D-zzzily d-railed by a dreamachine/subway connecting lugares in tempo 2 hour cabeza


12/2/2019> Ayer ate: {3 cups coffee, sourdough toast, blueberries, 2 quesadillas, thanksgiving leftovers, a few pieces of chocolate, no alcohol}. Slept good, bud feel a bit groggy this a.m. Presshore drop'd y'er day to 29.49 Hg now she's a'rising back up, at 29.59 now. Our bedder-½ left to Milan + niece + bf back to NYC, so now's the finel push to wrap up 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. (tho our ears are shot, ringing, rite ear ½-death + todo sounds como parents in Peanuts).

12/3> Ayer ate: {3 cups of coffee, leftover chickin + mash potatoes, soup maid from chickin carkiss + moss papas, green beans, squash, kale, a few pieces of chocolate, no alcohol}. Slept OK (in 1-2 hr inkrements for 6 hrs toetill) + still feel a bit light-headid. The presshore's bin a'rising a bit since y'erday, now up to 29.72 Hg.... don't worry, deer Inurnet! We won't keep boring u w/ our vertigo diarrheas, we was just curious as to cause + fx, bud as suspectid our dizzy spells is perty randumb, don't madder if we eat salt, sugar or drink hooch (tho drinking too mush for shore messes w/ yo sleep, witch in turn might bring on mineareyes spells). Perty shore she's related to atmostfearic presshore, or allergies, or lack of sleep or hoo nose watt... probly best knot 2 think 2 mush a bout her. Wheel git back to our regalure programming now. Weave written 73 posts sew far dis year, probly the most ever in 1 año hear on 5cense.com. But next yr we hope to git back to Textiloma, Thriver meme + making moss musica.

Speaking uv, Sound ƒuries are up to song 6 (of 8) in cerealizing our upcoming album, 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. Track #6 is actually a combination of 2 songs... the 1st part («3rd Rail») is sumping we recordid last year bud din't inklewd on our previous album, un. Like track #4, we also startid laying down «3rd Rail» in hotel rooms when we din't halve no guitar at our disposal, using a midi keybored + samples we recordid in our rooms or on the street. We haven't tocked much hear a bout what we due for drums... we got a fingerlab DM1 $10 ap dat we incorporate samples into + also use GarageBand loops + then we also gots an Alesis drum pad for fills... tho when we recordid «3rd Rail» we used them little pads on our midi keybored, playing drums w/ our fingers (as we did most of our last album, along w/ the DM1, loops + a sum Bonham beats we stole (thx Inurnet!)). We started laying down «3rd Rail» when we was visiting NYC (in Sept 2018), sampling sounds from the subway + watt knot. The guitars (mostly just droning feedback) we addid later. The liarics are based on a re-o-ccuring dreme we keep halving, where we go down in a subway stn sumwhere + then emurge in sum udder part of el moondough, typically a mash-up of plazes. Don't think ever weave dreamt of the pertickler plaze we's sleeping at the time, for dat matter these plazes ain't anywear in pertickler, bud often they's connected by a subway system dat enables us to travel seamlessly + timelessly from 1 lugar to an udder, often in diffrent time periods. The 2nd part of the song («Atun 6.6»)(u can tune a piano bud u can't tuna fish) we recordid mo recently, in limbo sumwhere b-tween Rome + when we moved back to D.C. (adding the guitar + harmonica after). The liarics we rote a few months ago on the train to NYC, under the spell of Gysin flicker fx. The video is a mashup of randumb films in the public domain, mostly Man with a Movie Camera (1929). Liarics follow as usual case u wanna sing along.

3rd Rail /

u wade there ½ underwater
it's become a reoccurring theam
wherein u stand, pacing in place waist deep
joined sacked at the hip to a hijacked dream

a loudspeaker announces the next train
the N-tire alphabet passes u by
mind the gap, dot Is cross Ts,
have a big todo in the taxi Q

take the A the way to PBR Streetgang
huddled under eaves w/12 foreign priests
T-boned in vain, abandon your name
pulling all the stops, don't hit the wrong vein

all aboard the A train
from Sugar Hill to Jamaica Bay
or hitch a ride w/ buried Paul
as far as Far Rockaway

C.S. Lewis + Aldous Huxley
died the same day as JFK
anon I'm us rose from the ashes
3 years later to the day

pool the chain to drain the bathtub
a city that never sleeps never wakes up
there'll always be another train
just as crowded, all the same

u have no madder in the choice
informs an unheard overhead voice

never touch the 3rd rail
never catch a flight when it hails

/ Atun 6.6

bee bedder in bed, sumthing Beckett said?
about sleeping in the 6th song, same as 3rd 1
counting black sheep

we live in the crawl space between the sheets
pillows billowing in turn a cumulus virga
or a golden fleece

honing in on home
Rome wasn’t built in an eve
all ye, all ye, oxen free

the rapid-fire flickering of sunlight
thru eyes ½-closed to the blight + DK
on a plane or train

the dreme mashene aligns to our heme-
o-globin count the fountain spoutin’ creme of the cream
of the sea

ever destined to roam
the rails or sails never lull
yes sir, yes sir, 3 bags full

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