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01/01/2020 04:40> A new year. A new decade. Major slape whiting. Creating a new «20» folder to store post 696. As usual we slept rite thru New Years. Ate fondue + rewatched Apocalypse Now for probly the 20th time + drank our last bottle of Cava for a spell. Gunna stop drinking alcohole til 4/30/2020—our brother's 55th berthday + launch date of Textiloma. Or at least til the end of January, when the the 2nd ½ of season 6 of Bojack Horseman airs... in solidarity w/ his rehab. We don't normally do resolutions, so dare's dat. We also ain't gonna eat no mammals. Not that we do now, maybe once a month + the last time was probly back in October or November, don't even remember when. Even birds we ain't gunna eat so often, maybe once a month, whenever you're at a restraunt + there ain't nuttin' else. Just plant-based stuff + fish, shellfish... bottom of food chain. Can also afford to lose 5-10 lbs. We way 166+ rite now (the (+) cuz our wait fluctuates a few pounds on any given day, probly from water wait). We gunna fast every day til past 12:00 + maybe 1x a week fast 24 hours. Not drinking will also cut out sum exsses calories, specially as when u drink u tend to linger longer over yr food. H2O retention probly gots sumping to do w/ our mineareyes d-zzz, witch ain't bin so bad this past month. Our last series of bouts was around Thanksgiving. That's the big reason to stop alcohole, cuz it fucks w/ our sleep, even 1-2 glasses. So, wheel sea, deer diarhea. Vamos a ver.

05:11> Started chapter 5 (of 13) of Textiloma. Hit the 300 pg mark, witch is really the 100 pg mark for this volume (II, of 'SSES" 'SSES" "SSEY'). ½-way mark if it ends up as long as vols 0 + I. 5 days til we publish the 1st chapter, ch 12. Dat's what at least the 1st ¼ of 2020 will be about, finishing Textiloma; Or The Postmodern Epimetheus.

05:32> (We doing udder stuff sides riding this). Input-wise we already mentioned in the last post of 2019 how we aim to read more, how this lieebury book boox has inspired us as a librarian of sorts. Had a miner setback in our flow-thru... a few times in the past few weeks we'd look + ALL the books wd be gone, all at once. After we stocked it to the brim a few days ago to take this pic for the Calamari site we was cooking in our kitchen when we saw sum baglady putting handfulls of books into her a bag, the suspected culprit who we'd seen pilfer thru our box before. So we wint out +... dint really confront her, just made our presence felt, to let her know we was onto her. Indeed, she had completely gutted our boox into her bag. We was really disappointed after this, on the vurge of taking down our box. All it takes is 1 bad apple to ruin a good thing. Either this woman was a hoarder (she seems a bit cuckoo, tho perhaps cuz she's a voracious reader) or was selling them on eBay or sumping. This really bothered both our bedder-½ + us, woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it. Well, the next mourning while we waiting for the coffee brew we wint out + checked + ALL the books was back. Guess this book-bag-lady gots a conchus? Maybe she's a lieburian like us that just likes to spread books out across boxes (tho we haven't seen Calamari books in other boxes). Maybe this book-bag-layd = Ms. Ann Thrope?

05:50> 1 of the books we got in return in our box is Beauty and Sadness by Yasunari Kawabata. We started to read it, but ain't sure we'll finish it. It's about how a married 30-yr old dood knocked up a 15-yr old girl + then the baby died + then 24 yrs later when he's 54 (+ still married w/ a dotter of his one) goes back to Kyoto to stock this girl he knocked up (now 39), trying to make it seem all romantic + literary... how he wants to hear the New Year's Bells w/ her + has high hopes of rekindling their romance + there's all these new younger geishas involved... dunno, maybe folks rolled dat way back then or in Japan, but just ain't intresting to us. A book to put back in the boox for sum other middle-aged dood to read + feed his fantasies. Watched Who's That Knocking at My Door (1967) the other night + felt the same way, just a bunch of loser bras hanging out expecting girls to be chaiste + pure except the broads they fuck + beat up.

06:05> Anothere book we got not in our liebury boox but another little free library in our hood is White Center by Richard Hugo. At night when we can't sleep we come down to our chair in the window + w/o turning any lights on we can read by the streetlight outside it's so bright. Normally we don't dig poetry much but we dug sum of Hugo's stuff, probly cuz he's from the Pac NW so we can relate. These lines picked at randumb:

Thee best towns, no matter how solvent, seem
to barely hang on. This is the town to leave
for the void and come back to needing a home.
It may be the aged river or the brick hotel
on the bank, heavy as water, or the ritual
that shouldn't be hard to start, the whole town out
shouting 'come back' at the breaks one day a year.

> This 1's a keeper... does this make us the hoarder? Herein lies the problema... if we keep the book for our personal liebury it keeps other folks from reading it. Score of the day [just checked our boox] is Find Me by André Aciman, the follow-up to Call Me by My Name... chiunque l'abbia lasciato!

New Years Day walk

1/2/2020 05:20> Since y'erday was the 1st day of the year/decade, for our Microcosm DC proeject figgered we'd knock off Dial-a-where, the 1st state of the U.S. But 1st we needed to finish the rest of Florida Ave cuz last time we axidentally veered off before we was done. Looped over to Rock Creek + past the Lincoln Memorial + the Southwest Waterfront where we ate at Kith/Kin... perty good but pricey. Then over to Delaware Ave SW, 1 of them areas that's got a high concentration of dots on murder maps. Also where Marvin Gaye spent sum of his childhood. Found the other piece of Delaware Ave running right into Union Station + up til we ran back into Florida, this time payin' close attention cuz it's tricky, disappears+ takes weird sudden turns. Probly the most circular route we've taken thus far, over a ½-marathon of walking (13.3 miles). Scored Fast Food Nation + Kavalier & Clay for our boox, left sum of our one behind. Not a lot of booxes on this route tho. At 1 point saw a cop pull a car over + then precede to overheat, smoke billowing out from the cop's car! Quite amusing, the look on the cop's face. The only association we got w/ Dial-a-where (the state) was going there once for the Punkin Chunkin festival. Florida, well, we're going next week. We even saw Florida Project for the occassion, but dunno, we wasn't so impressed, just found it annoying, just not the type of folks we want to spend 2 hours watching. The whirled wd be bedder off w/o such degenerates.

off Florida in Kalorama






Randall Jr High (soon to be a museum)





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supreme court


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