59th st. sawH.O.R.S.E. sandpiling 12 mini-Boog Λ-waved Δifferentials to animate our Textiloma committment


12/14/19 | DC > NYC> Trolling still under the 59th st bridge. Last nite Cambodian for din (papaya salad, red shrimp curry, pad-kee-mao w/ tofu, ½ boddle uv Prosecco). Miserable rain so din't want to gho far. Slept ok, but woke up at 3 a.m. still drizzling, pressshore = 29.58 + falling. Round 5 a.m. our bedder-½ left for EWR to go to Lundone again w/o us + now we train solo back in the fog, sumwhere in Dial-a-where. Continuing to read Amy Hempel: «I scan the instructions abbreviated like musical notation: K10, sl I, K2 tog, psso, sl 1, K10 to end. I feel i could sing these instructios. It is compression into code; your ability to decipher it makes you privy to the secrets shared by Ingrid and the women at the round oak table.»

12/15> Last nite we was standing on a ledge w/ our bedder-½ + the onelie way off was to leap on dis steep sand dune... actually, dis bee 2 hard to x-plane in words... in fact hit's 2 hard to x-plane even w/ statick imagery so wheel take advantage uv modurn technologee to log dis sueño:

... need to use dis hear journel to beef up our chops, to practiss diffrent weighs uv righting/making art cuz sumtimes statick tXt just don't cut hit, ox. Dat's watt diareas is for rite, deer Inurnet? Specially since we's toying w/ the IDea uv riding thriver meme online in ℝeeltime so dare's ample opportunidad to expirement w/ hyper-multimedia forms. Weave never snapchatted b4 bud we dig the IDea uv fleeting tXt dat comes + ghose, dat's knot siempre stuck on a screen... u can demonstrait the self-editing prosses, animate her. B4 dis sandpiling sueño we was messing round w/ sawtooth waves on our mini-Boog, purhaps why we rêved bout a sandune in the shape uv a sawhorse? The thing about the mini-Boog (Behringer D) is dat we can't store patches so if we come up w/ sumping cool we god to recreate it, tweaking ∀ll the diels the x-act weight til we git dat same sound a gain. Knot dat dees are dope sounds (we still learning) + we din't rechord what we was doing, bud dis bee a patch we might want to member for fewchair refrence... case we wanna 1 day inkorporate it INT.0 a song.

Boog patch #692

> the above patch feeds a LFO Λ wave INT.0 the LC gate + dare's also a splitter dat sends the signul back INT.0 the EXT jack, a sort uv hack if u don't got fancy seakwincers to create a rhythmic pulse... watt we ℝeely wanna due is channel instrawments, drum mashenes or our field recordings thru such a patch to drive the wave forms (stead of keybored) + speaking of ƒoundscapes, wile we ain't gunna share nutting from our Boogey foolings around, hear's watt it sounds like as we speak on our stoop (15th + Swann) on Sunday mourning w/ St James Apostles Church (our phone even auto-identifes sounds!) across the street making most of the racket ...

... de todos modos, dis ∀ll bee a procastinating distraction. As we menshunned in passing we're thinking dat in order to finish Textiloma (dat's bin on the back burner since we was recording 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S.) we need to commit ourselves to a production skidjewel, starting on 1/5/2020 (38th anniversary uv our father Cal's b-day/d-day (yes, twas a birthday sewerside) + 4/3/2020 (our brudder + co-author Chaulky's d-day (23 yrs before) ... or maybe to give us more time + not bee so grim we kin set publication date to 4/30/2020 (Chaulky's 55th b-day if he was alive, witch in spirit he is). Dare's 13 chapters in the book (ch 12 is a sort uv bridge between "SSEY' vols 0 + 1 + Textiloma (vol II uv "SSEY')), so dat's roughly a chapter every ~9 dayz (w/ 9 dayz uv wiggle room twards the end to get ∀ll our ducks in a row to halve her published (in ol shcool dead-tree format) on our dead brudders birthday, as a present u cd ssey) + as we go we gunna cerealize her online, a'cording to this skidjewel:

TEXTILOMA; or the Modern Epimetheus:

05 jan 2020—ch 12
14 jan 2020—ch 13
23 jan 2020—ch 14
01 feb 2020—ch 15
10 feb 2020—ch 16
19 feb 2020—ch 17
28 feb 2020—ch 18
08 mar 2020—ch 19
17 mar 2020—ch 20
26 mar 2020—ch 21
03 apr 2020—ch 22
12 apr 2020—ch 23
21 apr 2020—ch 24
30 apr 2020—publication for 55th birthday

> Sound doable? Vamonos buey! Oh + part uv the committment is dat we ain't gunna drink hooch for the 120 dayz b-tween 1 jan 2020 + 30 april 2020 (since our father was an alcoholic + our brudder addicted to even harder stuff)... i.e. metaphorically go thru the 12-step program w/ 'em.

+ then we wint for a run + sat out on our stoop since it might be the last sunny day over 50° in a while... finished Notes from the Fog by Ben Marcus, who we saw read 2 nights ago + it reminded us we didn't finish the book (dat we startid reading last time we went to NYC). The church across the street has moved on from gospel to belting out «The 12 Days of Xmas» witch we've thinking about lately, cuz dare again is dat #12... thinking maybe weed sellabraid (knot dat we's religious or nutting) the12 days, witch coinsidentally ghose from Dec 25 (day after our anniversary) to Jan 6 (day they found our father dead) + «Epiphany» a.k.a. «3 Kings Day» when them 3 wise men came bearing gifts to baby Haysus (the day they dish out gifts in Latin America) + also when we said we was gunna cerealize the 1° installment (ch 12) of Textiloma, so maybe wheel celebrate them 12 dayz like how Jews sellabraid Hanukkah, but in stead of 9 candles (for 8 days) our Menorah wd halve 13 (to light over 12 days... the extra gits used to light them). Bud we're gitting a head of ourselves cuz xmas is ~12 days away...

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