498> potted meat Trump'd by th «Gödel barks as krab le Dög» loophole

«The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure
and the intelligent are full of doubt.»—Bertrand Russell

24 Sept 2016, DC (Georgetown)—our 1° post initiated frum G-town? tho we aint got much 2 show 4 her, 'cept here, here = a pic uv where we riding from 2 gif u a vizual ..

> yah, we no we aint riding no raft as we keep a'claiming .. specielly not on this machene, pa .. we ride this here on our laptop (not pitcherd) .. A Raft Manifest we riding on th mothership shown above rite, not on no homemade raft like we keep a'sayne .. bud we figgerd u knew dat allreddy, rite? that we telling stretchers ½ th time .... dose halve wood flors tho .... if u must no, 2 us a raft sinbolizes wah we sleep on + w'happens 2 us dans our rêves .. our resituated bed we aint privy to show u here, suffice 2 say we sold her + didnt git no riplacement .. well, not totilly, sea we sold just th frame (a boxspring never did we halve, 'cept once as a musickle instrument) .. we kept th mattress wich we put (w/ much awkword effort!) up in a loft space not ℝeelly intendid as such (got utilitarian stuff like ducts + heaters up yonder) + nary a way 2 git up 'cept a ladder seams built 4 a boat so we feel rite @ home + even still @ least 4 our bedder-½ aint e-z navigating dem stairs dat duzie uv a last step so we got a new ladder tho we need 2 git her «install'd» i.e. fix'd + mountid permanently in plaze so she dont slip ± slide causing us 2 fall like Finnegan .. cuz our condition here = permanent .. we aim t' dormir up yonder 4 th 4-seeable fewchair .. hopefully longer then th 1 year we spent in Capitol hill but hopefully not 4 th rest uv our lives cuz even after 16+ yrs on th east coast we still feel like fish outta hogwah here .. but 4 th time bean she = wah she = .. we aint cumplaninng nun, our bedder-½ landid this fish just happens in Baldimore + th banks of th Potomick .. + this house now in G-town so far makes a moondough of ∆iffrents (cumparitivly speaking) coping w/ th day-2-day of DC .. @ th end of th day we homebodys, only matters wear inside we rest our weary heds cood = innywhere spose u set yo mind 2 her .... perty much resined ourselfs t' hang out inside, not much out = intresting to us, seen plenty we think .. plenty enuff now we need tempo 2 digest/process wah we seen .. shit, just this year so far we wint 2 Burma, saw a bunch of «famous» castles in France, etc. nun uv wich madders as much as th 5 mintues spent w/ them goats + Somali shepherd girl in Kenya (wich u mite recognize we put as our desktop imedge on our mothership) .. spose we cd stop + link 2 such refrences 4 yo sake, dear Inurnet, but wreckon we b'yond dat, no? .... if u read 5¢ense u no wah we talking bout if u dont then, well, u dint never read this 2 b'gin or stumbled upon us googling in wich case our nifty index we maintain 2 hyperlink these posts to gather .... feel like in both ℝeel life + in riding A Raft Manifest we need to stop 4 yo b-½ + x-plane wah we do'ng bud we dun do'ng dat cuz she interrupts th flow yo, turns her downrite ugly .. we bin flexorcising here on 5¢ense + we thank u fer reading + allowing us 2 practise wah we preach .. methud act 2 git us in th mindframe 2 ride A Raft Manifest .. bud feel (@ this punt ½-way) we need 2 git 2 un punto where we dont need 2 stop mid-stream ∀ll th time (probly driving u bonkers 2!) .. 2 a pt where she beecombs 2° naychair, secunded here 2 let off steam + let u in our seacret .... + yah, we no we bin sayne we ½-way for weeks if not months now, like that Zeno dude who we ridgenully modeld (@ least our #ing skeme) Sleepingfish after .. siriusly tho, we feel we mounting th hump fur ℝeel, riting a camel INT. a crater 2 fetch hogwah .. INT. th sorce + this = a good enuff place todo her, this «historic easement» (we got a plaque out front as proof) of a house built in 1848 .. we taking our bed/raft 2 a nü level .... + sure, weave oscillated b4 'tween master + slave, even w/ mothership + laptog on same table, bud now we litteruley got 1 hand (rite) on mothership keys (where we ride A Raft Manifest) + th udder (left) on our lapdog (where we blog here) .... spose she makes mo' ¢ents 2 do her th udder weigh around .. here wheel switch .. there .. yah, we amphibextrous com-saw ja-ja .. + dam, 2 show how outta sink we got ourselfs, we just check'd on mothership + we dont go no 5¢ense files on her form 2016! last we sunk up slave 2 mothership = 2015 .. @ least as far as 5¢ense gose .. udder stuff like email correospondence + stuff we need when we on th rode we sink up every time we come home .. 5¢ense we dont fret ova sints by naychair of living on Inurnet she back'd up, this = th beauty uv her .. innyway, gits cunfusing tween rite/left, mothership/lapdog, blogging/ℝeelity .. knot to menshun how this ∀ll gits tied into A Raft Manifest .. we got to-dos we scribble on pos-it nodes 4 meatspace errorends that we cunfuse w/ stuff we ride down 2 remind us 2 say in A Raft Manifest ± here on 5cense .. or not so much wah t' say si/no how t' say her .. gitting 2 a pt. where she dont madder nun .. beecombs 1 in ∀ll th same @ least u dont need to no no ∆iffrents 1 way or anudder .. + yah, we edmit we hid them pos-its normuley littering our desk cuz they unsitely our desk never looks that spartan we just clean'd house .... spose we shd show u udder pics of our new digs .. hard to get an angle tho cuz our place so tiny but backing away from our desk here = th stairs leading down to th living room + up above left uv th chest = our bed/raft + th art on th far right (cut-off) = by Mirtha Dermisache ..

.. if u take a few mo steps back u enter th office of our bedder-½ (off in St Moritz @ th momint) .. a.k.a. th "womens hut" .. as opposed 2 our "mens hut" .. tho th top shelf we got Calamari spill ova .. th ladder left leads up 2 th loft but we gunna replaze her like we sed .. to th rite she got a porch but we dont go out there cuz th muskeetoes make life mizerable (dirty secret about DC nobody wants to edmit) ..

.. if u hed down th stairs (duck if u under 5'9" udderwise u hit yo hed) u git 2 th living rm/liebury (w/ badass builtin shelfs) .. so small we had to git rid of our old couch but we got this new nifty 1 form boconcept that folds out (each side indipendent) int. varyus states of reclination .. u kin even sleep on her if u want (we try'd th 1° nite, tho not sure weed want to on a reglure basis) ..


.. if u keep going round th corner u git 2 th kitchen + backyard but we dint git that far in our pitcher taking, may-b next time ..

24 Sept> this morn we got 2 pondering dat ever sints we yung we never paid much heed 2 lyrics .. we jus dug th way stuff soundid .. in partickler we had th L+N Dont Stop Here Anymore stuck in our noggin' .. knot dat weed messysorrily recommend list'ning to th oridginul ± Johnny Cash's version .. spose Michelle Shocked's version aint so bad but once u no how she gose hard t' mess her up cuz th words = ∀ll dat matters .... tho th accumpanying toon aint so bad nether .. matter of fact we knew a dog 1x dat every time we play'd dis song her ears perk'd up + she felt cumpell'd 2 sing along .. must uv bin ∫umping speciel (we figgerd may-b cuz in th key of Em?) cuz she dint react com saw 2 inny udder song (here = proof (undoctor'd, we swear) wich yah, we gotta link 2 cuz udderwise no way ever u gunna find her she so obscure—tho we did send a tape 2 David Letterman 1x in th '80s when he did that «stupid pet tricks» segment) .. de todos modos, esta mañana wile running (great in G-town btw, th subject of an utter post) we got 2 thinking about them lyrics thinking they worthy uv a pulitzer ± ∫umpin .. @ least worthy of postin' proper on Inurnet cuz most of them dumb sites mess her up:

when i was a curly-headed baby
my daddy set me down upon his knee
he said son you go to school, you learn your letters
now don't you be no dusty miner boy like me.

oh i was born and raised in the mouth of th Hazard holler
where the coal cars rolled and rumbled past my door
but now they stand in a rusty row of empties
cuz the L&N don't stop here anymore.

well i used to think my daddy was a black man
with scrip enough to buy the company store
but now he goes to town with empty pockets
and lord his face is white as a february snow

never thought i'd live to learn to love the coal dust
never thought i'd pray to hear those tipples roar
but god i wish the grass would turn to money
and then them greenbacks would fill my pockets once more.

last night i dreamed i went down to the office
to get my payday like i done before
but them old kudzu vines were covering over the doorway
and there was weeds and grass growing right up through the floor.

.. we aint no coal-miner's son + growing up on th west coast we dint have th foggiest notion waht ½ them words ment, we just liked how she soundid .. but when we lived in Georgia in th '90s we learnd (hard + fast, as a land surveyor) about kudzu vines (an evasive species of Japanese vine dat runs rampant in them parts + also here in DC) + now w/ yo help dear Inurnet we figgerd out about cumpennny scrip (not script, as most have misquoted her) .. making th song ∀ll th mo meaningful .... + now we learnt dat th author of these fine lyrics, Jean Ritchie, she kick'd bucket last year .. innnyways, not sure wah inny of this gots todo w/ nada .. cept she = 1 helluva song .. + that generully speaking we musterin' to add mo lyrickle quality t' our one riding ('til now admittedly anti-lyrickle) .. specielly of an old-shcool amerikana naychair ..

> we aint bin loggink our dreams here this past fortnite or so cuz they downrite scary + Trump figgers prominently in most every 1 .. we got a dreaded ¢ense of doom that this here country she goin to hell in a handbasket + no 1 seems to ℝeelize th severity uv th situation .. if u aks us this ∀ll got th markings of WWIII .. so sides hummin ol' bluegrass toons to git our mind off cuntemporary bullshit we got 2 thinkink about Gödel + his incumpleteness theorem (knot th 1° x weave gone on bout such thinks) .. mostly cuz we ever-obsessed here w/ th paradox of self-reference + cuz weave had Bertrand Russell's Principa Mathematica permanently staring @ us from our to-read shelf + Gödel's incumpleteness theory came as a risponse 2 Russell (who also utterd ∫um dam duzies in plane inglish, like th quote we startid this very post wit wich = worth ripeatink sint she ∫ummarizes th fate of this country + planet: «the trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are fulll of doubt» .... sides his incumpleteness theorem we discovered ∫umping else intresting about Gödel googling a'round .. he lived in Austria around th time Germany took her over during WWII so he decided 2 split 2 Amerika .. + in order 2 b-come a citizen u gots to study th U.S. constitution + in th process Gödel uncovered a loophole in her logic that cd allow for a dictator like Hitler t' take ova + turn Amerika fascist (dont take our word 4 her, google Gödel loophole 4 yo'self) .. he tole this 2 his buddy Einstein bud Einstein told him shut th fuck up homes + dont menshun this shit nun during yo citizenship test, bud Gödel coont keep his trap shut + th judge tole him 2 shut up but gave him his citizenship innyway .... intrestink tho, in lite of th prospects of Trump b-coming next prez .. mos ppl think Amerika got checks + balances in place to keep him from doing too much damedge but may-b we ∀ll in ∆-nile 4 thinkin so?

28 Sept> weird, sat down to ride on our laptog w/ a wonky power cord dont work ½ th time this time coinsiding w/ our lapdop not powring up our coffee machene went kaput + woont go back on .. not th braker swtich or faulty jack (both plug'd into ∆iffrent 1s) + everythink else work'd fine 'cept our lapdog plug + moccamaster (which we hiyhly recommend) both wint south @ same time as if tetherd .. then bot mysteriously powerd back on + now we forgot wah we set out 2 ride about cuz uv this kink in our continuum .... innyway, saddlink int' our new digs .. nice to reset th atmosphere in wich we ride .. s/he rain'd last nite + when she rains here we feel her good cuz she pings th skylite buv th bed where we sleep + sides that th rooft made of tin .... ¿wah else = new? we dont got a proper jim near us tho we got 1 of them bootcamp crossfit style clubs a block away we join'd .. kickink our ass in ways we dint fathom exist'd .. good 2 mix her up outside of our cumfort zone ..

Potted Meat out our St Pancreas window

29 Sept | London> our 3° — 4° time so far in 2016 weave passed thru Lundone .. starting to feel mo' familiar then DC .. on th plane from Dulles read Potted Meat by Steven Dunn .. th latest offering by Tarpaulin Sky .. speaking of West Virginia (where th L+N dont stop no more), Dunn form there .. but a ∆iffrent perspectiv .. his daddy aint black cuz of coal dust but cuz he of Afrikin descent (mo recently then plain white folk) .. remind'd me ∫um of Scott McClanahan, but black .. ∫umpin in th hogwah in West Virginia fo sure .. McClanahan's tyrantickle publisher also from dem parts .. weave only driven thru WV (+ barely @ that), scarcely scratched her surfce .. so intresting 2 xperience her vicariously thru Dunn .. + Dunn a helluva wrider (Selah Saterstrom taught him well) tells her strait up no high-fluting jargon nutting like that ..

coming Lundone


british liebury + st pancreas hotel

> ate ceviche in Soho 4 lunch walk'd around ∫um then 'tward evening we flâneured up Camden town way past her up int. Kentish town .. 1° time up in dem parts .. Amy Winehouse's turf .. ate mexikin along th Camden locks .. now technickly 30 sept .. 1:01 a.m. .. jetlagg'd sitting on th flor so we dont wake our bedder ½ ..

north of st pancreas



camden yards


Kentish town


tracks leading north thru Kentish


our bedder-½ hollering not to take her photo


Camden locks

30 Sept> walked th canal up back tward Camden town cuz felt like we dint see her ∀ll .. ∆iffrent scene during th day .. hipster vintage shops in cunverted stables + SE asian street food kiosks run by bearded hipsters along th waterfront .. had filipino tofu noodles ppl + boat watching .... then followd Regent's canal into Regents park past th zoo cd see some animals w/o even halving to pay, then back to our digs in notso lovely St Pancreas ..

Crick institute


snake oil


speaking of The Constitution



thru th locks




living along th canal


new construction


view as we ate «street food»

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