B9 x K9 RE:creation of elliptical alcove trombone blinds in the name of home-making


8 May 2019> Dear Inurnet, had to take our brand new elliptical completely apart to troubleshoot the ruckus rattling on... Schwinn don't inkloot no service tech visit in their warranty. They sent sum crank puller chingalera w/ no instructions, even googling around couldn't find no specs for our model (470) + calling support was useless.... tho we did detourmine we had a busted bearing in the flywheel (stuck a screwdriver against the axle + we heard it), so now they gotta send that part out + then another week for a tech to come out + replace it, so won't be using our elliptical for another 2 weeks.... guess it's running for us, which actually, Malcolm X park is perty good for running, essentially a ¾ mile stairmaster loop up + down Meridian Hill.

current state of our elliptical (+ that's the tip of the chandelier that we removed from the ceiling + replaced w/ a light more befitting to a gym)

9 May> Finished turning what was a closet into an alcove extension to our dining room (what the previous owners used as a study). Here's the before + after (we matched the same color, Cheetah):

before (L) + after (R)

+ behind the clunky doors were IKEA wire shelves + a harsh flourescent light + the baseboard was cut in pieces so had to rejig that w/ other baseboard pieces + wood putty + installed a hanging Moroccan light.

10 May> Our stuff arrived yesterday to Bodymore... now gotta clear customs + get past Frank Sabotka. We ain't bin talking about much hear on The Daily Noose b-sides home improvement, ain't done no writing, but we are working out sum new tunes on our black acostic guitar. And we came up with sum lairics to a track we layed down just before our instrawments got shipping on high seas... here tis:

B9 x K9 RE:creation

P.S. a wireless guess, wild
signull fire, to fan flowered flames
fuck-it, use the tree

short-sheet, to cheat their sleep,
sheep count R.S.V.P.

2 by 2, 3 times 3
Fibbing nacho colony
5 by 5, marching to the hive
Royal Jell-o bleeds R.V.s

read ‘em weep, down on yo knees, get naked for The Bee
bow down, reweave her gown, b-hold her majesty
the letter Q, page 17, colored Navy blue + green
crowned in golden boughs, fleeced by unreal vows, i.e…

connect the ants, a galaxy, curtsy clockwise for waxy queens
a carousel of napping tots inside the T.P.’ed tree
cookies cut w/ carbon rings + iced w/ anti-freeze
Kool-aid punch or spiked hi-C kept at 98° degrees
moldy orange in DK, bleeding green in courtyard shade, to say…


town carousel, 3rd circle of hell, fallow rising swells, to know a veil
transatlantic cables, sonared in braille, from all the king’s horsis she fell
bivouacked on army surplus cots, dripping I.V.s + gauze bloodied w/ clots
unbowed butts + cigarette ash, a terraced stoop + potted plants
the gravity, of afternoon tea, kindergarten nation
seeped in Green Jeans
stripped down to bone + garter belts
from the coloring book, the letters spilled

D.O.A., ship the coffin home on the Reading R.R. line,
RADAR from S.S. Archimedes leaves a ring by design
scribbled woes on Pee Chee toes
take hold the baton as mine
shake the rattle to bake in papal state, rook to bishop 9 to 5, check mate...

from S.P.Q.R. to D.C.
ships freight our longings on high seas
no-holds-barred secrecy
for the bedder good of humanity
give up I.D., a FUBARed face,
D.I.Y.  M.I.A.
the F.B.I. cannot retrace
our idea of home, toto in place

where b-longings long 4
dusk to dawn,
spanning time zones
rings the dinner gong
from the bleacher seats
teachers preach
the evening sun
ever out of reach

starting ova from scratch
seeds the next batch
de-sired FX
crayoned from alphabet
odds are the beta b-gets
+ begs to 4-get

read ‘em weep, down on yo knees, get naked for The B
a royal flush trumps a full house of Jacks + Queens
the letter P, pg 16, textiled Navy blue + green
O-varies cut from cloth of phylogenie
informs ontogenie
from flawed genies
n PHorms morphology

11 May> Walked to Capitol Hill to go to the nursery, on the way scored a trombone someone left outside w/ a "free stuff" sign... weird as 30 minutes earlier we was walking by some street performers playing drums + a trombone + we both remarked how cool an instrawment the trombone was... even if it don't work completely sure we can get it to make some sorta noise. Came back + planted some stuff + replaced the fancy kitchen pendant lights w/ sum lo-bro mason jars 1s w/ Edison bulbs.

free trombone we scored

12 May> Removed the poofy oppressive curtains ("Ethan Allen Box-Pleated Balloon Shade Toppers made of Shalini silk") + replaced them w/ wood blinds... still trying to sell the curtains.

before (L) + after (R)

Also replaced the grandma-looking ceiling fan w/ cooler 1s... those ceiling fans aint ez to install! Got another 1 to go.

13 May> Just when we was resigned to not get our stuff for weeks (if ever) we got a cryptic message last night (sunday) saying they can deliver our wordly goods on wednesday! Onelie 2 moss noches slumbering on the chaise lounge... or mustering to slumber spose we shd say as haven't bin doing mush actshoal sleeping, jus 2 hrs at a time otherwise feel we're wasting our life away laying awake in the darkness counting sheep. Sure our resent alements are psycho-somatic, caused by the stress of this move, the waiting, the anticipation, bin in limbo for 4-5 months now, or longer than that even as never felt we had our feet planted in Rome this past year. Knot shore ever we've had our pies plantados. We harbor stress in our left sholder, manifesting as pain. Our fingertips on our left hand numb + tingly, no sensation... ever since 2013 or so when we lived on Riverside Dr, tweaked sumping, feels like a pinched nerve. It sort of went away... or did we get used to it? Happens to be same fingers as where we got stung by a stonefish. Maybe stonefish neurotoxins doing sumping after all these years? + losing hearing in our right ear last year. Our eyes halve been going for the past 5 yrs, up to 2..0 reading glasses + even stuff across the room fuzzy. + this vertigo... baysickly losing control of our senses. Hope wheel feel moss grounded when we're reunuited w/ hour whirled possessions. No more next week, next month, next year, just the hear + now, home.

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