Juanita the cact-eye, pyschogeographical labyrinthitis, macrocosmic vita D + a bird in hand


30 June 2019> Just sold our last straggling piece of unwanted furniture (a Maisons du Monde "chicago" lamp)... after 2 months of dealing w/ folks on Craigslist, LetGo + NextDoor. Immediately deactivated our NextDoor acct, especially disturbing–uppity white folk aksing "anyone else hear those gunshots?" + singling out "notorious thieves" posting mugs online... you've become a cesspool of hatred + fear-mongering, dear Inurnet. We'll stick to our walled garden of The Daily Noose.

Wint for a walk this a.m... contemplated weather to start our next ambling project in the vein of RomeRioni + Maphattan Project, pondering what angle we'd take for tackling D.C... the #'ed streets 1 x 1? Or alphabetically, by quadrant? Or the dieagonyl streets named for states? Make the walks pyschogeographical or macrocosmic, specially if you consider all the consulates + embassies in el moondough? We was gonna start w/ Pennsylvania ave + stroll the length of her, but not sure we're ready for that, at least if it involves doing all the research + having constraints while we're walking. Sorta D-feets the purpose of flâneuring, weed rather just see where the road takes us, specially cuz walking in D.C. u can waist a lot of time waiting at lights if u force yourself to stick to 1 road or specific route + them dieagonyl streets named for states are especially a pain if u use the prescribed crosswalks. We did end up walking most of Pennsylvania ave anyways, we just ain't feeling a need to document all our findings hear... that's the utter thing, huge time sink when we got plenty other projects to get back to. In front of the Capitol we saved 3 little duckies who couldn't get back into the reflecting pond cuz of the way the lip is sloped, ez to get out, but not so ez to get back in for the litttle fellas. 2nd week in a row we've held a bird in our hands (last week a juve kamikaze crow that wanted to come into our new home), this 1 a little runt duck that was light as a feather. Special feeling that is, holding a bird in yo hands.

We also had a destinyation in mind on our walk, as often we do, this time Gingko nursery down in Capitol Hill. Got a Peruvian cactus (cereus peruvianus) that maybe 1 day will grow up thru the spirel stairs to the skylight... right now the tallest arm is 29" + the littler sidekick is 19" inches. Wheel circle back next yr on her birthday.

Juanita the cact-us, the newest member of our familia

Got a few more ferns too.... spose we shd of waited til we had her all in plaze til we took u on our tour. We're gonna name this cactus Juanita in honor of all them mummified Inkan kids that was drugged w/coke + alcahole + left to freeze to death high up in the Andes (in Juanita's case she was evidently blugeoned before being sacrificed). Her placement in the nook of our spirel stares makes her sorta the corazone of our casa.

2 July> Had bad bouts of vertigo yesterday, we're speculating as a consequence of eating all sorts of sugar on sunday... salted caramel chocolates + ice cream after dinner + on our walk earlier we stopped in at District Doughnut down on Baracks row... the owner came out + for sum reason started giving us all sorts of free doughnuts, of which we probly ate most of the 4 cuz our bedder-½ gots more restraint (+ she probly don't appreciate us revealing dat we scarfed doughnuts). Back in 2012 when we had a bad bout of vertigo we speculated it might be on account of our blood-sugar level... the beauty of this blog for us, to verify such d-tales. And yes, sum drinking was involved cuz bebemos casi cada noche, but not any more than normal. But drinking certainly don't make it bedder, specially if it's vino w/ the extra C6H12O6 (tho we like our wines dry as possible, sunday eve was a brut Cava). The timing was good tho cuz we had our doctor's appt this a.m., witch was mostly sposed to be about our shoulder, but our hombro is mucho mejor ahora, from exorcising + stretching her. Still not 100% but casi casi. When we woke w/ vertigo we thought maybe we shd take dat online hearing test again (as todo was moss muffled than usual + the tinitus really ringing like we saw Swans last night) + sure enough, last week we scored 4/5 + this time we scored 3/5 (not very sighingtific we know, but our insurance don't cover the $900 to take basically the same test w/ a legit audiologist). Doc J thinks we got labyrinthitis + referred us to an ENT, but looking now labyrinthitis is caused by an ear infection, witch, much as we love the name, we don't got... maybe we did last year when 1st we notissed our hearing loss (tho we din't really document hit hear cuz we wrote in cryptic ½-italiano then, even more unintelligible than we do now... piano piano we're snapping out of it). This after waiting a mes for an appt + doc J was an hora tarde. + the earliest we can schedule an ENT is next month... the Amerikin medickle system is such a crock of caca. 1 thing we did learn from peeing in a cup, swabbing our poop + letting them jab a niddle in our vein is that we is d-fishant in vitamin D... strange considering all the sun we get. Not as d-fishant as our bedder-½ who had to get a prescriptive mega-dose. Obviously our diet don't contain enough vita D, so we cd perhaps eat a bit more meat... tho comemos carne on occassion, like last friday night we made beef strokingoff. We also got some melatonin (although its sorta counter-intuitive to vita D) to make us sleep bedder. And yah, we need to drink less (tho our livers checked out good). And we cd afford to lose 5-10 lbs (we're at 169 now, for refrence)... not dat doc J told us this, but we think so, just feel a bit bloated, specially round the mid-riff. But this cd be related to water retention issues wich is what we suspect is at the root of our vertigo/ear issues.... Meniere d-sease. We don't need no stinking doctors to tell us dat, though wd be nice to get an MRI to rule out a brain tumor or acoustic neuroma.

De todos modos, weave officially moved in + seen a doc, feel we got a clean bill of health (oh, x-cept she thinks we got hypertension so we gotta go back for an EKG in a month... tho we suspect this high blood pressure + pulse is due to our anxiety of setting foot in a hospital) to get on w/ our lives + start writing + recording instead of tocking about home improvement + our health woes...

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