Before u make art again u need to take stock + purge + monger at a stoop sail


21 May 2019> Dear Inurnet, this is becoming the diary of a homemaker... hopefully soon we'll get back to writing + making music. Started in on the studI/O—the Calamari Archive/Sound Furies HQ. After shuffling large pieces of furniture in every possible configuration seams we settled on a layout that is not ideal (Feng Shui-wise) but functional... we hope. Now it remains to populate the shelves + drawers with stacks of books + stuff we've bin moving around just to get at other stuff. StudI/O was so jam-packed felt like we was using that temp variable coder trick where u set x = z, to set y = x + then x = y. Shuffling furniture into a carved out vacant spot in order to put another in it's place + then put the other where the previous was. And then d-siding it don't work so trying a nuther combination. Also intresting (fillosofically) is getting a large rug out of a room when there is tons of stuff piled on top of it. Said rug sum 1 is coming by in 20 minutes to pick up. A few hours ago sum 1 Ls bought our ceiling fans, a tax attorney for athletes that worked a lot w/ Kenyan runners. Oh the charactors that come out of the woodworks to buy stuff on Craigslist! We got a new approach for the scammers, give out a fake name + address for them to send the cashiers check too + tell them go ahead + send the movers out... if enough folks did that + wasted their time + money (presumably they got to hire the movers + there's the resources to make + mail a bogus check) then maybe these lowlifes wd give up.

22 May> Sold the ladder we bought in Rome (previous occupants left a better/taller one). Sum things are e-z to sell on craigslist, like we put up a 1000 Watt Step Up Down Voltage Transformer + dozens of guys w/ names like Yayah, Otahkon, Anar, Ding, etc. responded right away... not like their getting a screaming deal, they sell them for less than $50 on Inurnet + we're selling ours for $20. Today was the day the Schwinn technician was sposed to come, that we scheduled weeks ago... well, they din't show up, said they got in an axident or sumping. So fuck it, we just riplaced it ourself, not so bad except the part where u need 4 hands to get the tension arm back screwed tight + we only halve 1 good arm + the other still in a world of pane that we keep retweaking over + over doing shit like this. So word of warning to any1 out there wanting to buy a Schwinn/Nautilus/Bowflex (all the same company), u best be handy w/ your own tools, cuz if sumping goes wrong (witch inevitably hit will) they expect u to troubleshoot + fix it yourself. It's criminal. But hey, if u do got a broken elliptical or spin bike then get in touch w/ us cuz at this point we've dismantled + fixed our fair share + we're keeping dat dam crank puller chingalera, which is quite a handy gadget. Monkey grips + box-cutters are also quite usefool tools that are fast-becoming extensions to our hands. And duck tape, fucking love duck tape. Maybe we shd be adding these mad skills + tools to our c.v. + add "spin + elliptical fixing" as a service in our d-Zine studI/O?

23 May> Took stock of all the Calamari + manedged to get it all tucked away in the closet. Sum of the overstocked books + cassettes we figger wheel sell at our stoop sail this weekend, why not? Ain't selling 'em utterwise.

Spose we shd throw paypal buttons back up on the Calamari site, just seams more trouble than it's worth as most folks don't think we exist no more. So yah, going thru all our belongings + finding stuff to monger at our stoop sail... if anything figger its a g good way to meat the neighbors. Wint to the waterfront later w/ Q + P + saw Mono + Emma Ruth Rundle. If u haven't herd Mono, dare good therapy for the ears:

Speaking a witch, dam, when we changed our name to The Daily Noose we inklooted a playlist w/ them urly posts but haven't for a while, sorry. Maybe next post we'll get back to music + art + lit + quit yacking about home improvement. Spose we could rehash # 620: Homer ovacoming Sisyphean mementos + moments of inertia, in keeping farword momentum:

26 May> Stoop sail day. Moving sum stuff, but not a lot of foot traffic, at least that are intrested in our junk... maybe cuz it's memorial day weekend. And our hood is sorta uppity, the funky junk collector types seam to come from outer-lying areas. Sold the sound-proofing tiles we used in Rome but don't need hear, to sum African guy for $40. Last night sold our IKEA pub table + sum other stuff to 2 German brothers that just moved here + ended up halving sum beers w/ them, 1 of them has a Roman girlfriend + worked at FAO. Small moondough. Sold our bike rack we never used. Souprizing what people will drive all the way out from the suburbs to get for $20. Our doc martens. Bargain seekers rummaging thru our $1 bin, or the free bin as we speak. Maye once the godspill music kicks in from the church across the street things will pick up.

It got dead as the afternoon progressed, so we wrapped up urly cuz it startid to rain. All in all made $117 + also sold the silk drapes for $120 to an x-cop that not onelie happened to have the same dimension windows, but knew our house well cuz our street was part of her beat back in the '80s when cops had beats. Still a lot of stuff to rid ourselves of before we can git properly situated.

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