5cense Leap day # 7/11 after Ox-∃YE Madrugada (½-way) rapping up ∃nding ding ringing en our ears


02/28/2020> Posted episode 6 (Ox-∃YE Madrugada) of Textiloma, so ½ way there (far as making it public). Weave got 2 pgs to go (superstitchus about page count, needs to be 444) + then we gotta go back + re-reread tho up to 6 is perty clean. Our bedder-½ is off in NYC + we was gonna meat her there but figgered we needid to wrap up Textiloma.

02/29/2020> Happy leap day, dear inUrnet. In Textiloma, our father's b-day is on Feb 29, so he'd celebrate #20 when really he's aged 80 yrs. Funny they hold elections in leap years, as if they need that extra day for campaigning? Yesterday we was ½ a page away from finishing Textiloma + was on a roll, probly cd of finished but we stopped ourself short... guess it's like that Schroedinger's cat thing where at least for a day we wanted to revel in the indetourminency, nether alive nor dead... unless it's like the Zeno thing where U can never reach the end cuz U always got ½-way of ½-way left. Even tho it's cold + our bedder-½ is in NYC (or maybe by now further up in Canada) we wint for a walk, not on a state-named street but up in Mt Pleasant mostly where there's loads of little liebury booxes, scored sum major booty (+ left a bunch behind) inklooting Pynchon's Mason & Dixon which we tried to read when it came out in hardback but was too unwieldly... maybe being in paperback is easier? Crossed Rock Creek + came back thru the zoo (y not, it's free), tho most nobody was home, did say hi to hyena tho.

Mar 1> Finished Textiloma, now we just gotta go back + read thru 1 last time to make sure it ∀ll jives as a hole. Will be good to halve our life back, get back to making music, to reading books, to talking about other stuff hear on The Daily Noose besides Textiloma. Spent ∀ll of January not drinking + now weave settled (or fallen?) back into a (non)-habit of drinking a few times a week + not more than 1-2 drinks, tho 1 or 2 times we had more than that + suffered dearly, slept terrible. Our tolerance way down. Even if we halve 1 beer like last night, we feel sort of crappy the next day... unless it's our mineareye's d-zzz acting up, or the emotional strain of Textiloma, which is sobering to say the least. It's almost like alcohol itself is like that drug they give to alcoholics that makes them sorta sick when they drink, killing the desire or whatever endorphin or blocking the chemical that creates the craving. The only reason we had a beer last night was cuz it's saturday night + feel we needed to mark the weekend somehow, but now we're wondering if it's better to just not drink at ∀ll. Feeling perty good otherwise, especially if we think back to how we felt this time last year, or even the year in Rome or before that in Georgetown. We also said we wanted to lost a few pounds back in January, but have gained a few since... not sure why, maybe cuz we overcompensate for not drinking by eating more? We feel our mineareyes, but mostly just ringing in our ears (wich at the moment is deafening), not so much vertigo. The presshore rose 0.3 millibars in the past day, maybe that's got sumping to do w/ it? Othewise, it's beautiful out, sitting in the sunny front window listening to the gospill church singing + ∀ll sorts of folks browsing our liebury boox... on weekends we get like a person a minute stopping by our boox, wich is probly more than wd come by our table at AWP (granted we're giving books away), wich seems it's about that time a year, no? We don't even know where it is this year, completely out of touch w/ the lit whirld + we don't care. Part of us wonders why we bother pubishing Textiloma, or why we put so much effort into it, when the only person we're writing it for is our brother + he's more likely to read it on inUrnet then in book form, wherever he is...

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