PBR streetgang in the bush of holey ghosts (praylude to 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S.)


4 Oct 2019> We Sound ƒuries halve bean busy working on our next album these past few weeks... we ain't reddy to reveil nada publickly yet tho perty sure we're gunna call her 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. There'll be 11 songs/8 tracks (listed below) + the total running time will be 39:39 + like the last album she's meant to be listened to in the album order (tho doubt we'll bother putting her on wax). Here's a 1st stab at the cover (wich repurposes a piece by Eduardo Recife we published in Sleepingfish 8):

Ok, here's 1 instrawmental track wheel drop as a teaser... it's a song we done last year but din't inkloot on our 1st album cuz she just dint quiet fit the mood + we couldn't get the vox rite ... when we (a.I.) sang refrence vocals to give Zo (real vox) the idea, she said we sounded like Anthony Kiedis, wich made us want to scrap the song altogether. But we dug her out of the trash + in stead of having Zo sing on her we just sampled vayous nonsense. So w/o furthere ado (drumroll please), hear i'tis:

The visual footage is from Holy Ghost People (1967). The original discarded song of ours we repurposed was called "Still Life at Mtwara Fishcamp," the unsung liarics based on a dive trip we took to southern Tanzania a few yrs back.

check, check, come in PBR streetgang
don't walk, surf the plank hang 10
shoot the ladder, check the gauges
subvert the model for unfair wages

take a ram-shackle stand
no fork, use your fingers
pull sardines out of a tin can
no opener, jimmy a sickle

impromptu picnic
enduring decompress
the dive table sprouts 12 legs  
from the memory foam mattress

where you sleep call home
comb your hair w/a fishbone
alone in a crowded matatu
wake up in the Singapore zoo

husk a coconut w/your teeth
use a popsickle stick for a key
at Everest basecamp pitch a tent
the things we do for entertainment

you canceled your trip to Tajikistan for this
on a bed of needles to seek bliss
catnap siesta, in a Delhi rickshaw
your eyes see-saw for what it is

to be L  L  T  T  + everywhere in between
skip the beats, hold the bacon bits
TVs + beds in Best Westerns
the world over,
the same  as in
o,   say
can    u
see, . . .

. . . the crisscrossing of all streams
in sleep,... we cloverleaf in our dreams

at 3 ,... a monotone test signal plays
at 4, ... reverse shift pedal to the floor

of the sea, ... at the junction of all dreams
in sleep,... we intercept each others streams

... to eat, chick peas + curly parsley
+ krab stix, darling Nikki spelled with a K + an X
followed by Elvis Jell-O + 6 chicken feet
dim sum at the fish camp before we dive pirate wrecks

reel it in, to monger at the fishcamp
the descent to K-OS, begins the long tail-eating snake way, way back home,
no dynamite or phones, all roads lead back to

Siamo Porci Questi Romani
to Livingstone's house in Mikindani
presume innersense until repeal
kneel to the sexpot mangrove yield
stick your toe into Looney quicksand
sea urchins crawling up on land
poking holes in the rubber ozone reef
Tsavo lions eat Chinese crew chiefs
infected tattoo, pink on the fringes
festering to all that has been
all that has been has been
all that has been has been

When we 1st started working on this nu album, we wanted to make an album of "dance music for the apocalypse," a term we member Daniel Ash using when, post Bauhaus, he formed Tones on Tail (an unfortunately short-lived project before morphing into Love + Rockets). In fact, we might of inklooted their album Pop at the top of our list of desert isle albums if there weren't sum oddly placed tracks that we fastfwd (+ they never released it digitally, except for some weird post-humus compilation called Weird Pop w/ inferior remixes of sum of the tracks (most notably "Performance")). While we tried to aspire to "dance music for the aocalypse," the final product is becoming more akin to My Life in the Bush of Ghosts, the 1981 album by David Byrne + Brian Eno (+ also the book by Amos Tutuola), w/ a bit of Dead Can Dance thrown in for good measure. Here's the mixtape we made to inspire us:


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