5cense The strip-mauled homogenized duplicate of the islandic invention of Dr. Morel under constant rigor


9 Jan 2020| St Augustine> Deer diahrea, slept 8 hour last nite only getting up once, for the 1st time in a long while, tho still got slight vertigo, hungover like we had too much to sleep. Don't member our dreams tho, sumping about Calamari Archive being run by 4 people so we had sum sorta complicated approval prosses. Yer'day got into JAX + got a car... another pet peeve of ours, can't stand planes + automobiles no more. Reason enough to live in Europe where u can get by on trains. Got to thinking that perhaps our distaste of v-uckles is cuz both our brother + father died in parked cars. The last coche we oned was in the late '90s, after our brother died. Got in this generic rental car (who we call "Jim") that felt like any other car they make now... they spend billions of dollars on advertising, but they ∀ll look + feel the same to us, indistinguishable except maybe the color. Always confusing when we go out to the parking lot (Dat ∀ll appear el mismo) trying to find it. Everywhere we go there's tons of traffic, inny randum place + ∀ll we think is what do all these ppl do + where the fuck are they all going? What do folks due down hear b-sides "retire"? As if they need new tread. Drove along the beach (i.e. 1 long strip of strip malls that ∀ll look the same, like 99% of ∀meirka) stopping for bad Mexican food cuz couldn't find much else then thru St. Augustine (skipped it cuz we've seen it before + don't feel like hanging out in cities) to the beach. At sum point we went right by the infamous Fountain of Youth + stopped for a second then decided we'd rather halve the untarnished abstract idea of it in our head + not sum disappointing tourist attraction to replace the imagined vision. Funny the Fountain of Youth esta en Florida de todos los lugares, donde la gente va a morir. We're staying at sum hotel that's like any other hotel in ∀merika, can't tell the Δifference between these chains + 1-off 1-of-a-kind hotels are few + far in between in ∀merika. We cd be anywhere in ∀merika but this state is warm + on the ocean. Walked in Anastastia state park along the beach then ate a dozen oysters + salmon poke + had an O'douls cuz it was we was craving beer (raw fish + beer are mutually inseparable in our mined), thinking maybe the fermentation was good for our digestion + they didn't have kombucha. Now the sun is coming up + we're gunna go sit out on our balcony listening to the waves + reading The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares, wich for sum reason we ain't red before but dang, good so far, harks of a mix between Mt. Analogue (but on an island instead) + Log of the S.S. the Mrs Unguentine + also The Revisionist.

swampy K-OS

10 Jan | New Smyrna Beach, FL> Late last nite wint to the doctor's w/ our bedder-½ + they gave her XTC as part of her therapy. She was on her way to work + we was saying that she wd be in no condition to work so we was going to take her home. Evidently the initial "hot pan" effect was gonna kick in in 10 minutes. We got in the elevator + it went up not down, couldn't find an elevator descending. We aksed nurses + orderlies + they just shrugged, resigned to their fate that elevators only wint up + u was on your one to find a weigh down. Ended up in an offshoot of the NYC subway station that was high up in an elevated parking garage. We followed sum sign that said ∃xit thru a strange service tunnel along the side of a freeway bridge. There was sum other ppl w/ us + even an MTA employee guiding the way, all talking about how absurd this was + the MTA employee was saying it was temproary. Woke up w/ terrible vertigo. In the middle of the night + this mourning cd barely walk to the bathroom, holding on to the walls. The barometic pressure is 30.50 (up from 30.07 2 days ago) + now falling down to 30.36. Nada out of the ordinario. It was an exceptionally full "super" moon last night, maybe that's got sumping to do w/ it? And was windy + we was walking on the beach. Had alligator tail (a reptile so fair game as far as our "no mammal" resolution goes) + fish tacos for lunch. Tuna poke + seaweed salad + edamame for dinner + big serving of key lime pie ice cream after + okay, we also had sum sour gummy bears earlier in the day. But we was pigging out on jelly bellies + chocolate last week + was feeling okay. We drove from St. Augustine, stopping at Fort Matanzas to go for a little walk on an elevated walkway + then stopped at another spot to walk on the beach. Thru Daytona to New Smyrna. Just hanging out here for a day or 2.



I-land of Morel

11 Jan> Finished The Invention of Morel... boy oh bioy, what a trip. Rarely do we rate a book ★★★★★ on Goodreads + the reason we don't is cuz when we due we wand to reserve 5★s for books como esto. Casares ends the book by saying "To the person who reads this diary and then invents a machine that can assemble disjoined presences, I make this request: Find Faustine and me, let me enter the heaven of her consciousness." We feel almost like A.B. Casares is reaching out across almost a century of time to us, tasking us w/ the aks to riverse ingenehear his liebro, to replicate his bookish machine... perhaps wheel heed his call, tal vez The Invention of Morel will become absorbed into our thriver meme. Or perhaps Inturnet itself is ya this mashene dat he dreamt uv. Not onelie is The Invention of Morel perhaps the prototypical posthuman novel («I am the slaughtered animals» he declares, in refrence to Ajax) dat predates ∀ll udders, but Casares predicts climate change, the Inurnet + the FX of Malthus when no 1 else wanted to talk about overpopulation (the book was published in 1940):

But unfortunately these will be vulnerable paradises because the images will not be able to see men, and, if men do not heed the advice of Malthus, someday they will need the land of even the smallest paradise, and will destroy it's defenseless inhabitants or will exile them by disconnecting their machines.

+ this pg perty much sums it up:

We got a lot more to say bout Casare's invention but think it might be worthy of a more thorough study. For starters we red it in english, maybe we'll reread it in the native español (specially as there's a "lenghty apology" for Malthus that the editor omitted due to lack of space... tho we ain't sure who wrote this "editor's note" (perhaps Casares was his one editor?) + whether this same note appears in the originul spanish). And since all the action in the book happens (or is projected over + over again like Groundhog's Day (1993) or more recently Russian Doll (2019)) ova the coarse of a week, perhaps we shd read it 6 more times in diffrent landgauges ± see the movie versions (1 in french (1967) + 1 in Italian (1974)). And the name "Morel" iself is a nod to Island of Dr. Moreau (1896) by H.G. Wells, which we saw the bad movie version w/ a fat clammy Marlon Brando (1996), but perhaps we she read the book. And Lost (2004-2010) was also loosely based on The Invention of Morel (+ in 1 episode Sawyer is seen reading the book) tho Lindelof claims everything as an influence. Invention of Morel encapsulates all the themes + concepts we hold dear to us (besides the above, also that the world as we know it is composed entirely of sensations). Part of the reason we want to put our thoughts on hold (cuz u cd probly write a 10,000 pg book about this 100 pg novella) is that we're thinking it ain't so relevant to the project (Textiloma) weave committed ourself to finish over the next 3 months... but then again it is, cuz it's about cinema + the distortion it causes between reality + film + it's about unrequited love of the sort of our brother had for [H]ope, where you're in love w/ an idealized version of sum 1. The only reason we're even reading books now is cuz we ain't able to work on Textiloma cuz the master copy is back on the mothership in D.C. in InDesign. Unless we write in Dreamweaver + inkoroporate this. Like us, Casares (or the narrator in The Invention of Morel) is an obsessive documentarian, ever self-aware of himself writing + by writing he wills what he writes to happen. "While writing these details, I had the sensation of living through the experience."

we adapt Casare's adoption of Leonardo's «constant rigor» as our one


In The Invention of Morel he see's a fishtank full of dead fish
+ returns a few days later + sees the same tank full of the same fish but they are alive

Wint for a walk long on the wide beach up to Smyra Dunes, looping around to the lagoon side + then back across the dunes. Din't bring a camraw, but it was nice. Saw a tortoise.

Smyrna beach

Started to read Final Del Juego by Julio Cortázar (in spanish). We picked it up mostly cuz we rewatched Antonioni's Blow-up the other night + wanted to read the short story it was based on, but ends up it's not in this collection (even tho wikipedia says it was), maybe the english version has it, don't know. We read a few of the stories but was totally confused + had to find english translations or explanations to read + even then we wasn't so sure. We get the general jist, there's just usually these subtleties to Cortázar's stories that are what's important.

12 Jan 2020> Shifted sumwhere in the middle of this peninsula w/ a lot of lakes.

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