5cense Caged from contagion to Arkansas + Iowa, keeping our distance to keep from going 6 ft. under


03/26/2020> Posted episode 9 of Textiloma, "Re:joyce, Rejoyce! 9 Lives of 2nd Chant’SSES".

03/29/2020> Received 8 boxes of Textiloma yesterday (u can only fit 22 to a box), any 1 that wants a copy let us know. Felt bad for UPS dude, but we ordered these before all this madness wint down. Brot them in then washed our hands + shirt + let the boxes sit for a day before we opened. Mailing em is a bit of a pain, don't want to set foot in no P.O. but seams even if u postage it online they've jiggered those blue boxes to not accept nothing but envelopes now. If you're in the DC area, we'll try to keep our liebury boox (wich is quite popalure rite now, at least to look at) stocked, tho we're reluctant even to touch that (we leave the latch open so u don't have to touch it, but folks keep closing it).

> Scott Bradfield gave us a shoutout in his bathtub video series (wich are awesome btw... what Inurnet was made for).

> This is direction el mundo is taking, writers doing readings online, bands performing virtual concerts, zoom happy hours etc. Like menny others i'm sure, weave got a collaborative C-19 playlist to help get us thru this insanity:

03/30/2020> We started to go on a Microcosmic DC walk yesterday but it was sunday + nice so everyone + their mothers was out for a stroll, so we abandoned our walk... too hard to keep distance + just ain't worth it. So today (monday) we tried again, still fairly crowded but not as bad. Started w/ Arkansas wich we don't got much experience with (the state)... drove their once from Memphis + all we remember was a lot of trailer trash + Iowa we passed thru once or twice on 1 of our cross-country moves + all we member is corn + bodyfat. The streets are both in the NE quadrant, up thru Mt Pleasant + Petworth. At one point we saw cops + pairomedics in hazmat suits apparently removing a body. If COVID don't keep us from walking + running these next few weeks/months, then our allergies will, witch were terrible + sure terrifying to other folk (at 1 point when we sneezed a woman did an about face + fled in the opposit direction).


old shcool social distancing

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