Nox + chasing Chevys to connect i-cut knot in Kansas no more, to carry itself for Xmas eve


12/22/2019> Happy winter solstice, dear Inurnet. Days git longer for hear on out. Did a Microcosmic DC walk, Connecticut Av NW, for no purtickler raison, just cuz. Don't got much to say about it ither, 1 of th main arteriees of DC, running past the zoo. We walkd all th way to Chevy Chase, then along Western Av thn loop'd back along Nevada. Our kyboard's acting up again + of all th kys it's the E key so we gotta bang ur rally hard or find alturnit spillings. Nvada Av wound thru posh suburbs, then we wint thru th park back. Spent our fare share of time in Nevada in our geological surveying dayzzz.. we archived sum of those journels receently w/ more to come from most every town in Nevada. Most ppl oneelie know Nevada for Vegas or Reno, but it's actually quite beautiful + underrated + unpopulated. Connecticut, weave driven thru a few times + wint to Mystic once somewhere between 2000-2005, but din't document the trip hear. Oh + Yale, bin there, most notably we member the Beinecke Rare Book Liebury.

along Connecticut


most intresting thing we saw was this severed squirrel paw


12/24> Our 23rd anniversary + official launch of 3.3 x 3.3 = S.S. U can get it now in most of the usual lugares like Amazon + stream it on Spotify, etc.

> We ain't mentioned our little liebury book box since we put her up, but we've restocked it from Calamari overstock 3-4 times this past month. The cool thing is we git 1st dibs on the books folks leave in kind. Read Nox this week, by Anne Carson... not dat sum 1 left dat in our box, weigh too fancy for dat! And it ain't the kinda book u "read" neither, so much as peruse, reflect on... when her brother died she collaged an epitaph in remembrance + this book is a fascimile of dat 1. We dig the IDEA of the book but ain't so sure it was executed to our liking, a lot uv randumb definitions pasted in ελληνικά σκατά we don't know shit about (she teaches aintshint Greek for a living so a natural projection for her) + Nox is sort of hard to "read" as it's in that fold-out accordion style so ½ the paper is wasted cuz it's only printed on 1 side + even then ½ the pages just have little clipping w/ a few words on it... + it's hardcover + comes in a box so uses like 10x the resources as a regular book object + takes up a lot of space. But again, we dig the idea of it + every so often she'd say sumping, lik «u reelize u halve survived it + so must carry it, or fashion it into a thing that carries itself.» It inspired us in our writing of Textiloma, tho we're inspired to fit far more content using less paper. An epitaph it will be, fashioned to carry itself to take a lode off.




> Anothere nice day so did another walk, this time northeast... when we did New Hampshire Ave NW what we didn't realize is dat it stops (near us actually) + then starts back up again up inthe Northeast, so we did that piece, walking New Hampshire Ave NE to Eastern Ave then cut up + back down Kansas Ave NE. Not nearly as a nice hood as our NW outing 2 days ago. Toto, we ain't in Kansas no mo. Perty sure we drove thru Kansas once, but not sure we ever speent thee night. Now our keeyboard is dubbling our EEs eeveery timeeee wee typee EE. Wee've taken to bringing surplus Calamari books w/ us on our walks to stock other little liebury boxes + swap 'em for other books dat fit beetter in our collection, like there's a bookbox on New Hampshire Avee dat had sum great books in line w/ our tastes, including Paul Kingsnorth The Wake, wich even tho we read + still halve in our personal liebury, we nabbed the copy to put in our box (replacing it accordionly w/ The Becoming). In this way our free book box is becoming a curated Calamari-seedid collection.



★★★★★ book box at 3509 New Hampshire




side of Petworth Citizen + Reading Room (unfortunately closed but we wint b4 w/ broLo + the Dude)


693 <(current)>  695 > I Rivers along NY ave + Carolinas w/ deckaids folding years INT.0 dayzzzzzzz in x-change for liebury boox
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