5cense Re:pyschled (anti)-∀rt mini-brute 2S of beauty in the breakdown— sending out an S.O.S. pad


6 May 2020> Dear Inurnet, dayz + weeks starting to blend into the next, settimane measured by our Friday food delivery or Tuesday garbage/recycle pickup. Been writing sum on thriver meme, but not ready to post the next chapter. Writing new Sound ƒurie tunes... we needid a sequencer to help w/ song writing + impulsively got an Arturia Mini-Brute 2S, which is far more than just a sequencer, it opens all sorts of possibilities into sound sculpting, but it's a bear to learn, spent a few days watching whatever oline vids (which usually suck) + reading the manual, but feel we've only hit the tip of the iceberg of what it's capable of. Hear's our desktop now:

The eurorack patchbay in pertickler will let us mix things in/out from other sources... if we can figure out how. We stained the other side of our fence the other day... a year ago our neighbor was an asshole when we offered but the new neighbors are nice + appreciative, gave us access to their yard so we cd stain it (so it's better preserved + looks better for them). We had a sneezing attack which i'm sure freaked them out... our allergies terrible this time of year, haven't been out running or walking as a conseakwince + also cuz our heal ain't fully heeled. Seams more people than ever before are out in the streets, antsy to get back to normality, even tho D.C. is the new COVID hotspot (tho just cuz they're starting to test a lot more). As we've mentioned in a few recent posts, we've been making "casalingo" art... we showed the 1st in the series here. We call it casalingo cuz it ain't really art, but anti-art, a crafty house-husband recycling house-hold materials to configure them into new objets that at least to us are niftier than the original materials, finding the beauty in junk. Like the other day we was working on a piece + it occurred to us we needed steel wool but all we cd find were sum of those S.O.S. pads the previous home-owners left. Problem is those S.O.S. pads have soap embedded in 'em so figured we may as well scrub down the stove to get the soap out so then we could use just the steel wool. In this piece we also used a cactus that was dying (fortunately the smaller arm of Juanita, likely cuz there ain't enough light in that spot) sum scrap wood + yes, leftover cinder-ash gray stain used to stain the fence.

untitled 2020 (dying cactus, S.O.S. pads, nails, string, springs, LED lights + other mixed media)

Was kinda hard to get a good photo cuz it's on the same wall as the front window (click for more detail). The domino we found on 1 of our uptown Maphattan Project walks. We also have these old discarded books we found on the streets of Rome a long time ago that are in such a state of decay that whenever we try to open them the pages crumble apart + make a mess so we had to go outside in the backyard. Here's what 1 of the books looked like before we dismantled it for (anti)-art.

For canvases we used cardboard boxes (another form or recyling no?)... ain't sure what we're gonna do with any of these, if you're intrested in any of them get in touch.

untitled (ZK4) 2020 (mixed media on cardboard)


untitled (cough-fin) 2020 (mixed media on cardboard)


untitled (OVID) 2020 (mixed media on cardboard)


untitled (Quid MX) 2020 (mixed media on cardboard)

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