5cense 4 books that shouldn't be books + a new guitar to shake a seeing-eye dog we saw shaking


9 April 2020> Last night we were sitting in a row of plastic chairs outside of a blood bank in some mall complex (weird how a lot of our dreams take place in malls + we haven't been to 1 in decades), not cuz we were giving blood but just cuz it was a place to sit. There was some sort of class/seminar across the way + the teacher came out + started ranting + raving, about nothing in particular but about how people were always late + din’t have no respect, like he was taking it personally, being self-deprecating + saying what's the point of ∃xistence. He wasn’t looking or directing any comments at us but we assumed it meant we were in his class so quickly scrambled over, not even checking our syllabus to verify this was the case. We apologized to him + said we thought it started at 11:00, not 10:00, even tho it was 9:57. There was only 5-8 people taking the class + they were still getting coffee + waiting for the bathroom so we figured we’d go too. There was a poster of Yogi Beyor, spelled that way + we were thinking Jess shd call us Beyor, instead of Bayor.

Finally got a new working Fender acoustic! Last July we were having problems w/ the built-in pick-up + sent it back to them (which cost ½ as much as the guitar itself). They said it worked fine + sent the same one back. But it still didn't work properly, we'd put a battery in + maybe get 5 or 10 minutes of use before it would fade + distort, so had to quickly record something. Finally they believed us + sent a new one + this one we played (plugged in) for a few hours last night + it didn't die. And yes, that means Sound ƒuries are working on new material. 1 thing good about this COVID crysis is that while bands ain't performing live, we imagine there'll be a slu of great songs in the near fewchair.

A couple books (picked up from liebury boxes (u can see our boox in the above photo blocked by the head of the guitar)) we started to read before deciding they ain't worthy of being books (better read on Inurnet):

  • The Darwin Awards—we loved this site in the late '90s/early '00s, but just doesn't feel the same in book form. Doesn't seem like their site's been updated since 2002 (when the book was published) either.
  • How Google Works—we picked this up only cuz we thought the idea of this in book form was funny, but skimming the beginning it seems more about the history of google than it's inner workings. And it's terribly dated... Google is constantly changing their algorithms. When we worked at Comedy Central a decade or more ago we took a SEO workshop offered by Google + sure none of what we learned then applies now.
  • What the Dog Saw by Malcom Gladwell—we've enjoyed a few of Gladwell's other books, but this is just a hodge-podge of pieces he wrote for The New Yorker, so would be better off read there.

... call us a book snob. We also are trying to make a dent in our to-read stack + would rather save ourself for books more worthy. Speaking of books that shouldn't be books, we also started to read Harper Lee's Go Set a Watchman... not that we'd buy it (another we found in a boox). We didn't care about the usual criticisms of how it demystifies Atticus (ends up he's actually a racist), that's probly the most interesting aspect, the book just didn't seem like it was going anywhere. The original publisher was right to not publish it + suggest she delve more into the childhood flashbacks. This book is only worthwhile as a supplement to Mockingbird, for those wanting more (wich don't inkloot us).

10 April> 1 thing cool about publishing Textiloma is when we get in touch w/ Kevin's old friends to see if they want a copy they always seem to find another new anecdote or photo to send us, like this 1 of Kevin posing as Robert Smith:

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