Autobiography of a Yogi Bear re-up'ing an ikat ottoman, bearing in mind x-SSES poSSESions


21 June 2019> Summer sol-stice. Y do folks make a big deal of winter solstice (Xmas) but not summer? Except Peruvians who's big holey day (Inti Raymi) is on solsticio de verano... tho for them it's dead of winter... not dat it matters so close to the equator. In our resent prolific bout of posting journel entrees here when we was in limbo a month or 2 ago, we got as far as Peru 1991, but then forgot to copy our transcribed journel from thereafter onto our laptop... spose we shd get back to that now dat we're reunited w/our mothership iMac. But we're still settling in, piano piano. At this point a lot of shuffling things around, trying to find the rite drawers or cabinet. Lots of trips up + down them spirel stairs, shutting back + 4th like Sissyfus. We got most everything done, sum stuff we're waiting for our bedder-½ to get back from her 2-week U-row trip so we kin git her 2nd opinion. No fun for her missing out on INT.decorating, the creative parts anyways. Acquisition-wise we said in the last installment dat we found the last missing piece (tho sum might think reading dat post we still got sum screws luz) + we showed the requisite "where we're writing from" shot (nodding to Carver, from where we sit now, in fool frontal defenestration, feet up on the window ledge gazing out on Swann in the cororoner of our eye). But we didn't show said ottoman up close.

Dat's after we applied sum mink oil, wich we also lathered onto another smaller ottoman we got back when we was in Morocco. Still contemplating wether we shd slice the above ottoman open as they did a shit job stuffing her, all lumpy + not so tight. Problem is there ain't no zipper or thong-tied seam (like on a pigskin football) so we'd have to bootstrap her back up tight as all the newly stuffed guts is spilling out, stretching the very leather u trying to sew. As coinsidedance wood halve it, as we was in fool-on ottoman search mode we saw 1 on the sidewalk left fo free, all janky w/ dog fur + lord nose what Ls. But we figgered hell we cd re-upholster her to be in the image of what we was searching for (tho we was thinking more of a Sante Fe style), below is the b4 + aft, w/ an ikat we bot sum 20 yrs ago on the island of Flores in Indoneeeeesia (said in vox of Tom Waits, "what's he building in there? I'll tell you 1 thing: he's not building a playhouse for the children."):

Weren't as ez as it looks, yo! Maybe if weed planned her out or watched a howto youtube video, but we dont got the payshints for dat, just like we can't be bothered to follow recipes. Tho u can bet with our fear of needles we bot a thimble!

+ don't be knocking our seamstress chops, how the stitching ain't strait... it's bin a while since weave busted out needle + thread (we tipickly wear clothes til they fall off our back) + sides, we knew the seam wouldn't be visible once we flipped her inside out. We actually wanted the seam to hang over the side an inch or so so we cd cover her w/ brass tacks to give the ottoman a more studly look, but guess we din't leave enough slack in our eyeball measurements. As said, we was making her up as we wint along... at 1 point we axidentally stitched the ikat material to our shorts! The old poof had these janky plastic feet so we figgered weed replace 'em w/ reel wood 1s. Just so happened we had sum legs leftover from when we chopped down the table we got to extend our countertop, which looking back guess we never showed here. Guess we haven't showed much of nothing, sorry for those coming here wanting to see pics of our nu digs. Ain't as EZ as dat settling in when she's a home u one, knowing u in her 4 at least 5+ yrs... maybe by next week when our bedder-½ is back for final consultation she'll be show-room reddy.

b4 + aft of poof underbelly

Yep, we actually got a power drill! Our only power tool sew far (sawed the legs by hand). Tho we got a staple gun, the 1 we got for chapbooks wasn't cutting mustard. Bit by bit we're awkwiring tools, which we're oregonzing in drawers + cabinets, another 1st for us, before we had bare essentials like dozens of hex keys dat come w/ IKEA furniture + yes, we did staple down a dust cover once we was done + put felt pads on the leg ends, which dont know if weave mentioned before but we fucking love those things. Nothing gives us more satisfaction then putting those felt furniture pads on so chairs + tables can slide + don't wobble. Do we sound domestic?

Just sold the big clunky stools—the last pieces of unwanted furniture—sold! Not that we maid a lot for 'em, but at least they'll be useful to the Boliviano who bot 'em. Just as we was fixing to give them up for free just cuz we're fed up from mongering possessions on craigslist + halving them always be in our weigh. We even went on Nextdoor (a hood-based social networking ap) to try to sell them + while we liked perusing the posting for folks wanting dog-sitters, the posts about notorious thieves in the hood to watch out for we're a bit unsettling, Salem circa 1690s. So now that we sold everything we can delete our account. We feel a burden lifted finally getting rid of the x-sses possesions... sure this was all contributing a great deal to our shoulder pane, witch is feeling a bit bedder thx for axing, piano piano, now dat we got our gym set up so we can work the hell outta her, pushing + pooling + stretching thru the pane. Dat + weed helps. No ibufrofen + not drinking much to sleep bedder, tho she still comes in 2 hr inkREMants. Being on computers ain't so good don't think, not just for ergonomic reasons, but like if we wake up in the a.m. + go straight to our computer we can feel the tension start to build in our shoulders, as u get sucked into email, or re-listing shit on craigslist + Nextdoor + Letgo, or reading the news.... why we changed our name here to The Daily Noose, REMember? Need to keep REMinding ourselfs. We know what we shd + shd knot due, now it's just a madder of breaking ol habits + pudding nu 1s into practice like we wake up now + go strait downstairs + turn the cofee on + while we're wading for Major Dickason to brew we go to our palestra + due sum down-dogs + stretches... child's pose (balasana) in pertickler is grate for the shoulder. Even when we're sleeping wheel put our rite arm in positions that push the buttins of pain + leave her dare to git used to her, just like yoga stretches + itch day u push her a bit farther, 'til she becomes normalized, 2nd nature u ain't even thinking nun about her. We was pondering yoga the other day + her origins + was thinking if yoga is sposedly so good for u then Indians shd be shining beacons of good health, rite? But it's not like they're winning a lot of Olympic medals. U might say well maybe it's cuz they're chill + don't god a competitive spearit + think winning = overrated, but they're fanatics about crushing the competition in spelling bees + winning world records in randumb categories like longest fingernails. Yoga is fine + dandy, but u knead to due cardio exorcise + waits + the waits part is what weave bin niglecting, we let outselfs git out of whack, got to get back to our regular shape. Piano piano (or 'poli pol'i as they say in swahili) we're gitting back on track, nuff so we're getting back to making music + 'SSEY" vol II, which we're calling Textilioma, so guess all this working w/ textiles is relevant.

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