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24 Oct 2020> Launched another single today from our 4thcoming album, "Novus Ordo Seclorum":


Perhaps a bit more political than our usual stuff. The other day we found a copy of The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution in a liebury boox + actually read it... not sure we've actually ever read it before, not since high shcool anyways. Back in Sept 2016 when we was 100% sure Trump was gunna elected for the 1st time we were reading about the great mathematician Kurt Gödel + how when he fled to the U.S. from Austria right before WWII he had to read the Constitution in order to take the citizen test + he was telling his buddy Einstein (who sponsored him to come to Amerika) that he discovered a loophole in the Constitution that would allow for a dictator like Hitler to rise to power in Amerika + we was worried then that not only would Trump get elected but he'd get re-elected + then exploit this loophole to stay beyond 2 terms... well 4 years later this seams not so far-fetched. We still halve a sinking feeling Trump is gunna win again. For a while there we were thinking this was diffrent than 4 years ago, but after watching the last debate we just don't know if Biden has what it takes to defeat Trump. We hope we're wrong. Anyways, it was astonishing how simple + sorta vague the Constitution is... like a bunch of dudes sat around in a pub 200 years ago + made it up w/o too much thought + hear we are 200 years later still using it. It's also souprising how far from "separation of church + state" we've diverged... guess this is sort of what "Novus Ordo Declorum" is about.

Walked K, L + M streets north, east of 15th this morning, thru the Sursum Corda hood which used to a "notorious open air drug market plagued by violence and poverty in the 1980s" according to Wikipedia but now is for the most part gentrified w/ new condos + coffee shops. Saw a few book boxes east of Union Station near Galludet (which still is sorta crappy) but otherwise not much to report on.

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