Pearl diving the red tide wear Shakespeare shook spirits of Tao de Lin/I ching [industyrail avg]


This ain't nessysorrily in linear order, dear Inurnet,
... knot dat we're sorry, no apogees. Still ain't sleeping so solid, more akin to naps, 2 hrs at a time, slippin' in
+ out of conchusnest, a wake to reining cats + dogs + recycling/garbage men... 2 steps for word,
1 step back. [||] paws for stayshun ID [trigger warning: we take poetic livertease]
+ don’t u dare wash [checks watch] as she pools a $uper-$tring of purls outta her
a magic trick or berthday wish? The day u blue 15 candles + cd see far nuff back to know dare weren't no 'goings on' left to keep stringing u A-long, ha-ha-ha
Hey Bullwinkle!
C is for ____.
DE... [nods off].
τηε accumpennying Fleece we coun’t vouch for no how. ∀ll Greek 2 U, where
G = 6.674 × 10-11 m3⋅kg-1⋅s-2
Yo, you agro nut! ... no, not naught, u knotty deck! Learn to dive from 10 m platform shoes. '70s to '90s w/o passing 80, don't cullect $200. Andale b'way. Our father'd say $300, con inflation + empezamos con mas que las reglas dice, to 'stimulate growth', QED.
It's fake dinero de todos modos, don't try this at home, homes! Need to halve money to make money. Yank her dollhairs! Weighs heavy yo. Who was it said I paid my way? Dead'R'us? Telemachus? N-joys U lists ease, where 'lists' is how a sailboat slants. Or a drunk, 3 sheets to the wind, mizzen mast. Never lands. Plant Johnny's apple seed prima to paving the cull-da-sack. Recreation of what? Circumstance? Happens to be moss of a peptide chain
if u must know, the analog to how we model the reaxion as it o'cures. A smear campain? May-b in outer boros, before they graded gravel + culled it zen. Make way for cementaries. Mined out of the gutter, snake the drain u devil! W/ garden José can’t u C, B'way? To K fin to do u serve? A proximate [sublimates].

Oh deer,
the net is red. Make hit go a weigh. 'Red' is net in e-spañ hole. Need us to place-date-stamp this as personal fax? This ain't rocket sighings or iceberg let us rest our case. *Shutters continuously* the ƒ-stop (auto-carwreck). No rewind or undo in ℜeel moondough. Nor fwd [>>], fool [◼]
Journihilist jar-gone far from by-gone? In intrest of tempo, to ease communecakeshun in a bank of payphones. At the time de veras did they ℜeeaaly think they looked good in them hats? Ore era pier presshore? If u din't wear no tie then u weren't a productive member of sosighcity. So sue us.
Undershirt = just dat,
Skin = the new undershirt,
Red = the new black,
We sawed a red door in ½, then stabbed elaborate swords down home como matador... for what? To show at least ½ a body was still there? Dint git dat part, never bot into hit, as a littler kid. Face hit, u a poet now. "Multi-faceted" has an extra T at face val-U. Simon says, about.

A bout.
About what?
That's knock-knock, dip-shit.
Who flung dung? Falun Gong. What if everee instance we replace w/ Feng Shui + vice-versa?
Falun Gong <=> Feng Shui, mutually x-clusive. We lost our virginidad to Gaylord's Balloons, a lesbian from D.C. True story. She weren't gay at the time, off course + yes, we change names to protect innersense or however dat gose. Utterwise we can't tell a lie if we tried, trust us. Dar was a cupple juntos on la cama doing their one thing. A deck-aid or 2 later the other dude came out + died of SIDA. No fun, alone in a trailer in L.A. we herd later thru the grapevine, doing 100. Cod of bin me if we was halving an off day, [<<]'ing way back when. Everee day FX the next +
the outcome as a hole becomes irreversible. K-OS of menny moondoughs,
... or butterfly effect? Need words as tags to flag for next when u need to comprehend the recreation of the sinario. Our pap wore aviators, wheel give hymn dat much (+ forgive the hush-puppies + Bermuda shorts). If u wear all brown then folks will hand u packedges to d-liver + if u are honest Abe, it's stressful cuz u feel responsible they git to their destinaton. Sporting orange helmets in Cleaveland. Udderwise, just think of all the cool stuff u could get free?! Not nessysorrily in resale val-u but how the packedge connects sender
w/ recipient. Did Lincoln really walk 5 miles to give back 3¢ too much the shop owner gave him back
in error? Or did he walk 3 miles to return a nickel? That's Jefferson, who also smoked weed. Witch 1 had sex w/ his slaves? Sheeet, can't even drink Peet's coffee no more. They reveiled dat the matriarch was Jewish w/ fodder killed by Nazis bud dat onelie makes her worse. Quell froid, she caved into creepy Nazis to survive! This is the scuttlebutt newspapers never tell u but u know you're thinking. They got a reputation to keep. Haha, if u write anon
I'm us u don't... unless u like The Economist + there's a created rep u gotta uphold. Bud we're a rogue journihilist, no,
no gonzo, but we kin reveil ◼◼◼◼ ◼◼◼◼◼◼◼. Dat string of pearls on bachelor night, dat mush re wemember. Who she straddled hit don't matter nun, we coun't even bear to witness I
2 eye, best man or not. What if sum 1 w/ inside scoop was to come along + read this?
Dam strait, those are along the lines u god a bee thinkin' if u wanna string 'em along, yo, throw 'em a bone or a carrot, oh, brodo!
B de burro. Lord of rings., a Nile ate, como EURoboros.
Consume me. No meat? Don't blame me. Man's god a eat, man. Odd how we can't muster to throw out onion ends even. [takes brake to cook din-din, pesto tortellini con ceci we're thinking... still chowing dogfood, our bedder-½ now in nether-lands after a few days Stockhome.]

where were righting from

Pickshored = the chair we sat in while typing the above + sit still. On display in full fenestration. Think we figgered out the finel piece, the ottoman, poof! Do we care if u walk down Swann + see us goggling u in
1st place? Pace yourself, ain't no race round the plaze yo, IDea is to go a round oppo-
sit way to window shop, hay, don't hurt to look at men–
U, turns a fool 360° on cue. Last night on way back from Arlington to eat pho w/Logo
(while bedder-½ hung w/Leadbelly in Stockhome) 'twas raining + we needed to P so [◼]'ed in at the Fireplace on P just actross the bridge from where we lived in G-town but had never bin,
b-sides game 6 was on + we got a man-crush on Kahwi little did we know we stepped into a gay bar, not onelie was we the lone 'straight' dude bud also the only whiteskin sides 1 of the bartenders no body paid us
no mind tho, every 1 chilling shooting the shit like anywhere Ls or actually not, felt more at home there then in regalure bars + the beer was cheap.
Left at ½-time to watch the 2nd ½ at home. satisfied w/ outcome, but not how hit got done, not on home court, them shampain googles was funny tho, the bruts, bout as dumb as wearing earplugs at a concert.
If u got the presents of mined to send your assistant out to git googles knowing it will sting eyes if u don't
then just ain't the same, like telling coach you're about to pour a cooler of gator-ade down his back
need to give up expectations if u want to git sumwhere. 1 step [<<].

Far as where we're going w/ this we don't no nether. Bridging the gap b-
tween transitory state + "feeling at home". Almost dere. Getting back to Sound ƒuries next album + where we was w/ SSEY vol II. Will this halve a bearing? No com-
pass dumbfuck, moral ore udderwise. "Fly casual" as Hans Solo says. Don't [◼] to google.
Don't pass gOD. No 200 bucks. No furniture sold 'cept a deposit of $20 for a rug. A few bundles of books in our surplus select sale. Much as we've trash-talked Tao Lin, he's always 1st to pony up + paypal us for calamari. What dose dat say?
we just checked to see if he still keeps dat blog, bin a decade or more since we've bin, seems he threw in the towel 9 yrs ago or so. In the 2nd to last post (the last was a *contest* to discern what drug he's on) he goes on about all the people 'shit-talking' him, making him out as a fraud. The trash-talking we edmit 2 wasn't malicious, just more questioning his abilities as a writer, whether it jived w/ us, chalked up to gene-
rational gap. He was always an intresting person whenever we ran into hym wich wasn't so often, but damn, even like now halve to edmit we spent a fool 8-13 minutes getting sucked down his rabbit hole, maybe sum drama of witch we'd red b4 can't member, bud sad dat this shit-talking kept him from bloggin' on, seams that way near the end any how. We miss those days. Guess we gotta get his books if we want to know the seakwill! Blake Butler's blog dint last much longer neither, a round 10 yrs ago it [◼]s when 1st we published Ever. Are we the last dinosaur standing who keeps a 'blog'? 15+ years w/o missing a [beat], weekly at worst. Virtues of not being 'famous'! Freedumb to do whatever the fuck u want. No com-
promises. Not dat we spell out all dat we're culpable of here, we hole back the good stuff or at least disguys hit beyond recognition. I mean, look at us, pathetic, still selling shit on craigslist! Going on about DiY home improvement. Airing our lawndry for el moondough to sea. Except we ain't on instaglam so hit never happens to begin. 2 steps [>>] For all in tents + porpoises we don't ǝxist.

table close-up

Mid-June. Shakespeare shook spirits from his trail + so shd we. Dat Hindu funeral procession left an inedible imprint. Did we menshun how we got a stud-finder? In order to hang hooks so we can whale on our traps + delts doing lat pulldowns + dead hang from the rafters if we want, upside-down even as advertised (for yoga). Stud finder works on the ceiling but on the walls a bit suspect... maybe no studly bodies buried in dare? Sold another carpet, the black + white Navajo lookin' one we used in the music studio in Rome. We showed a d-taled shot above of the table-top we got at Goodwood but din't show the new used automan up close. Poof! Dat be the subject of a hole nether post, taking a YouTube course to add re-upholstering to our mad skill set.

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