4 du jour nihilistic raisins to live dancing en un état de rêve 2 ƒurius ƒoundscapes


12/11/19> Sumwhere in Dial-a-where, on the train from DC to NYC. Dusting of 1st snow on the grnd. Atmostfearic presshore = 30.38 Hg, up from 29.81, bud we feel fine, no vertigo. Ye'rday we ate daal makani, bharta, saag palak, rice, naan + 2 pilsners... we had sueños but nun worthy of scribing down sew we forget. Matthias Svalina gots a dream delivery service dat sounds cool in theory + we get why he don't do it online or by email, bud seams a waist of paper + resources... spose if we lived in Durham (where he delivers 'em by bike) weed sine up + hit costs moola (½ uv witch probly goes to USPS)... Svalina (whose bin in Sleepingfish) says dreams are his ¢urrentsea, bud if they was his true ¢urrentsea he'd dish 'em out fo free... «the only true ¢urrentsea in dis bankrupt moondough is watt u share w/ sum 1 Ls when u = uncool.» as PSH said (channeling Lester Bangs). Weed consider starting a sueño servicio of our one bud we don't soñar cada notch + if we due we greedy, rather to keep 'em for ourself + tho we don't personally deliver (we might by bike to folks in DC) we god a little free liebury box at the base of our stoop dat we keep stocked w/ Calamari, inklooting Poste Restante (2006) our book of fictions drawn from our dream journel. Or u can fined 'em hear on The Daily Noose, wear we log the originulls as they come to us (+ halve archived most ∀ll our rêves pre-Inurnet).

> When we ain't reading the landscape out the train window, we edit Textiloma + read Reasons to Live by Amy Hempel, an older book of her short stories. We got the book used at a little bookstore in Bodymore near the train stn when had time to kill a few weeks ago. We met Hempel once when she guest lectured in Brolo's class. In 1 of her stories in Reasons to Live she says «... I don't have a memory of our life that does not include one of the animals»... dat pertty much sums up what we member bout her. At the biginning of the book she tocks about the marits of sighlence, hearing nada (xcept yr one pulse), bud we don't ever here nada no mo... even if it's sighlent out we siempre here a buzzing in our ears, a high-pitch whine in izquierda + a low warbly swooshing in our derecha. Rite now (mustering to drown out the annoying peephole on dis traino) we here Frank Black singing «I was swimmin' in the Caribbean» witch always cracks us up, imagining Frank Black snorkeling in a tropickle plaze. «Animals were hiding behind the rock, except the little fish...» ¿Dónde stá mi cabeza?

12/12 | NYC> Shacking up beneath the 59th street bridge like we trolls. Far cry from dat Simon + Garfunkel song, not sure what drugs they was on. Our bedder-½ gots meetings on Roosevelt i-land (in the cornell bldg dat R.I.Placed dat abandoned smallpox hospital) so convenient to just hop on the tram. A'rived y'erday got ramen in K-town, walked from Penn Stn to hear. Chillled (warmed up actually) then walked to SOHO (taking a break from Microcosmic DC to revisit our Maphattan Project), got a new pair of kicks at the Adidads store + a fuzzy warm jacket at Uniqlo. Met M + L at Fish Cheeks on Bond St.... fish roe, crab curry, manila clams, whole fried fish + a sour beer, then wint to a bar round the coroner where G met us for a quick drink (Fernet + soda)... sfortunatamente Giu din't make the trip (had a panic attack on 1st leg to Lisbon + din't git back on the plane). Slept like cumplete shit, our room was suffocatingly hot + in our delirium we couldn't figger out how to to turn the heat down. Feels like we's in a presshore cooker + no windows to open. Atmostfearic presshore has risen to 30.71 Hg, the highest «migraine» forecast (3) since we startid monitoring the presshore. We don't got vertigo now, but woke up w/ tinnitus + a splitting headache even tho we kept drinking so much water dat we had to git up to pee every 2 hrs. The food was all salty + spicey + we ate a lot of it... need to eat less bud we just love chowing down + feel a need to eat everything in site including every 1 elses's food at the table so nada goes to waist. Rêved we was hanging out in a car in a parking lot + joggers was running by + this 1 guy wd ram or bump into peephole every time he passed by, run up behind other runners + just ram them from behind. After about the 6th or 7th time this guy he rammed got up + punched him. He called a cop + acted all innocent like he was assaulted. So we called the cop over + told him how we saw this guy keep running into ppl, like something was wrong w/ him or he was doing it intentionally.

12/13> We was sposed to meet G for breakfast y'er, but he din't wake up til after 3 pm. In any event figgered we'd have b-fast for dinner. He wasn't doing so hot + we couldn't get him to eat nothing. Figgered we better help him git his shit together to git to the reading. Always souprizes us how he is able to function + run a successful small press, but he's bin this way since the getgo... weave had our doubts bout the suriving power of Tyrant but dang if he ain't thriving more than ever. He almost threw up in the taxi + had to go the hole way w/ a plastic bag (dat the displeased cabbie provided) on his lap, while trying to figger out what was he gunna say as M.C. when he introduced the readers. We got there early + met a bunch of the eager up + comers + the folks dat run this cool nu venue (Murmrr). Good to see Garielle + we talked w/ Sam Lipsyte a wile then they all disappeared into the «green room». Saw all sorts of folk we ½-recognize from what feels like a lifetime ago when we went to such literary events in Gotham. M + L showed up, then A + C. Big crowd, largest ever weave scene at a lit event. All the writers read Lutz's work, Scott McClanahan (who we also met) was best-suited we thought. Twas a roasting of sorts w/o any roasting... Sam Lipsyte, Ben Marcus + Christine Schiutt all read Lutz's work + then Lutz read «You're Welcome» (witch gots special meaning for us) then a discussion/Q + A. We was thinking if dare was anything Cal A. Mari had to be proud of was doing our part to keep Lutz's works alive + in print for the past deckaid + then hand the baton over to Tyrant to keep on carrying on cuz dam if Lutz aint a living treasure. She gave us a shoutout at 1 point wich was nice, specially in regard to the The Gotham Grammarian cuz most folks don't even no dat ∃xists. Flâneured a round y'er + the day before we was thinking ether weave mellowed out or NYers halve gotten even more aggressive + angry. We don't miss dat asspeck, but then the long slog back on the subway just ppl watching at ∀ll walks of life feeling a nostalgic part of this buzzing productive hive, dat part we miss.

vu from Randall Isle drawbridge


vu from Randall


Queensboro—err, RFK bridge


> We wint to grab a bagel when we woke but found ourselves walking north, along the East river, thru the Gracie Mansion promenade nearby to where we 1st lived in NYC, shit, almost 20 yrs ago now. Kept walking north a'cross the drawbridge to Randall I-land where we used to run + also where we wint w/ Matt Pinfield once when we was working the Warped Tour (in our Napster dayz). The sound of RFK bridge is perty spectacular, a stream of white noise rushing overhead so we took sum field recordings.

Trolling RFK Soundscape #1

Trolling RFK Soundscape #2

Trolling RFK Soundscape #3

> Got to thinking dat maybe weed put out sum sound tracks as a spinoff of Sound ƒuries, call us ƒurius ƒoundscapes... ƒƒ ... don't dat ƒ stand for forte or sumping? Weed release sorta found soundtracks of instrumental ambience. Stay tuned...

> After Randall up to 110th st thru Spanish Harlem down thru Central Park past the playground where we once saw Lish (speaking of Lutz + Hempel et al) gawking at kids + chatting w/a hotdog vendor, then around the carriage road where weave run o so menny times. Then to EJ's Luncheonette where we awed at the afishinsea of NYC...ever amazed how shit gits done + delivered, flowing at such a frenetic pace + still maintaining quality.

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