5cense Black swans/white pelicans, Indecency + REMember: this is NOT a zoo or theme park


12 Jan 2020> Post # 700 lands us sum plaze in the middle of Florida, cd bee anywhere in ∀merika. Got hear y'erday + toured around looking at lakes + birds + wint to a publick liebury where we picked up a copy of Fahrenheit 451 for 25¢ to bring back to our liebury boox. 2day went to Clearwater, swam a long wile in the gulf + combed the beach. Stopped in Ybor City for lunch at Columbia, oldest spanish food in ∀merika or sum such claim.

Swann away from Swann St



Ybor chickins

13 Jan> Ran around lake H x2 (10k total). Played shuffleboard wint to sum other lake + saw a few allahgators. Conversation in these parts inevitably leads to talk about Drumpf, guns, race, religion, etc. + u reelize how ignorant + fearful these folks are. Quite dipressing + scary. The more we see of ∀merika outside of the cities on west + east coasts the more disturbed we are.

14 Jan> Launched chapter 2 of Textiloma, "Reinhabiting Deependsea." 2 weeks w/o a drink. Shifted north to Gainesville, at least it's a college town w/ young educated ppl. Walked La Chua trail, much as we cd.... seams the hogwah has risen so twards the end we was wading up to our shins in the swampy muck. Signs said: "Remember: This is NOT a zoo or theme park" as if folks needid reminding. Saw a few big gators that jumped in the hogwah before we cd get a decent photo. Saw a a few dear + lots of birds + lots of live oaks w/ spanish moss drooping ∀ll ova. Dinner at Blue Gill w/ a bunch of geeky sighingtists, nice to talk w/ folks dat speak our landgauge.

U of Florida campus






La Chua


Alachua sink


15 Jan> Read sum of Indecency by Justin Phillip Reed but wasn't into it much. We always souprized by the types of books that get the National Book Award. He's gay + black, so guess there's that. And he does experiment visually a few times, tho seams for the sake of it. Just seamed randumb to us. 1 to leave in our boox that may'b sum 1 Ls will appreciate.

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