A simulation is assimilation wherein your possessions take root to support a nu habit-tat


14 May 2019> Riplaced the udder sealing fan... those things ain't e-z to install yo, 'specially if u aint shore who put the electrickle mounting box up b4 u (like when u get to the top of a climb + don't no who set the anchors as u clip in + lean back) + what level of trust u got that the thing won't come spinning off like a purpeller + hack u to pedazos mientras stas dormiendo, damn! Last night glamping. Can't wade to sleep in our actshoal bed mañana.

15 May> Movers came + kicked butt, got most of our stuff "in the house," just a smaller lode left for 2-day, in part cuz the city occifer came along + toll us we couldn't use the parking spots we reserved for "storing" the boxes we was braking down, only for parking. She was about to write us up for it but we tocked our weigh out of it. Seems ridiculous, like lifting yoself by yo bootstraps... how u spose to hump a box inside, brake her down after u remove the contents + then stuff the packing material (+ believe us, there was tons of it.... them Italian movers went pazzo, packing boxes weed già packed all'interno di altre scatole, wrapping ogni piccola cosa w/ tons of paper + bubble rap) back into the truck when still trying to get mo' shit outta the back? This round of movers (Peruvian, Guatemalan + Salvodorean) were at least 2x as afishant + hardworking que los Italianos, or them raysist white boys from Virginia who packed our stuff destined for Italy a year ago. Y akey estamos, ya de vuelta. Got our bed together, like Odysseus we're the onelie 1 dat nose the construction (jury-rigged w/ slats that weren't made for our Javanese bed but we repurposed them to make do). Boy was it good to sleep in our one bed last night!

16 May> Movers came in the a.m. + finished by noon. Then we ran down + got a U-haul + loaded it w/ boxes that we took to our bedder-½ orfice at SAIS. Also threw the Ethan Allen couch in + took it to P in Capitol Hill. So we freed up sum room, but still our house is stuffed to the gills w/ hour possessions, for eggsample hear's the studio:

+ dat's the nu sealing fan we put up to riplace the old fuddy duddy 1s + yes, those be weed sproutlings in the window cuz this room gets the best light in the house. Now we just gotta figger out where to begin, to dig ourselves out of these moundens of accumulations. Important thing is we got our bed... tho still not sleeping so well. Wreckon carrying all them boxes + furniture around din't help our shoulder nun. But the heavy lifting is done with, now we can just take our time, shuffling stuff around in diminishing piles like Sissyfuss to try to create order out of all this K-OS.

19 May> Church cross the street rocking w/ gospill (Sunday mourn). Our bedder-½ off to Aspen not shore why, probly the same group of climate change sighingtists dat invited her a few years ago when we went with, but in our nu house-poor state not tagging along on her trips so mush no more. Spent the last few days starting to go thru our possessions, oregonizing + purging, perpairing for a stoop sail wich maybe next weekend wheel halve. Still not mush luck selling stuff previous occupants left behind on Craigslist. Lathered our dining table in teak oil. Stained our Malawian chief's chair in stain + next we aim to varuthane it so it don't degrade nun outside exposed to the elephants (speaking of which we saw sum yesterday on our weekly walk, along w/ an orangutan + a lion.... nice thing about the Smithsonians being free, u can incorporate the zoo into runs/walks, treat baby strollers as hurdles to jump). Today was the 1° day (90°) where we was like hey, why don't we go downstairs in the basement where it's nice + cool? Need to form nu habits. Like, y not make yoself a glass of lemonaid? W/ sodastream hogwah + y not throw in sum tonic since the previous occupants of this casa left us all sorts of stuff like this in the fridge + cuburds like blood orange oil, rose water or fiori di Sicilia dat we mustering to integrate into our nufound repertoire just like this Bradbury + Bradbury wallpaper + no we aint talking about our cumputer desktop but the fantsea paper plasted on the walls of this hear house on Swann St.

Key now is to position our possessions throughout the house to make it conducive to whatever pursuit, to be most productive + comfortable in the day to day, yo. 2 achieve an ergonomic feng shui. Problem is, we still feel a bit "bloccato" as the Romans call hit, so maybe a carryover form dat era. Fizzsickly not able to tackle tasks at hand, feeling a bit overwhelmed + fatigued + traumatized + the fizzsickle (pane in our shoulder/L-bow, this vertigo, generule feeling our senses are failing us...) fx the mentoll. We cod tackle this situation just like we do, say, exorcising every day, just do it w/o thinking, like u on cruz cuntroll, but we want it (this move) to be diffrent this time, knot just let all the pieces fall in place where they may nessysorrily, pudding things away wherever, but take a more deliberate + mindfull approach. A void familylure trappings + knot fall into same routines. Probly dont make a lick of ¢ense to u, dear Inurnet, but it duz to us + dat's all dat matters, no? These hear 5 census. Perhaps another habit to brake is the need to document todo for el moondought to sea, o say. Speaking a witch, sitting in the window rite on the street w/ lots of folks strolling by this fine Sunday mourn. Never halve we hat a place like this rite dare on the sidewalk, ground floor, street in our face, snippets of conversations, chirping birds + street noises peppering our everyday conchusnest. Awkword when u make eye contack, even with the dog in the neighboring bay window. We cod find a more private nook in the casa, but we kinda dig this... + hit's just a temporary cranny cobbled together of furniture we're aiming to sell gathered here, but test-driving this bay window nook makes us wonder how we can a'range things to utilize this pertickler spot. Likewise w/ other places in other rooms, how to best situate things to maximize afishinsea, to best utilize the strong points of each room, the darkest + quietest room for our bedroom, the sunniest room for where we can sit during the day (at least in winter) with a shady cool nook downstairs to retreat on the hottest daze. And then within dat framework wear to put things away to maximize productivity + generule sense of zen + well-bean.

Sum limping Navy occifer from Virginia just bot our Maisons du Monde lounge chair, it's dissasembled now so for a Craigslist pic we used this shot from where we lounged on it in Rome, even slept out there 1 night when our bedder-½ was out of town.

Brought back a flood of memories, seems so long ago now.

Also varathaned the chief's chair + just received + assembled 2 lights we bot cuz our nightstands don't fit bedside, so the lights dubble as place to put water, books, clock, etc...

Chief's chair in back of our backyard


u made yo bed now lie in it

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