together (bedder-½'s back from Dublin). Sold a few more things on Craigslist, but still nun of the big ticket items. After a few uses our elliptical starting making loud rattling noise so gotta get that fixed now (waiting for them to FedEx a crank puller to troubleshoot)... always a few kinks to work out w/ those ellipticals, lotsa moving parts. Figured out how to tap into the built-in old-school Bose speaker system, which sounds pretty good, but we got to hold onto all these big clunky devices even tho we aint really using nun of 'em except the AUX port. Found a table we sawed the legs off to extend the kitchen counter so we can eat at it. Planted sum pot (blood orange) in pots + catnip out in the backyard (sposedly keeps the muskeetoes down). Working on the alcove (waiting for wood putty to dry)... other than that aint bin so productive on account of this grogginess/vertigo + sholder problems still plaguing us, making it hell to sleep.

5 de Mayo>... why gringos celebrate this + not 16 de Septiembre no lo sé... probly beer + tekillya companies put 'em up to it. Ayer went to Bareburger to see the diffrence between Impossible + Beyond burgers (verdict: Beyond wins) then went to sum bar in our hood to get a Guinness. Just happened the Kentucky Derby was about to happen + the bartender was aksing if we wanted to bet $5 + we said we dint know nada about nun of the horses, din't halve a clue about the odds. But he said it was randum, you drew a # out of a hat so we both said sure why not. They didn't have no hat so used a plastic cup which seemed silly cuz u cd see the #s + we was last to pick... not that we knew which #s were good. Our bedder-½ drew #18, Long Range Today, w/ odds of 54-1, bad enough, but then we drew #20, which when we picked it wasn't even listed in the line-up, but then seems they added last second, Country House, w/ odds initially at 72-1 which were the worst until they added 1 more horse + the odds went down to 65-1 for Country House when the bell sounded. We figgered oh well, we dig underdogs. Every 1 in the bar was chill + cool except this 1 table of douchebags making all this noise, fraternity + sorority types, that got to pick 1st + seemed to get all the good #s since they was all sporting types + 1 of the annoying blondes grabbed #7, Maximum Security, the favorite to win. As expected Maximum Security jumped off to an early lead + never even got mud on his little pink jersey even tho it was sodden + sloppy w/rain + muck. Then we got all excited when our horse #20 came around the outside on the final turn + looked like he just might have the momentum to win, but after some jostling down the stretch ended up coming in 2nd to Maximum Security, so we said oh well, at least he got 2nd, made a good run of it. They gave the wad of money to the blonde + the douchebag table was all hooting +chest-butting. But then there seemed to be a controversy + 20 minutes of debate + then they disqualified Maximum Security for impeding War of Will + well, our horse was 2nd so that meant we won!! Turned our $5 into $95, enough to pay for our drinks + the guy next next to us + a big tip to the bartender + then sum... might of bought the table that had the win taken away from them a round of drinks but there was like 7 or 8 of them + they was all douchebags.

6 May> Went for a run, into Rock Creek up the Klingle valley trail, but then we fucked up + went the wrong way on Connecticut + didn't realize it til we was in Chevy Chase, MD... so ended up being like a 9 or 10 mile run. A few days ago we also walked to Tenleytown on a similar route but popped out at Melvin C Hazen Park, all just to go to the Container Store to find the right size recycling bin to fit under our sink. We ate at a District Taco + got to thinking that in the spirit of RomeRioni + the Maphattan Project, we'd do a similar walking project in DC + visit every District Taco... but then we realized there's only 4-5 District Tacos in the DC area. Stay tuned, we still might devise a strategy for tackling DC on foot.

7 May> Wasn't crazy about our purple doors so we painted 'em red. Also rekeyed the locks. Like a wolf marking it's territory. If we had a 40-foot ladder we'd paint the trim too (either black or red)... that'll halve to wait.


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