5cense The actual white-fanged dogberry is dead (not for sale) in a swampy 451° F







15 Jan 2020 | Gainesville, FL> Walked around the U of F campus to Lake Alice (above) then up to "Friends of the Library" bookstore, which is sposed to be the largest bookstore in Florida + says open on googlemaps, but is only open for donations. I walked into this massive warehouse w/ shelves stuffed w/ books + they wouldn't let me browse! Silly + cruel. They only sell books twice a year. Sorta like our idea of opening a store w/ cool stuff that ain't for sale. We did find a used bookstore where we picked up sum books for 25-50¢ for our liebury boox:

We've bin rereading Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury... not as good as we rember. Conceptually its got intresting ideas (in pertickler the "4th wall TV" where the viewer acts out 1 part), but the writing is more pulp-trashy then literary, certainly not subtle. And at times tinged w/ racism, especially in the coda he added in 1979. Then again, it was written in 1950, so it is what it is, for the time + if we judge or censor it we succumb to the same trappings the book portends. In the afterword he also talks about sum additional material created for a play, how the fire chief had a whole liebury full of books, but it was ok cuz he never read them.

Also reading Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard just cuz we seemed it would be better than the film, but then after reading past the opening coin-flipping scene decided maybe we shd read Hamlet 1st. Spose we was going to immortalize a Shakespear charactor we'd choose Dogberry from much ado about nada. High time we re-/read mo Shapespear. Switched to The Actual by Saul Bellow, but like w/ other attempts w/ Bellow, we got bored. Coulnd't relate to them high-flutin Chicago artistocats. Re-red about 100 pages of White Fang to bide the time.

19 Nov> Bin back a few days, working full-bore on Textiloma. We're about ½-way done, thru chapter 6, at least in draft. Probly won't be blogging much these next 2 months nor reading books unless they're related to Textiloma.

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