5cense The ask of the red-headed comcast girl along Michigan ave to South Dakota


16 Aug 2020> Picked up some virus in Mexico a few days ago that laid us up for 2 days in a hotel room not sure where, seemed like California. Our bedder-½ went to work + we was sleeping it off. There was some modem contraption thing making noise that was bothering us so we slapped it away but it severed the cord + there were loose wires both positive + negative that we was afraid would arc + short out or electrocute us cuz it was still plugged in so we unplugged it. Then we woke up still all groggy + there was a perky redhead in our room + we aksed who the hell she was + she said the Comcast girl. She sat on the bed while we was sleeping, like she knew us. We told her how we wasn't feeling so hot + aksed when she wanted to fix it + she said now, that we could go get a new box. We tried to hint that we needed to get up + put our pants on but she just sat there all bright-eyed + bushy tailed. So we quickly got up + put our pants on (we saw Mr. Klein w/ Alain Delon the other night which had a similar scene). We left the room but couldn’t lock it + wanted to make sure our bedder-½ could get in when she came back. We called the front desk but couldn’t understand what they were saying + it seemed unnessysorrily confusing, dat we weren’t allowed to lock the doors + we was really confused cuz it seemed normally folk leave their rooms + they automatically lock but then we was thinking we din’t want our bedder-½ locked out so maybe it was bedder this way, but the principle of it seemed absurd. We was on our way to the front office to clarify the situation when we ran into our mom, she looked great, all young, her hair dyed brown. We told her she looked great + she just walked by all happy + confident with herself. There was some other people meeting us there, our brother + cousins we din’t know or barely knew. She greeted them + then saw the red-head comcast girl + we would of introduced her but dint know her name, but our mom already boldly took initiative + introduced herself as "Derek's mom" + the Comcast girl said her name was Jessica + my mom pulled her halter top down to look at her boobs but she was wearing a bikini top beneath the halter top. We told her this isn’t THE Jessica + they just laughed + our mom kept inspecting her boobs. This is just the Comcast girl we said.

IRL yesterday we walked Michigan + South Dakota avenues, so now we only got 2 states left in our Microcosmic DC project. We were originally planning on doing them by bike since they are so long + we dint want to overdue it on our mostly healed heel. B-sides the 5 mile walk last week it's bin 2 months or so since we've walked or ran. It was probly a good thing to take a brake from running + walking + this was a good time for it w/ covid + cuz it's been so hot this past month. But yesterday was down in the '70s (tho still muggy). Michigan ave runs (or rather winds, 1 of the few streets that ain't totally straight) northeast. It bisects South Dakota ave which runs parallel to the NW border, so yah, we cheated some by not following Michigan all the way to the end + by turning left (northwest) onto South Dakota, but we've bin on SD where it runs down southeast twards Ivy City + it's rather boring. Actually both Michigan + South Dakota are more big 4-laned thoroughfares for cars + not so great for walking or book boxes. Looped back thru Petworth + Columbia Heights, about 10 miles which is plenty enough considering we ain't walked in a while.

IRL our only experience w/ Michigan is visiting brother Markus there once or twice back when he took the helm of Calamari when we was in Nairobi + all the books was stashed there. South Dakota we lived there for ½ a year in 1994, but we haven't gotten to those journals yet.



along South Dakota ave

Sides that, ain't much else going on... fixing to release a Sound Furies single, sarted to write another story (novel?) about the last week of March 1982, working on another 1-of-a-kind collage book objet + watching the world implode in on itself. Almost finished w/ The Ask by Sam Lipsyte, which makes us miss NYC, he captures it well. Crazy to think it was just last December we saw him there @ the Lutz reading, right before all this covid crap wint down. Boy has the world changed since.

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