I Rivers along NY ave + Carolinas w/ deckaids folding years INT.0 dayzzzzzzz in x-change for liebury boox


route du jour

12/25/19> Xmas. Since the streets was quiet + the wether good figgered weed knock off New York Ave. Baysickly like walking along a freeway, not so intresting for pedestrians (tho maybe we're beeing pedestrian for sayin' dat). We veered off in Ivy City + then circled back along West Virginia til we hit Florida + then looped back along FL ave, taking another detour aroud Union Market wich has changed dramatically in the past few years since we lived in Capitol Hill. Circle-8'ed back on Florida but fucked up + endid up on U so we'll halve to finish the rest of Florida Ave sum other time. Too hard to say what we think about when we think about the state of New York, the state we've lived in probly longer than anywhere else. West Virginia we don't got much experience with, maybe drove thru her once or twice briefly. We've been to Florida a few times + we going again in a few weeks... not that we're crazy about dat state but at least it's warm. We din't halve no luck w/ book boxes but when we got home ∀ll our lieboros was gone out of our one little liebury boox.








a plethora of distilleries in Ivy City, including Don Ciccio + Figlio





angling back on West Virginia now


Sound ƒurie in action


Mt Olivet cemetary





12/26> While 2019 was probly our most prolific year ever on 5cense (this bee the 63rd post), it was probly the most sedentary. B-sides Spain in January we din't travel intl since moving from Rome in March. And even domestically the only time we got on a plane was to go to Oregon/California. 2019 will go down as the year we bot a casa + saddled down. We din't publish a single book, tho we released 1 album (3.3 x 3.3 = S.S.). We only read 19 books... hope to do more reading in 2020, but still minimal travel, unless it's sum place cool we've never bin... keep our carbone footprint low, travel in our head, or psychogeographically + microcosmicly in our own city/state.

12/27> Spose this is turning into dat end of year riflection... it's the 1st full year since we rebranded 5cense.com as The Daily Noose + started inklooting more music into the mix. Also the year our Mineareye's d-zzz got diagnosed. Did a lot of archiving/transcribing of old hand-written journels. Embarked on our Microcosmic DC project (did 20 of the 51 state-named streets). Heck, guess it's also high time to reeflect on the teens decade. The 1st day of the deckaid we'd just moved to our loft in DUMBO, but a few months later we moved to Rome. And then back + forth + up + down a few more times... in a nutshell ⅓ the '10s in NYC, ⅓ in D.C + ⅓ in Rome. Time flies.

Currently reading Black Magic Woman # Zero Point Negro by I Rivers, nom de plume for an author dat like us writes anonymously. Also lacking ethnicity, tho sum say he's a Malay from Singapore, but hoo nose... maybe we = I Rivers? Seeems an apt name to author thriver meme by, a project we started last month but wheel halve to put on hold now dat we're committed to finish Textiloma by April 30, 2020. What's to stop us from assuming the I Rivers name? Wonder if anybody's done dat, impersonated a pseudo-/anon-ymous rider? Maybe I Rivers = Pynchon? Maybe Pynchon = us? Bmw # zpn is a trip. We ain't god the slightest idea what's going on but find ourselves continuing to scan our eyes across the words, usually while we're on our elliptical or stationary bike, writing in plaze. Round the plaza. Quiet stream of conch us nest. Like us, I Rivers/the narrator also travels seamlessly between unconnected plazes by hopping on the metro + ½ the time u ain't sure if you're pard of a movie production, ain't sure what's ℝeel + what's memorEX, ox.

28 Dec> Another nice day, in the 60°s, so did otra paseo, this time down thru Capitol Hill. We was toying w/ the idea of doing a roadtrip down south to Florida next week, but d-sided to fly in stead, so in loo of road-tripping thru the Carolinas, figgered we'd walk North + South Carolina Avenues. There was also a piece of New Jersey Ave we missed before, not realizing it continued south of the mall. Capitol Hill (where we lived 20152016) definitely has some good book boxes, North in pertickler (South Carolina is more about quantity than quality)... may-b our buddy P's doing since he lives down yonder off NC? Carolinas the states.... almost moved to Chapel Hill, NC in 1997 but we had a panic attack + ended up living in Georgia, where we did a lot of land surveying in South Carolina. We also grew up on Caroline drive in Portand, OR. We haven't bin spouting our mileage (our bedder-½ keeps track of steps + gives us the maps), but usually we don't bother unless we walk over 10+ miles. Ate at Etto (which has puntarellee!) + then saw the premiere of Punk the Capital at Black Cat... DC as the most archival of ∀ll the punk scenes, ox.


primo liebury boox along N. Carolina (scored Ulysses + left A Raft Manifest ± The Becoming in it's wake)


books we exchanged 4 last 2 walks

29 Dec> Our Microcosmic DC walks are turning into book cross-pollinating trips where we disperse Calamari to other parts of town + snag other lieboros in exchange (that will eventually fined their way back into our boox). In fact, now we's thinking bout dissemination beyond just the district, ox... that if there was other folks out dare—"stewards" as they's called in Little Free Liebury lingo—that weed send 'em a box of books (+ tapes) to stock there book boxes/little free lieburies. Or if there's any small pressees out there ± anybody w/ excess books, tapes, etc. to donate to our liebury, you'all kin send them to us (in kind for ours) + we'll host 'em in our boox (LFL registration # 91437). Contact us if you's game.

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