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01/07/2020> Dear Inurnet, it's bin 1 week since we stopped drinking + we don't feel so Δiffrent, como hoy madrugada we feel a bit hungover, extraño no? Spose we doormirror a bit bedder, or at least when can't sleep or wake up at 4 a.m. we're more productive. We're also a bit constipated so perhaps fermented wine + beer + fernet is good for the digestion? Or at least our guts got used to dat, need to rejigger our biome, kombucha perhaps. If u google alcohall withdrawl sinptum's it's obvius we ain't dat heavy uv drinkers cuz we din't experience nun of them FX (seizures, delusions + hellucinations where u can see, feel, or hear things that ain't there!?). Not like we ain't gone for a week sans hooch a few times last year, a good part of the summer in fact + notissed the same thing, dat there ain't much Δiffrence. Came to the same conclusion in 2012 when we had our first "bed-falling vertigo terror" + blamed it on vino, before we knew we had mineareyes d-zzz. So if our vertigo is probly cauzed by barometric presshore or lo que sea + not hooch + if we don't feel no Δiffrent ether weigh + disfruto el vino, then why not drink? We're doing it in solidarity w/Bo Jack (that's the line at dinner parties) + also in solidarity w/ our brother + father, at least until we finish our book. And our bedder-½'s doing it in solidarity w/ us. Wheel metaphorically go thru the 12 steps w/ them (minus all the hire god shit). Not sure our dad ever was able to quit cold-turkey, we member our stepmuther wanted him to go to A.A. but not sure ever he did. She used to dump all his alcahole out, but then discovered he was drinking his mouthwash. Or he'd sneak off, say on an errand + stop off at a bar on the way. And our brother... well, that's a hole Δiffrent ballgame (in regards to withdrawl sinptums) trying to quit heroin. We kin onely imagine. May'be it ain't in our jeans to drink... our "drinking problem" is unique in that our problem is that we ain't able to drink. We're failed winos. Whenever we think of "drinking problem" we think of this scene from Airplane:

01/08> Speaking of Airplane, we're at the airport now. We already broke 1 of our resolutions, not to fly in 2020. Tho it's just a puddle jumper down to JAX + we looked into the train + it's weigh more expensive + takes forever. Not that we care about taking forever, cd get a lot of reading done, it's more our bedder-½ whose got the skedjewel to keep. Our next trip to EUrup we're contemplating taking a cargo ship. Haven't lost wait either (our other resolution), probly cuz knowing we was leaving town we ate all the food cuz we don't wanna waist nada. Riding the metro we was annoyed we had to top up our exit fare, only 20¢ so we dig out a quarter contemplating wether we shd get our nickel change, reach in + there's $12-13 dollars of change (mostly dollar coins) piled up in there from folks forgetting their change. Then thru security we forgot we had a swig of water left in our water bottle + our bag was flagged + rather then let us just drink the last swig on the spot we had to leave + dump the water out + then stand in line all over again. Then they changed our gate 3 times, each time we had to ketch a shuttlebus to the other terminal, 1 of them annoying shuttles that u stand there jammed in til they d-side they can't possibly cram 1 more person in. Back + forth between the 2 terminals x2 + then when finally got on the plane we sat on the tarmac for an hour... all for a less than 2 hr flight. If the carbon footprint don't stop us from flying then these mind-boggling annoyances will.

Read Intruder In The Dust by Faulkner. Got it from a liebury boox sumwhere can't remember, before we god our boox. It's about sum black dude Lucas Beauchamp (who seams has bin in other Faulkner books?) who's falsely accused of killing sum white dude. [Spoiler alrert] the part where they dug up the body + discovered it was sumone else was perty funny. Used to be we left red books behind when we was travelling to lighten the lode but now that we god a liebury boox of our one we want to bring it book to leave there... tho Intruder In the Dust is probly folks in the south shd read. Wait, shit, do we leave in the south? D.C.'s south of Mason+Dixon anyway. Then again, folks north of M+D cd stand to read Intruder in the Dust to learn sumping about what d' rives the southern mentality. Hear's 2 passagedges at randumb (int typical Faulkner fashion u can't quote sentences cuz everything runs on in rambling page-long sentences that don't seam to ever end:


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