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1 Feb 2020—
Posted episode 3 of Textiloma, "Archival Drawers Gone South."

2 Feb—
Walked Tennessee Ave NE, way over in Capitol Hill, between H + Lincoln Park. Saw lots of booxes, but not as good of luck as last time we flâneured The Hill, lots of children's + religious books. Almost 9 miles worth.

We almost lived in Tennessee once... sometime in the late '90s. Our bedder-½ had an interview in Memphis at St. Judes, while we scouted out the town w/ an eye to possibly live there... we member it feeling rather segregated for our tastes, very little middle ground between rich/white + poor/black. We crossed the Mississippi into Arkansas + it struck us as the trashiest place ever we'd bin to in ∀merika. Saw Graceland + Sun Studio + ∀ll that. It was rite after Jeff Buckley drowned in the Mississippi, wich googling now was in May 1997, a month after our brother died.

3 Feb> We're up to 1997 in Textiloma, going chronologically. The last week or 2 weave bin going thru Ulysses + our (Telemachus) journels. Ulysses entries start to peter out + then in August of '96 U went to rehab in Tucson + made a few entries in a hand-written diarrea wich is barely legible. We (Telemachus) switched over to a laptop by '96 so it's more or less a ⌘+C/⌘+V job (+ converting both journels to 1st person plural narrative + we speak about U, Ulysses in 2nd person, U). ∀ll tho our diarrea post '95 is digital, they entrees sort of a garbled mess cuz we originally rote them in Claris ± an antiquated form of MS Word so the only way we can axess them is to change the extension to .txt, ignore all the garbled goobly gook + grab the text that resembles english. We thought while we was in there reading thru the text that we may as well post the entrees hear, but they need sum editing + we're focused now on what's relevant to finish Textiloma... but maybe we'll post the rest of the late '90s from Tel's perspective soon...

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