5cense Let them eat jellybeans w/ clarified butter humped by free-lance pallbearers


30 June 2020> We were travelling through France by train last night, trying to sleep on a train that felt more like a local commuter train. We got to Paris and went outside + it was totally desolate + then it started to rain so we retreated back into the station. We laid on a bench cuz we really just wanted to get some sleep, but the bench was at a slant + we kept sliding twards these 2 guys who were having a conversation about a guy named Derek White so we eavesdropped + apparently the Derek White they were talking about was a black cop. We went back up to our bedder-½ + she said those guys are talking about u + we told her it was another Derek White + then said we shd move to a bench not on a slant. There was a Japanese cop w/ a machine gun near that bench + this guy went up to him, flirting + went to kiss him + grabbed the gun + pointed it in the direction we was sitting but over our shoulder. Then he let go + just said he was trying to illustrate a point. Then the guard w/ the machine gun ran over + kneeled on me so he could aim his machine gun over the top of the bench we were sleeping on + he was all hysterical, saying “oh my god!” Every 1 was pointing + all excited + we aksed the guy what it was every 1 was making a fuss about + he said “It’s Nancy Raygun! I’ve always been in love with Nancy Raygun.” We was about to say we never could stand Nancy Raygun but figgered it wouldn’t be wise considering this guy was kneeling on top of us w/ a gun (still pointed at Nancy). Then it was like Nancy Raygun was being interviewed by the media + all we herd was "I don’t know about you all, but I make my own butter."

A few hours later we got on a train that ended up being an amusement park ride going on sum rails straight up. We was stuffing our face w/ jelly beans + 1 fell onto the seat but we couldn’t reach it cuz we had the safety belt on + the jelly bean was bouncing + sliding on the seat twards the little girl next to us. Then we rounded the top + plunged straight down. We wasn’t scared at all, was just being analytic like this is what gravity/freefall feels like. We fell for quite a while, reaching terminal velocity, then thru some tree tops + came to a stop. We was wearing a hat + had to really hang onto it + was thinking this is where the saying "hang on to your hat" comes from.

Funny how the 2nd part of our dream we happened to be eating jelly beans cuz that was Ronald Raygun's favorite food + Let Them Eat Jellybeans was 1 of our favorite compilation albums ever, curated by Jello Biafra w/ such classics as "Isotope Soap" by Geza X + "Jesus Entering from the Rear" by The Feederz.

July 1> Sew we're thru ½ of 2020, wich makes 1010 or 20, deepending on how u do math. This is our 68th post of 2020, so more than 2x a week... tho for the rest of 2020 we probly wont post as much hear + focus on the next Sound ƒuries album, thriver meme (our cerealized online novel) + this new 1 of a kind art book objet we've embarked on. Last post we said we were calling it 4ier X-forms, but b4 we get to that it makes sense to do a book revolving around 1, circles, dots, uniforms, etc. But we'll let dat speak for itself if/when ever we finish it.

Input-wise, read The Free-lance Pallbearers by Ishmael Reed, his 1st novel wich we thought was better than his more famous Mumbo Jumbo. Sum crazy shit, Reed is to black literature as Sun Ra is to Jazz, reminding us of David Ohle or Burroughs + the beatniks, early Pychon even. Tho the narrator is far from likeable + the plot a bit random, the kat has a way w/ words, felt like watching Dock Ellis pitch a no-hitter on acid exactly 50 yrs ago. We dug it so much we're selfisly thinking we want to keep it for our personal liebury but alas...

Sum other boox going in our little liebury for black books matter:

  • Mumbo Jumbo also by Ishmael Reed (wich we read in Harlem in 2014)
  • Cane by Jean Toomer (also read in 2014)
  • The Famished Road by Ben Okri
  • The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

+ another book we found in our liebury boox dat we greedily want to keep just to go with our collection of cool science fiction covers:

Coincidentally we just re-watched the movie last week. And while this 1 isn't science fiction, the cover is pretty classic:

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