5cense Foreign Objets launched as Textiloma + projected as The Door onto a door


01/04/2020> We wint to a movie last nite in a theatre w/ multiple screens + chairs facing every wich way so u picked a chair facing the screen u wanted to watch, all juxtaposed at skewed angles. We was there to see The Doors movie + it was being projected onto a door. The people we was with (strangers) picked a randumb seat way in back where we could barely see, especially since the door/screen was actual size. Then later we was sitting w/ our bedder-½ + she was talking about how she had tickets to see Queen + Michael Jackson + how she bot 'em before they were popular + meanwhile we was distracted cuz there was a doorway in this janky meat market establishment across the street + these guys would show up in wheelchairs + helmets + when they got to the doorway threw themselves to the ground amongst filth + sharp objects + then dragged their folded-up wheelchairs thru the doorway cuz they couldn't fit otherwise. Our bedder-½ said we wasn't even paying attention so she decided to give the extra ticket to 1 of her friends. Then she left the table + we had to explain to this friend of hers how we was distracted cuz we was watching these guys in wheelchairs throw themselves to the ground to get thru this door + how we din't understand if so menny disabled folks worked at this meat market why they din't make it wheelchair accessesible or at least clean up all the garbage + sharp objects on the ground + how also we din't care about the concert cuz the lead singers of both bands were dead so how was it even possible they was playing live, but at the same time we was curious + hurt that our bedder-½ gave our ticket away + sad that we had to explain this all to a friend of hers we didn't even know.

01/05/2020> Our father was born 85 years ago today + also died 38 years ago today, so in honor we're publishing the 1st chapter (#12) of Textiloma online. It's a transitional chapter really between volumes 1 + II of "SSEY'... after this chapter 12 the #ing resets back to chapter 1 (wich weel post in 9 days, on Jan 14, 2020). Now the pressure's on to finish the book according to the schedule we've committed to! We've got a little bit of a headstart, but we're going to Florida in a few days for over a week.

Also feeling the pressure to keep up w/ the books checking in to our liebury boox... more coming in then will fit. We set aside the 1s we might be intrested in reading but don't want to hoard them too long. 1 book that appeared last week was Foreign Objects by David Reisman. Weird thing about this book is that it was published by Hornbill Press, wich lists their address (in NYC) as 560 Riverside Drive, Apt 20F. From 2013-2014 we lived at 560 Riverside Drive, Apt 18F. So excatly 2 floors below them. Weird to think there was another small press operating 2 floors above us... granted Foreign Objects was published in 2004 + googling now seams Hornbill Press ain't around no more. Like our Poste Restante (2006), Foreign Objects is a literary dream log, only Reisman is an artist that sketches his dreams. If we was a better artist we'd do the same, like the dream at the beginning of this post wd be e-zier to draw than to d-scribe in words, the movie theatre w/ multiple screens all in 1 big open room + u had to pick a seat facing the pertickler screen u wantid to watch + no, not like a drive-in... all the projections + seats crossed paths + formed weird angles, not much order to it.

more like premonition, since dream drawing was made in 1995

We also read sum books Alex Gregor gave us when he was over hear for dinner the other night, 2 that his press (Oomph!) published:

+ a chapbook of his own, The Pollen Path. The Helena Österlund book was perticklerly intresting, a cross between Aase Berg + Peter Markus, but even more repetitive + minimal.

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