5cense Decomposition of the «Decomposing 4ier X-forms» 3-D art book objet down the rabbit-hole of our brain


25 June 2020> Wint for an overnight hike last night, not shore what we was thinking, for starters we got a late start. we kept running into folks we knew + no 1 was wearing masks + every 1 was talking animately in our face + we wanted to aks "is no 1 watching the stats?" how the COVID #s are rising. we came to a wall dat was on the trail/road we was on, annoyed dat it was blocking the way so we climbed over, sliding down a tiled roof + dropping to the ground, remembering as we fell about our heel + how we shouldn't be walking let alone jumping over fences. we landed in a sports club, there were all these pools + activities + the majority of clientele were Mexikin kids + we was thinking (reflecting on our childhood in Mexico when we belonged to such a club) it wasn't cuz they were rich but cuz they just knew how to enjoy themselves + we was wondering how come we din't belong to such a club now. we had on our clothes + it was already 7 pm + we hadn't even gone dat far otherwise we might of stopped to enjoy ourselves at this here club we'd snuck into. we made for the exit, which was this weird turnstile contraption u had to squeeze your body thru + then went thru security wich we thought was really weird dat we had to do this on the way out.... we thought maybe they wanted to check if people stole stuff, but what was there to steal? + if they were checking on the way out to see if folks was members or not, what wd they do, kick u out? we went thru the metal detector + then the guy aksed us to empty our pockets into this bucket but the bucket had water in it so we said no way, dat this seamed unsanitary + hazardous in this day + age. he inspected what we had in our hands + said not to worry + then the supervisor came over + just as he was about to let us go she checked our back pocket + found a puzzle + said she was going to keep it + we was still annoyed no 1 was wearing masks + they was getting really close to us in our face + they was sposed to be "security" guards but they were endangering us + now taking away our harmless puzzle (a kiddie puzzle of Mona Lisa whose pieces we had scrambled so they appeared in diffrent order). when we said something to the supervisor woman she said she not to worry, she wasn't gunna take it away, she was gunna throw it out + send us a new 1 since we already did this 1 but we said we wantid the completed version for a project we were working on. she gave us back the puzzle + we was gathering our things back into our bag dat we had hastily packed + then looked for our phone + realized we forgot to bring it + was thinking we had to go back now cuz if our bedder-½ din't hear from us she wd worry, but really we was just looking for an excuse as sleeping in our one bed soundid like more fun (not to mention safer) + we weren't prepared + hadn't even gone dat far away from home anyway.

> ... dat was what we did last night, in a restless bout of sleep (if u cd call it dat) but now we're thinking this might be the start of the next project we're gonna work on, or wheel find a way to work it in, a sorta visual/analog companion to thriver meme (of wich we postid the 3rd cerealized installment y'erday: «Propagation of Earhorror in Our Babeling Dadastream»). we still halve a bunch of unfinished pieces from our Casalingo Corona series, maid from repscychled matereals dat we ain't sure what to due with... they're stacked next to our stationary bike gathering/making dust cuz it's sorta of a process to work on 'em since we don't halve a proper studI/O. we either go in the buggy backyard (where we are right now), work on the floor of our home gym, or use our dining table + after we're done we got to clean everything up, so can't tinker w/ works in progress over time. as we embark on this next round of «art» we got to thinking dat we're more into the idea of making books then making art u hang on walls so we're toying w/ making a series of 1-of-a-kind books, using these ½-finished repsychled cardbored pieces as covers. for the insides we're thinking of collaging together pages from old books + scraps we got laying around, sorta like what we did w/ Ark Codex ±0 but don't think wheel reproduce it in a marketable book objet, but 1 unique copy, a proper art objet, just not 1 u'd hang on your wall but keep on your shelves or coffee tables to look thru, an art book objet. so we cut ∀ll these ½-finished pieces of cardbored down to 8½" x 11" just cuz dat's a convenient size to work with.

> far as the inside cut-up collage/assemblages, we got lodes of matereal to work with (inklooting books dating back to our Rome dayz, dat we found on the streets or got cheap at flea markets), books + scraps dat weave bin carrying around back + 4th across the ocean from NYC, back 2 Rome + back to D.C. (in 3 diffrent places). so for us, using these matereals is not just a meta4 for cleaning out our closet, it is litteruley cleaning out our closet, ox. we're also thinking there will be a topography to these pages, not just 2-dimensional, but 3-D, w/ holes + shapes cut out revealing tXt below, guaranteeing dat the objet cant be published as a 2-D book (unless you're Jonathan Safran Foer + got the means to 3-D print such a book (Tree of Codes)).

> far as what the book «is about»... although we're into free-association + tip-of-tongue stream of conchus, we always need an outline/running thread to at least guide our thinking, wether this tXt is even recognizeable by the final product. like in Ark Codex or A Raft Manifest, believe it or not there's an overarching story, at least in our mined, tho the reader may come up w/ an entirely diffrent train of thought. same approach we take w/ song writing—we need to map out the chord progression + maybe even record just the chords + once weave layered on instrawments + voices to these chords we often just delete the originul chords so dat they are just implicit in where the melodies + harmonies are going. sew for this new project (w/ working title «Decomposing 4ier X-forms») we're thinking of hi-jacking the dadastream of our in-progress thriver meme, wich is opposite in nature (a tXt/img object dat is never made into a book, but will ∃xist only online as HTML, potentially replicated ad-infinitum but not once printed or published IRL. we've already written 3 chapters of thriver meme, so we ain't gonna retroactively go back + use dat tXt but start w/ chapter 4 (wich makes ¢ense w/ the name «4ier X-forms» (wich as said in ch 3 of thriver meme refers to the hollowgraphic IDea of how inny waveform can be broken down into a finite # of sine + cosine waves per Euler:

e2πiθ = cos(2πθ) + i⋅sin(2πθ))

> + again, this ain't to say this dadastreamed story will even be recognizeable by the time we're done + these decomposed (or de-composted?) 4ier X-forms will likely end up being a completely beast altogether, or a sorta companion to thriver meme for old shcool (IRL) visually-inklined dinosaurs, as opposed to virtual post-humuns decoding HTML. hoo nose, maybe this very tXt will go into these Decomposing 4ier X-forms... after ∀ll any book is inevitably about the writing of it, so Y not just tock just about the process of the making of it as the storyline?

> last night we was talking generally about the writing process w/ our bedder-½ (the Sound ƒuries singer, the 1 tasked to give voice 2 our liarics) who is able to just sit + crank out a paper in 1 sitting (like she did yesterday) + gets published in Science, Nature, The Guardian, etc. u know, legit peer-reviewed places wear u godda make sense + use proper english, not to mention sighingtific rigor + overall composition, where u have to 1. formulate a hypothesis, 2. make your arguments in a structured style + 3. draw your conclusions. we was trained dat way (in math + physics) but have strayed far from the tree...

> as weave mentioned b4, sum times we wonder if sumping is fundamentolly rong w/ our brain, how we're suckers for the FX of clanging consecution, how words look on the page. try as we might to write an outline or write sumping "about" sumping IT ends up being about sumping else. we know how to brainstorm, in fact dat's ∀ll we know how to do—weather it's hear on 5cense, in books, w/ song liarics—we have these itemized lists of concepts + phrases we think of while running, cooking, sitting on the toilet, etc. items dat we want to work into whatever we're working on + then inevitably when we put pen 2 paper we end up writing about sumping else, what's on the tip of our tongue + this brainstorm proliferates faster than we delete used items from this cache. part of the problem is dat writing is a linear process, bud w/ each sentence or even word our train of thought branches in2 another stream + now w/ the advent of Inurnet (see also what Inurnet is doing to our SSES-OS) we look sumping up + go down ∀ll these rabbit holes losing site of the originul thread (the other day we spent hours surfing after googling doppelgänger). same thing happens when we read, our mined wanders down ∀ll these other rabbit holes. see like now, what we're we talking about? oh yah, our Decomposed 4ier X-forms project + how we're struggling to come w/ the overarching tXt + how inevitably the dadastream ends up being about the process of writing itself, like how movies like Fitzcarraldo + Apocalypse Now inevitably become about the making of.

> in the past we've used 5cense to role-play + talk about process of whatever we're working on, but don't worry dear Inurnet surfer, w/ Decomposing 4ier X-Forms we'll transition this role to thriver meme (tho we may seed it w/ this post). on The Daily Noose we'll stick to the day-to-day of what's going on in the reel moondough, like what we're reading or dreaming, or what's going on w/ our brain. when we woke up last night (remembering the above dream we started this post with) our head was spinning, dizzy as hell. we haven't had a bout of vertigo in a few months + no ringing in the ears, but now our head feels lopsided, our left ear full of pressure + ringing high + our right ear ringing low + probly back to being ½-deaf... just when we thought our hearing was back to normal, cuz we've bin recording music w/ headphones + not halving to switch R > L + L > R to check both channels like how we had to w/ the last 2 Sound ƒuries albums. not sure what brought it on, maybe lack of sleep cuz weave only bin sleeping like 4 hours a night the past few nights, but yesterday's bout of mineareye's was perty bad.

26 June 2020> Here's sum books we've bin reading:

  • Inherit the Wind by Jerome Lawrence + Robert E. Lee—think we read this in high shcool + like the idea of this play (an adaptation of the Scopes monkey trial), but this time round we found it disappointing, dumbed down.
  • Weep Not, Child by by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong'o—we've dug other books of his, but this 1 felt like it shd be filed under YA... tame for sum1 who once wrote a book on toilet paper in prison
  • Chasers of the Light by Tyler Knott Gregson—like Inherit the Wind, we found this in our liebury box... we like the idea of how it looks (scanned in typewritten pieces + even sum erasures (wich wheel likely inkloot in Decomposed 4ier X-forms) but when u stop to read 'em they are mostly lame affirmational poetry + new age/self-help B.S. + on top if it he's a "professional photographer" so had include the typical hobby-shop photos of dogs + landscapes (he lives in Montana) + whatnot... it's guys like this that give tXt/img a bad rap.


+ hear's sum more books destined for our liebury boox:

  • Autobiography of a Yogi—we found this in a book box months ago + held onto it for nostalgic reasons to inkloot as kitsch in our one liebury or thinking we might try to re-read it (dare we edmit we read it in high shcool?) but we got too many other books piling up..
  • Erasure by Percival Everett—we talked about Everett's I Am Not Sidney Poitier 2 posts ago (+ by coincidence rewatched Guess Who's Coming to Dinner last night) + we talked about Erasure here
  • What Are People For? by Wendell Berry—Wendell Berry walks the line back + forth between what intrests us (fiction) + our bedder-½ (food + agriculture) + we've bin meaning to read him, but not sure this is the 1 to start with (our bedder-½ has a copy anyway)
  • Cutting for Stone by Abrahan Verghese—our bedder-½ already has this 1 too (seems maybe her students are leaving us books? if so, thx!) + recommended it to us, but again, we got too many books in our to-read pile
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