5cense Oregonizing the K-OS of population dynamics + teaching our mother how to give birth


10 July 2020> Our mother's dying... well, we're all dying, but our mom's dayz are definitely #ed. We thought that last year round this time when we were out there seeing her... the 3rd or 4th time we was seeing her for what we reckoned was the last time. She was in hospice care then, but they came to her house + about a week or 2 ago our brother had to put into her into a hospice house. Obviously we ain't about to get on a plane to go out there, specially after hearing yesterday that 1000 TSA workers tested positive for COVID + kept working. We could sort of talk to her the other day on the phone, but she can barely talk.

11 July> Talked to our mom + all we could hear was her breathing as the nurse held the receiver up to her. Her oxygen levels are down to 50% so now it's imminent.

> Speaking of mothers, last week we read Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth by Warsan Shire. Shire is Somali (born in Kenyan), but the poems are racey enough to make 1 blush. When we was hanging out w/ Somalis in northern Kenyan a few years ago or when we used to go out near Garissa we was surprised at how frank the women can be, at least talking to a mzungu w/ no men around, unlike other muslim countries we've been to where women ain't even allowed to talk to men, especially foreign ones. We also got a copy of of Unexplained Presence by Tisa Bryant for our liebury boox... we'd read it before, in fact think she gave us the copy at one of the Brooklyn book fairs. Tisa was also in a band w/ Miranda Mellis that we saw perform once. The book is a series of essays about the black presence (or lack thereof) in various movies and books, most of which we'd never seen or heard so a lot of it was over our head, but she can definitely write, as can Warshan Shire.

> We was transcribing our 1993 journal this morning + came to a refrence about a paper we were writing for our Chaos (non-linear physics) class about population dynamics. We'd seen this paper somewhere in our things but couldn't find it combing thru our various notebooks + folders of old writings, we just member it had a graph like the 1 below except we specifically made it coyotes vs. roadrunners:

... another Ouroborian circle of K-OS to inkloot in our new i point zero project we spoke of last post. We halve lodes of papers, drafts, ephemera, etc. dat fall outside the category of photos (wich weave already digitally archived) + journuls (wich we're currently archiving digitally + halve only a few years/notebooks left). It was bugging us how we can't find nothing in ∀ll the K-OS so we decided to oregonize all these papers into various bins + folders, specially as we are in sorta limbo right now, halving just finished Textiloma (wich dealt w/ all our brother's writings) + contemplating what to tackle next. We got lodes of unfinished tXts dat we ain't sure what to do with, sum of them might find their way into i point zero or thriver meme, or we just might halve to finish sum of these, in pertickler a project we was calling "Navigating the Senses" is a massive binder with 100s of pages of notes that we just abandoned at sum point.

12 July> Our mom "died in her sleep" last night. So now we're officially parentless. "Our mother is a fish" as Faulkner put it in As I Lay Dying. Like Luca Brazzi, she sleeps w/ the fishes. She had a good long life, hope she's in a good place now... bedder off wherever that is then this here place in its current state.

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