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8 Nov 2019> We was at our grandmars last nite typing on our laptop when she just started coming apart rite below our fingertips, the keys coming unhinged + even the electronics below all loose + busted w/ wires + sparks bursting out (tho we was still able to type + uplode this verry blog post, tho hadn't linked her up yet). We toll our grandmar dat this startid happening since we got hear the noche before (as if to imply we was sabotaged by a relative in the household), but din't want to blame no body in pertickler. Then we notissed sum ants coming from bajo el laptop + when we lifted her up there was zillions of 'em, streamin' up the mesa. We mustered to kill sum near the computer but gave up cuz there was just weigh too menny. We followed the line of 'em down to the flor + discovered they was carrying the queen, in a orchid-pod sorta cuntraption. "Whoa," we said, "sumping perty despirate must of happend dat they'd bee exposing the Queen comme ça." As we was stairing at the Queen in awe our brother casually walked over + stepped on her + we shrugged + said, "well, guess dat's the best weigh of getting rid of a buttload of ants all at once."

We probly soñered this cuz we was mixing "B9xK9 Re:creation" yesterday, witch feetsures lines like:

read ‘em + weep, down on your knees, get naked for The Bee
bow down, reweave her gown, behold her majesty

Butt we ain't reddy yet to reveal dat song (#7) in her entirety, still mixing her. Even the1s we thought weed "mastered" (PBR streetgang + V-dubbed) we're still making tweaks 2, in part cuz we're hearing 'em in the context of the hole + also cuz our ears ain't sew reliable no mo on a count of hour mineareye's d-zzz. We gots to flip the headphones back + forth so L maps to R + R to L to know if she's balanced, bud even still the freakwindseas witch our rite ear is d-fishant in are in the low range (125 to 750K) so we can't bee sew sure if the sound is skewed accordionly... did ever we show u our audiogram, dear Inurnet?

Even our left ear's got isshoes in the 4k freakwindsea range. Good noose is dat we got xsellent "speech recognition" (they had us IDentify varyus sillybulls)... our rite ear effectively "masks" our d-fishineas so we can comprehend most folk day-to-day bud not the best audiogram for sum1 mustering to make or mix music. Weed git our bedder-½ to help, bud she's busy most of the time... hard enough to git her in front of a microphone to sing silly liarics.

9 Nov> We will however reveil now the 2nd track on our 4th-coming album... thinking we mite just cerealize all of 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. track-by-track hear on The Daily Noose + inkloot "liner notes" about each song, tidbits on the recording prosses + insites into the liarics + watt knot. In fact, weave bean thinking lately dat may-b we (Cal A. Mari) mite throe in the towel + just publish todo solo on Inurnet. Music is a no-brainer... much as we dig them old mediums of cassette + vinyl, it's so ez to make music available to el moondough on Inurnet, to stream on Spotify or Bandcamp ore by on iTunes or Amazon... ain't much overhead + no inventory to carry. Books, tho, we is more reluctant to abandon, call us antiquated... bud our distributor (SPD) is having to raise their prices + our printer also has inkreased the cost for small batch produckshun, just ain't viable no mo + it ain't like we're selling books inny weigh... in effect we don't ∃xist to the rest of el moondough cuz 99% of the whirled lives now in the somatic cloud of social media. Calamari books keep piling up in our closet gathering dust. But we still got faith in u, deer Inurnet, as the ultimate arkhive where all information + media can ∃xist + interact in peacefool harmoney. The utter day we was lamenting a bout how we don't ∃xist no mo cuz we're blocked by search ingenes + ain't on social media, etc. + our bedder-½ said "dat's what u wanted, ain't it? To be anon I'm us." And yah, she's rite, we don't need our name attached to nutting, but as a posthumun artist we want the art/information we create to ∃xist + be axssesible + ain't no bedder place to ∃xist (for the sake of prosperity + axssesability) then Inurnet, where the art can interact w/ all other art/info, in a massive collective hive. Problem is, in effect our content don't ∃xist (at least far as googel is concerned) cuz we haven't caved into their demans of being "mobile friendly" + "safe" + all their other SEO requirements they've imposed in the last deckaid. For starters, we use http, not https, so we get blocked as "⚠ Not Secure" + surfers get the message "Your connection is not private Attackers might be trying to steal your information from" Even tho we don't collect no information, all we do is dish her out, for free. The only reason you're even hear is dat u typed in directly or u use sum wierdass browser (cuz Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. all adhear to this brave new protocol). Sew hour dreams of halving this free mundo where art + information is searchable + free to make connections w/ other art + info in crowd-sourced harmony halve bin foiled. Sad. Spose we cd look into getting an SSL cerfiticate (witch probly costs $) but who nose what new requirements the powers that bee will keep making u adhear 2. Even before we wasn't secure we was deemed not "mobile friendly" + was getting blocked as phishy spam cuz we don't use carwreck in glish... it'd bee weigh too hard to retrofit our backlog of posts to meat these dumb demans, or at least it ain't sumping we want to invest our time in... weed mush rather bee making art + producing original content, witch gets back to why we wint on this tire-aid... in an ideal whirled we cd publish our books online so they is free + axssessible to el moondough, but especially PDFs seam to halve gotten demoted as knot a viable platform for publiching + don't appear in search results. We're thinking specifically of Textiloma ("SSEY' vol II, the book we was working on before we got sidetracked w/ finishing hour album), weather rather than make a book we cd just cerealize her online, chapter by chapter, in PDF format. Specially this book, we dig the IDea dat hit cd ∃xist on the web, dat our brother (the originul author of 'SSES" 'SSES" from witch "SSEY' vol II/Textiloma) is derived) lives out dare in sum form, dat this book carries on his ∃xistence.

LIVE UPDATE: As we was righting the above p-graph we looked into how we cd get the SSL certificate to convert our sites to "secure" httpS... ends up it was EZ pz + free (courtasea of our host, ICDSoft, who we can't recommend enough, buey). Still don't mean our site will show up in search ingene results... still lodes of other hoops we gotta hop thru to bee compliant, butt at least we ain't blocked outrite as we've bin for hoo nose how long.

10 Nov> De todos modos, back to the track we said we was gunna reveil ayer, #2 on 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S., the title of witch is just "LL". In the post where we reveiled V-dubbed (track #1) we already menshunned how we set out to rite this song "LL" about Mary Shelley but she ended up bean more about Shelley Duvall + then we wint on about clanging disorder, witch evidently Duvall's got, as an expression of her supposed mentoll illness (accordion to Dr. Phil). In case u ain't notissed, we also obsses over curtain words so mush dat we can't x-press ourselfs how most folk due. We got a running list of words + phrases that we email to ourselves, to use in our book or a song, like the other day we was obssessing over the phrase "Penelope's people". We ain't sure what wheel do w/ her, weather we can fit her into the scheme of what we're riding (Penelope is the maturnal figger in Textiloma, so ain't mush of a stretch). To us it ain't nessysorrily an aural fixation, how the words sound together, but how they look visually, on the page, w/ the baggage they carry. Tho when we're riding liarics we due obsses more ova how they sound. De todos modos, without furthere a do (drumroll police), hear's "LL":

+ hear's the liarics if u want to read along [+ at the risk of bean expository wheel annotate 'em to let u in on our thought prosses]:

LL (for Shelley Duvall)

colored greens sleep furiously [nod to Noam Chomsky's fameus eggsample of a catagorey misteak]
chomping at the skis
“Horseback salad” we bit, age 3 [true story]
w/ a healthy dose of mineareyes [i.e. Ménière's]

baited hook set into our cheek
tongue fishing for release [or: "Für Elise"—song by deaf composer not made public til after he died]
clanging landgauge bangs inside our head
12 bells ring for whom?
the deaf
not dumb

127 takes will bake in it’s toil [how many times Kubrick made Duvall do that stairs scene in The Shining]
witch came 1st, the olive or the oil?
for yo trubbles we’re grateful for your coil

Mary, the motherless monster [Mary Shelley's mother died 10 days after she was born]
Shelley, the childless frame [Shelley Duvall don't have no kids]
to hang their exploitations
associative blame
(heads hung in shame)

Deleuze committed sewerside
+ so will Dr. Phil [nod to Blake Butler's blog that unfortunately he don't keep up no mo]
to not click the wormy bait takes will, powder
or a pre-scribed pill
the horror-nets nest kept Jack from ["hornets" = 1 of the words Shelley obssesses over]
tumbling up the hill

+ she’ll sell cowries in the Sayshells [a.k.a Seychelles]
dubble-LLs spoon 2 times to a T
pop was never a good war-time consigliere [a'cording to Al Pacino in Godfather II]
nor did Charlie surf at Sabang Beach [real name of "Charlie's Point" in the Phillipines]

the same refrain
all ova a'gain
it ends in the same maze
where it begins
a wide-eyed meandering means
to an end

Dat's Virginia Woolf tocking at the biginning (carry over from the song before). The utter thing we shd menshun about this song is dat originully we wrote hit on a coustic gutar + wanted to record hit w/ just a coustic gutar but the built-in mike was busted + we had to ship our gutar to the Fender HQ in AZ to get her fixed cuz we couldn't fix her ourself, so recorded the song w/ electric + key boards. When we got the gutar back we recorded a coustic refrain dat resurfaces briefly in song #8. Most of the video footage we stole from Holy Ghost People (1967), Road to Bali (1952) + Lady Frankenstein (1971), all 3 in the public domain. We also stole clips from Ali G, Apocalypse Now + The Shining so won't be souprized if the video gits blocked or we git sued, if ever we got fameus haha, seams highly unlikely so think we're ok.

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