Re:chording fuzzy post-humun ½-verdads in kind on Memorex High Bias tapestried tapes


12/10/19> We was lounging in sum beachside restraunt somewear tropickle when these 2 humpback wails startid breaching in the waves rite in front of us + then proseedid to beach themselves! We wint to snap a foto but our phoney camraw wasn't working + then all these dam turists gathered, blocking the vu. 1 idiot w/ a bike helmet startid touching the wails + we was like "siriusly dude?" + got ino a tiff w/ him + meanwhale the wails shimmied backwoods + split.

> We hat dis rêve probly cuz weave bin thinking bout the vanity of capshoring a lot lately (+ throughout our life... u might call her a threading theam in our work)... dat + also memary + how fuzzy she is. In transcribing our journels (stay tooned for May-June 1992 next) we ℝeelize how things is sumtimes diffrent then how we member 'em.... + even in our one journel how due we know we wasn't toetilly 4thcoming about d-tales or distorted the truth? It wasn't like how we right now publickly on Inurnet, it was a pryvet diarhea for our Is onelie bud in the back of our mined did we think sum1 might 1 day fined it? Or did we feel we shd filter stuff for our fewchair self?

> We saw Tell Me Who I Am last nite + it's bin bugging us ever since... we was riveted + shure, it's a sad amazing story + lots of food for thawt about memary, twins + ripression, etc. bud in the back of our mined sumping was fishy bout the story, like we was being duped. From the getgo, seams strange dat a guy would halve amnesia but onelie remember his twin brother. If u try to google weather dare's any sighingtific baysis for dis u get lodes of pages tocking bout dis flick cuz Inurnet has bin flooded w/ bait + switch media spam farms mustering to monetize current buzzwords, like popular Nextflix moovies. The utter thing dat always bothers us bout these types of shows is dat these folks exploit themselves in such a weigh, dat they wd choose to halve the most pryvet moments of dare lives captured on film as it was happening... unless it was a staged re-eneactment (witch weed hope was the case)... especially considering the touchy subjet madder. The hole flick hinges on the memary of Marcus (the other twin, who dint luz his memary) + we already know he ain't so reliable, dat his hole life he's bin fabricating a lie for his twin brudder to believe, 2 the x-tent dat he hisself starts to believe it to ripress the trauma. Hit probly did happen, or at least sum sorta abuse dat they ripressed, but did the film-makers do do diligence, inny fact-checking? A few yrs before the brothers rote a book dogumenting what happend, halving it end w/ the 1 brother (w/ memary in tack) just telling Alex dat, yes, abuse occurred, but din't give the d-tales. But they startid getting attn for the book + then Netflix wants to make dis flick + u know them movie-maker types wass fishing + prying for a «good story», to turn it into riveting spectacle w/ all the bloody d-tales, witch in the end is what is most fucked about ∀ll dis, is dat they monetized it into entertainment, capitalizing on dare tragedy, at our expense. Don't git us rong, it's a sad story w/ lessons to be learned, bud it wd bee even more fucked up if they maid it up or doctored the d-tales to make it juicier + bedder + ℝeely ℝeely sad for true abuse victims dat got ¢ense enuff not to monetize dare one abuses for our entertainment. Like if it did happen the way Alex said, how come the police wasn't brot in to investigate sum of the udder folk involved in this supposed pediophile ring conspiracy? Surely sum of them must still bee alive, this «famous artist» dat he escaped from + tubed home... couldn't he reverse ingenear his route to find wear he lived + prosecute him for soliciting sex w/ a child? Was the authorities never called to investigate? Googling around seems dare's stuff they din't tell us in the flick, like dat wasn't the ℝeel dad, but dare stepfather... dare ℝeel dad died a few weeks after they was borned (witch might xplane what turned their mum into such a momster). And the twins also got 2 ½-siblings (fathered by dis stepfather) dat wasn't menshunned at all in the dogumentary (probly cuz they dint want to halve a pard in the tragic spectacle + also perhaps why nutting bad was said about the step-father except dat he was mean + intense... no weigh he cd uv bin oblivious to all dis). And why was they out living in a shed, locked out of dare one house even tho they was filthy rich (+ still are)? Just seams what our whirled is coming to... ain't no fact-checking, no sighence, a moondough of ½-truths, witch is ∀ll fine + dandy if u call hit dat, fiction, or art. And why due folks always got to exploit themselves? These are 2 dads w/ kids of dare one dat are gunna watch this flick, knowing these dark secrets of dare dads was exploited for the whirled to sea. Dat's what's sad to us.

> We aint trying to make no statement bout nutting (this ain't ethical journalism bud our journihilistic personul journel), we just proSSES ∀ll dis w/ the mined set of gitting back to work on Textiloma... finishing a liebro for our one brudder based on his stories + art... y we d-sided to take both our names off uv hit + putt the «author» down as anon I'm us, y we rite hear as a.I. Dare is a ℝeel me b-hind a.I.—I ain't trying to hide who I is—bud if I step outta mine one biased shell we kin reveil the art bedder, a story we file under fiction (even tho we ain't lying). Speaking of bias, in addition to memary weave bin thinking of bias lately. Off course when our 4-track mined see's the word HIGH BIAS we think of an inaudible high-freakwindsea signull addid to blank tapes to improve fidelity. But most folks nowadays god no clue watt dat means. A more commun use of the word «bias» wd bee, for eggsample, when we was sitting w/ our bedder-½ a few days ago listening to our nu album + she looked at us + said «are we biased?» just like she said w/ our last album, un, dat seams onelie us 2 Sound ƒuries is the onelie folk en el moondough who think hit's inny good. We wreckon ∀ll artists think the art they create is good utterwise they wouldn't bother, rite? We is always souprized tho by watt beecombs popalaure + acclaimed, dat we think is compleat crap... + how come knot a sole sides ourself thinks our stuff is inny good? We git dat our music ain't for everybody, but even folks we know w/ simalure sensabillydads say nada when we share our music w/ them. Ain't nada nu, hit's bin the story of our lives + weave long since gotten ova the stage wear we feel sorry for ourselves, tho resently (after a 30-yr hiatus of accepting dat our music had no place in this hear whirled) we ℝeeled in our bedder-½ to sing for us, implicating her in our shared bias. We's starting to wonder if we is completely schizoid biased, like w/ d-lusions of grandjure? Or whatever they say the definishun of insanity is, duing the same thing ova + ova + xpecting a diffrent result? Ore are we like dat twin brudder, planting impressions in our noggin' just so we kin live w/ our selves, so we dont godda face the ℝealidad dat we truelie suck, at least to the predominant species of folk proliferating on dis hear planit. Cuz udderwise what's the point of living if u got nada to contribute? We ain't got no kin w/ remotely simalure sensibillydads, nor offspring of our one dat we kin brainwash in our likeness. ∀ll we's god is our art dat we make in + wit our spit + imedge, for non-humuns to appreciate... kind animals + udder art-loving entities, specielly does dat don't think bud is just greatfool for what she is... bud is taking the post-humun high rode a strategy, or a justification to prolong our ∃xistence? A means to an end?

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