Zombee in-payshints, nerve apathy + sublingual B-12 + D-fishinsea, where a.I. = audio x-face


7 July 2019> Deer Inurnet, cot up w/ hard copy edits applied to Textiloma dat we maid in limbo now pondering next steps + how to inkorporate 14 pgs we wrote on this laptop.... hit's like upholstering furniture w/ a patchwork of textiles so seams don't show. As we speak our feet up on our re-upholstered ottoman, early sunday morning (+ VU's namesake song just happened to come up on shuffle), quiet, even the birds ain't chirping as much as they did a few months ago. Our ears ringing, still vague vertigo + not sleeping well, 2 hour inkrawmints at best. Went to a neurologist a few days ago, by the time we biked there (way up by the Fort Totten dump) drenched in sweat. Not sure if there's a psych ward to dat hospital (Providence) or just our paranoia of hospitals but felt like we was in zombee horror film—all these mubling + drooling ppl in wheel chairs, sum w/ helmets even, spilling out of standing-room only waiting areas into hallways, sum groping out grabbing whatever they could get a hold of. And we was probly the only white person there, b-sides our doctor. Meniere's is still suspect, tho still need to do a battery of more tests, NCV 60, EMG/NMK, MRI, VNG/NP, EKG, ETC.+ had to get blood drawn again to rule out things like Lyme. Dr. K also suspects we got mild neuropathy, our nerves not responding as they shd, witch we definitely know is the case in our left arm (specially our stonefish-stung index finger)... wich although we're regaining mobility + not as painful, still feel an almost constant nagging discomfort.

When we google all these agronames, symptoms + sindromes, ads start popping up later on unrelated sites for vertigo medesin or telling us not to use Q-tips. etc. So perhaps we shouldn't talk about our ailments hear, bud unlike social media platforms, doubt there is a way google can trace this blogging to our ID or IP. In any event, we shd probly use Duck Duck Go. As always, this hear blog is for our one edification. Spose we shd be more sighingtific + rite down d-tails of our diet or other changes we make to gauge progress. For starters we currently weigh 168, tho on any given day our weight can fluctuate 5-10 lbs... seams we got issues w/ H2O retention. We've cut back on coffee, alcohol, salt + sugar (tho we ate up the chocolates + what i scream we had in the fridge). Coffee we've bean naturally inklined to drink less than we used to. Much as we dig wine we're considering quitting alcohol altogether... but then there's times like last night we had 2 drinks cuz we was meating ppl at a bar + didn't want to be the square killjoy. Dr. K suspects our neuropathy might be on account of all that wine + prosecco these past 2 decades, cuz diabetes is the other major cause + we ain't diabetic. Who nose if it's true (our livers checked out fine) but we've always suspected our body don't jive well w/ alcohol. We don't feel much diffrent not drinking tho, still feel hung over drinking nada or 1 or 2 drinks. Bin taking vitamin D for about a week now, but no noticeable results. Also eating more fish, sushi on thurs night, monkfish on friday night + salmon benedict for breakfast yesterday. D-fortified milk in our serial (sugarless, that fireman stuff from Whole Foods, or Grape Nuts). And when we go running we take our shirt off (which we don't like doing in DC cuz makes us feel like 1 of the bras) + walk in the sunny stretches + yesterday on our long walk we stopped in the sunny spots, brutal as the heat was. Also started taking a B complex. Continuing to concentrate on posture + ergonomics, no leaning on elbows. But again, all this w/o much Δifference... at least on a day by day baysis but yah, compaired to last week (when vertigo was at all time worse) or a month or 2 ago when left arm was unbearable, yah, much bedder. And fitness-wise, strong as ever, this is more or less our weekly routine we've settled into:
—elliptical 2x a week for 40 or 45 min (cuz we're superstitchus about the # 5 now, unlike b4 when we did everything in increments of 4 or 12) + we do those hand-squeegee things a few times while on the elliptical
—spin 2x a week while also doing weights (curls, shoulder presses, skull-crushers + core twists) for 40 or 45 min... w/ both elliptical + bike we aim to burn 10+ calories a minute (so 400-480 total), so adjust our exertion level accordionly)
—run 2x a week, 1 longer run usually in Rock Creek, perhaps a bit less than 10k but killer hills (any 1 who runs Klingle Valley trail knows what we're talking about) + then on another day like this morning 5x around Meridian Hill park, which is more like a stairmaster, often stopping to do push-ups + sit-ups
—1 day of weights/strength training/stretching (30+ min) + we mix in strength-training on other days
+ then every morning while we wait for coffee we do sum yoga, child's pose + down-dogs (unless our vertigo is so bad that dipping our head down makes the room spin uncontrollably)

Blood pressure-wise these have been our readings the past few weeks:
... this cd ether mean our sposed hyper-tension is getting bedder, or we're just getting used to hospitals. And googling now, although they now classify this as high, 75% of men our age fall into this category, so ain't out of the ordinary, tho still strange considering how much we exorcise. Anyhow, Rome wasn't built in a day, we'll check back in a week or month or 2 to see if we can see any Δ.

9 July> Rode up to Providence again yesterday, was wet by time we got there not from sweat but rain, but luckily just afer the epic 4 inches that fell in 1 hour. One doc electrocuted us in varyus spots on arms + legs w/ a miniture cattle prod, to test nerve response (an NCV (Nerve Conduction study) + also a "Jolly Test" where electrical pulses are administered in rapid succession.... like a machine gun taser). Another doc gave us an EMG (Electromyography) wherein he stuck us with needles all over our body, like accupuncture. Good times. And we're not done yet, got to get an MRI + then another test (VMG—Videonystagmogram) that sounds like what they did to Alex at the end of A Clockwork Orange (1971). Preliminary results of our blood tests showed we are a bit d-fishant in B-12, not from lack of it in our diet, but cuz we ain't absorbing it. So we gotta take "sub-lingual" B-12 that dissolves straight in your mouth. The symptoms of B-12 + D d-fishinsea inkloot fatigue, depression, etc. so might explain why we've been in funk these past few years. + 1 of the FX of Meniere's (as well as D d-fishinsea) is "brain fog", which might x-plane why our output (this blog, our books, etc.) in recent years is so muddled + disorienting + input-wise we ain't able to focus reading books or on mush Ls. Hopefully this will snap us out of our funk, the electric shocks alone you'd think might reset or jump start us.

As mensunned at the getgo, we're mustering to get back where we was in SSEY II (Textiloma), cot up w/ edits + now to the point where Telemachus takes his 3rd follow-up odyssey to Mexico (after his f/u mini-odyssey to South America right after his main trip across the South Pacific to SE Asia). Before we proseed we mayas well transcribe our journels from that trip, which we din't do a few months ago when we was archiving the other journals from 1990-1991 cuz we forgot to xfer dat file to our laptop. So perhaps that will be the next post hear. We also tried to record a Sound Furies song we've been working on these past few months on the acoustic guitar we bot while our equipment was being shipped, but when we wint to plug-in the acoustic (that has a built-in pre-amp/pickup) it didn't work.... really annoying as the 45 day return policy has expired. So we're taking a crash course in how to troubleshoot Fishman piezo-electric pickups (any1 out there know about such things?)... really puzzling cuz the built-in tuner is working so we know the battery is OK + that the piezo thingy detects the vibrating strings. So it's got sumping todo w/ either the jack (got a replacement) or the pre-amp. This is what our desktop looks like at the moment:

iPhone's are super useful for seeing inside the bodies of acoustic guitars FYI. And that black box at upper middle is a Behringer U-Phoria audio interface which we highly recommend, cost about 1/10 the price of other A.I.s that do the same thing, where A.I. don't stand for our name (anon I'm us) or artificial intelligence, but audio interface. We've als been messing around w/ our Behringer D-series "mini-Boog" trying to figger out how she works. All these things beecomb extensions of our fingers... sumping about the piezo pickups + fraid guitar strings conjures our nerves + muscle fibers... on top of our health issues, the extensions (perhaps as a conseakwinds) don't work, nor the A.I. (the audio interface in our noggin not up to snuff nether). And the problem w/ our left arm most likely related to leaning on our L-bows, why we got our keybored on the edge of our desk cuz it forces us to actively suspend our arms. So let's see if we can make all these behavioral changes become new habits in this new habitat on Swann St. to re-kickstart hour I/O.

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